The Mushroom Cafe was a rather quiet place. There were only a few people there, only about ten customers in the whole restraunt. Nastasia gulped as she looked over the people in the restraunt, trying to find Dimentio. She failed to find him, despite surveying the room several times. Nastasia didn't even see anyone holding a red rose. She sighed sadly."I think I've been stood up... either that or my "secret admirer" is too afraid to even show up..." She muttered to herself.

Nastasia turned around and was about to leave, when she saw the door to the mens room open. Her jaw dropped open from the sheer shock of who she saw standing there. It was...

O' Chunks! What was he doing here! But that wasn't all that caught Nastasia's attention. O' Chunks wasn't wearing his usual attire, which also caught her off guard. He was wearing long black pants, a long sleeved white shirt, and a black vest. He was also holding... a single red rose. Nastasia gasped.

Her secret admirer was O' Chunks? She didn't expect that. Nastasia blushed. "Um... O' Chunks? What are you doing here?" She stuttered. O' Chunks laughed a little bit before speaking

"Well ey there Nastasia, I'm ere because I want to go on a date wit teh woman I admire." O' Chunks explained. "So you're my secret admirer? But... that note I got... it was written in um Dimentio's speech patterns and-" Nastasia began saying before O' Chunks interrupted her.

"Well I got Dimentio to write teh note so ye wouldn't know it was me. But he's got a lass of his own, Mimi." O' Chunks said. "Yeah I knew that, Mimi told me earlier." Nastasia answered.

"Oh um... ok. Well... should we go on our date now then?" Nastasia changed the subject. "Er oh yeah, let's take our seats now." O' Chunks exclaimed as he and Nastasia walked over to a table to sit at. A waitress came over. "Hello may I take your order?" The waitress asked them. Nastasia looked at the menu. "I'll have the Koopa Dumpling and the fruity punch please." Nastasia said politely. "And I'll be 'avin the Shroom Steak and the Sky Juice if ye don't mind." O' Chunks added.

"Certainly. Your food will be ready soon." The waitress said with a smile before going somewhere else. This left the two friends and co-workers alone for a little while. It was awkward.

"Um... O' Chunks, I'm just wondering, but... why'd you want to go on a date with me?" Nastasia asked her strong friend. O' Chunks blushed and laughed nervously. "Well, er, ye see, I've kinda been in love with ye for a while, and I thought that I'd finally go on a date with ye." O' Chunks confessed. Nastasia was intrigued. Nobody had ever loved her before except for her mother, but that was more of a family love. She herself was so busy having a crush on Count Bleck that she didn't really notice the other guys.

"R-really?" She asked her friend. O' Chunks nodded. "Yes, I think yer the most beautiful lass I've ever met in me life." He told her. Nastasia blushed at this comment and giggled a bit.

"Wow, nobody's ever felt this way towards me before." Nastasia said quietly. "I don't see why not, yer such a fine lass Nastasia." O' Chunks complimented her. "Why thank you O' Chunks, now that I see it you're not so bad yourself." She replied, giggling a little bit. O' Chunks smiled at her. Nastasia smiled back.

She felt so happy that someone finally loved her, even if that somebody could sometimes be a little bit unintelligent and clumsy. O' Chunks did his best at least, and he really did care for her, unlike the other men in her life. Nastasia had had a few boyfriends in the past, but they only liked her for her money, as Nastasia came from a very wealthy family. The two friends kept talking for a few minutes until the waitress came back with their food. "Here you are, can I get you anything else?" The waitress asked them.

"We're fine thank you. Thanks for your services." Nastasia exclaimed, reaching into her purse so she could pay the bill. O' Chunks stopped her however and paid the bill himself, saying it was a mans duty to pay if he had invited a woman out. The waitress smiled and nodded, then left them alone to enjoy their food.

They ate and talked a little bit more and really got to know eachother a lot better, and then decided that it was time to go back to Castle Bleck. "Well, I think we should be going home soon O' Chunks, it's really late now and the Count might worry about us k? I really enjoyed this date thing, you're a really nice guy despite your minor drawbacks." Nastasia said to O' Chunks, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed really harshly and smiled.

"Yes, yer right, let's go home now Nastasia. I liked this date as well, yer a mighty fine lass." O' Chunks replied. Nastasia smiled and nodded. "Thank you O' Chunks, that's the kindest thing anybody's ever said to me." She said. "Yeah, but let's go home now." O' Chunks reminded her as they began walking back to Castle Bleck.

Once they got back to the castle, they warped inside so as not to wake anyone from their slumber. "Allow me to escort yeh back to yer bedroom." O' Chunks offered to his date.

"Oh um... sure, if you want to." Nastasia agreed. He took her small hand in his larger one and walked with her back to her bedroom. "This date was really fabulous O' Chunks, and you're the first guy I've ever dated who actually cared for me and who didn't love me just for my money." Nastasia told him, giving him another kiss. O' Chunks smiled. "It was my pleasure Nastasia. Would ye car to go on a second date sometime?" He asked her. Nastasia nodded. "That would be wonderful! Are you free next Friday night?" She agreed.

"Yeah, if teh Count doesn't send us out again then we can go on a date. But I really must be off to my bedroom to get a bit of shut eye before mornin, good night Nastasia." O' Chunks said to her before kissing her and heading back to his own bedroom. Nastasia smiled and giggled, then went into her room and got ready for bed.

She was happy that she finally found someone who truly loved her and Nastasia couldn't wait to go on another date with O' Chunks. The only thing that bothered her was what she thought that her other friends