Nastasia sat quietly at her desk, tapping away on her computer keyboard. She did the usual office work that Count Bleck ordered her to do-making sure all the minions were still hypnotized, none had escaped, occasionally babysitting Mimi, and sorting out files. Count Bleck made Nastasia keep a file on everyone and everything they met. Nastasia had a whole filing cabinet in her office filled with documents about information related to everything from Amayzee Dayzee's to Zombie Shrooms.

This information was stored on files called catch cards. Catch cards were thin card-like machines that kept a picture of the object/creature and information about it stored safetly away for future use. Nastasia's filing cabinet was filled up with documents on catch cards that contained very valuable information.

Nastasia was busy creating a few new catch cards for these heroes who had recently arrived. There were four of them. "Four more catch card I have to worry about." Nastasia muttered

She popped the first empty catch card into her computer and began to insert the information about the first hero into it. Nastasia first took the picture she had gotten of that hero and uploaded it onto the catch card. Then she began to type in the more important things that were needed.

Catch Card No.226

King Bowser Morton Koopa

Mario's mean-spirited rival needs no introduction. He's not too happy about having to help out Mario. Being very large, Bowser is slower then the other heroes but much stronger then them as well. He isn't one for climbing and therefore can't climb up ladders that well. Bowser has eight children and has been married two times, the first time to Clawdia V. Koopa and the second and most recent time to Princess Peach Toadstool. Princess Peach seems to want a divorce though as it was a forced marraige...

After typing in all of the needed information about Bowser, Nastasia popped the catch card out of her computer and swiftly walked over to her filing cabinet, where she stored the catch card for later use. Then she went back to her computer, grabbed three more empty catch cards, and began to put in information about the other three heroes.

Catch Card No.222

Luigi Mario

The mean green bro is here again to back up his brother. He's got a vertical jump like you wouldn't believe. Luigi can jump extremely higher then the other heroes, making it easy for him to reach high places. Luigi has a girlfriend by the name of Princess Daisy, Princess Daisy is Princess Peach's cousin. Luigi's older brother is Mario Mario.

Catch Card No.221

Mario Mario

This hero is so busy he barely has time to wax his 'stache! He's always leaping between worlds to save the day. Mario is the leader of the heroes and has the ability to flip through different dimensions using a special power granted to him by the great wizard Bestovious. Mario's girlfriend is Princess Peach. His younger brother is Luigi Mario.

Catch Card No.223

Princess Peach Toadstool

Peach has this funny habit of getting kidnapped... But that parasol of hers is stylish and functional! Princess Peach uses her parasol to float from place to place, allowing her to jump farther and cover more ground then the other heroes. Her parasol is also very durable and can withstand great amounts of force. Princess Peach is Mario's girlfriend and was forcibly married to Bowser.

Nastasia finished preparing all of the new catch cards and had sorted them all away into her filing cabinet with the others. She then began to check to see if all of the minions were doing what they were supposed to. Nastasia opened up a report about the minions on her computer and looked it over. To her satisfaction nothing out of order was taking place.

"Well since that's out of the way, I suppose I should start sorting out these papers..." Nastasia said to herself as she scooted her office chair out from her desk and got out of it.

She went to her bedside table to pick up a rather large pile of papers that Count Bleck had given her to sort out. Most of them were essays written by O' Chunks as punishment for failing on a mission, some were lists of magic spells that Dimentio had failed at executing properly, and a few were pages from Mimi's diaries.

Nastasia sorted them out and kept only the essays O' Chunks had written and Dimentio's failed spells, because those were important and had to be stored so the number of times that O' Chunks failed to do something right and he had to write an essay could be kept on record from the number of essays he'd written and so that Dimentio wouldn't try a dangerous spell that could backfire. Mimi's diary pages, she shredded in her paper shredder.

"Perfect, I've finished all of my tasks for today except for one thing..." Nastasia said to herself, groaning in annoyance at her last task. Count Bleck was going to be working on something important and didn't want to be bothered, and knowing that Mimi constantly wanted to be around him, he made Nastasia promise keep Mimi occupied until he was done.

"You know I bet he's not even doing anything important, the Count's probably just pleasuring himself to those damn dirty magazines I found under the bed..." She muttered to herself.

Yes, she actually found some dirty magazines under Count Bleck's bed. Besides being the secretary of the group, Nastasia also served as the maid and cook, and about two months ago when she was vaccuming under Count Bleck's bed, the vaccum got clogged up by a whole pile of dirty magazines. She never really vaccumed under his bed after that little incident... anyway, before heading off to babysit Mimi, Nastasia decided to take a little snack break. She walked out of her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Then Nastasia went to the kitchen to see what she could find to eat. "Let's see what's in the fridge k..." Nastasia said to herself as she opened the refrigerator and peered inside.

In the refrigerator there was leftover Roasted Whackabump from last night's dinner, half a carton of mango juice, spaghetti, a few snow cones, a slice of chocolate cake, and some honey candies. "Why are there honey candies in the refrigerator, they're supposed to be in the candy ja-oh wait I remember why." Nastasia thought to herself.

Earlier that week when she and Mimi had gone shopping, Nastasia was unpacking the groceries and O' Chunks offered to help her. He probably put the honey candies in the fridge by accident, being at clumsy as he was. Nastasia giggled to herself, thinking about her large, strong, dim witted irish friend. "Oh O' Chunks, you silly fool..." She joked as she took a few honey candies out of the refrigerator and popped them into her mouth. Nastasia was rather fond of honey candies, she liked the sweet flavor.

When she was done eating, Nastasia poured herself a glass of mango juice and drank it really quickly. "Now, to go and watch over Mimi while the Count does whatever he's going to do..." Nastasia thought to herself as she left the kitchen and started heading to Mimi's bedroom. About halfway there, she remembered that she forgot to do her hair.

Instead of the usual bun that Nastasia's fuschia hair was in, her hair was left untouched and now came down a little below her shoulders. "I need to go and do my hair..."She said.

Nastasia hurriedly ran back to her bedroom so she could quickly fix up her hair and then return to Mimi's room. When she got to the doorway to her bedroom, she found a note on the front of it. The note was printed on green and orange striped stationary. "That's weird, this note wasn't here before..." Nastasia said forlornly as she picked up and examined the note.

She pushed her bright red glasses up a little further on her face and began to read it. The note read...

Dear Nastasia,
I am your secret admirer, I've been watching you from afar for a long time now. Your beauty is utterly captivating, and I wish to observe it more closely. Would you care to go on a date with me? If so, then please go and meet me at the Mushroom Cafe tonight at nine thirty. If not, then just stay home. I'll be holding a red rose for you, see you tonight I hope.
-Your secret admirer

The note was in Dimentios handwriting and Nastasia thought that it was him who had written it. She shuddered at the thought of Dimentio stalking her. Had he seen her in the shower?

"Well Dimentio is a sort of a creep, but I guess I'll humor him and go on this date tonight. It does sound kind of fun, I haven't been to a restraunt in a while anyway..." Nastasia said to herself as she put the note in her pocket and went into her bedroom to fix her hair into a bun. Then she went to Mimi's bedroom, where she found the young girl throwing a tantrum and yelling at Count Bleck. "BUT COUNTIE, I WANT TO GO WITH YOU, YOU'RE SUPER DELICIOUS!" Mimi shouted, throwing a rubee at him. Count Bleck dodged the rubee and sighed.

"Mimi, Count Bleck has some very important buisness he needs to attend to alone. Count Bleck might let you help him with it when you're older though." Count Bleck said mischieviously.

Nastasia rolled her eyes. Yeah, he was doing something with those dirty magazines alright... "Um Count, I'm here to watch Mimi now k? So you can go and um... take care of your very important stuff now." Nastasia said to him. Count Bleck grinned happily. "Excellent, Count Bleck thanks you Nastasia. Keep Mimi away from Count Bleck until Count Bleck comes back." Count Bleck ordered her before dissappearing, probably to his room where he would... ew... Nastasia hated to think about it.

"Hi Nassy!" Mimi greeted Nastasia happily. Nastasia sighed. "Hello Mimi. How should I help entertain you today?" Nastasia asked her younger friend. Mimi giggled happily. "We're gonna play truth or dare!" Mimi announced. Nastasia groaned. "Oh joy..." She muttered. She knew Mimi was going to ask her something embarrassing eventually.

Well at least Nastasia had her date she could look forward to later. She smiled at the thought of it, it might actually be fun after all. "Ok I'll start then. Truth or dare?" Nastasia asked.

To be continued...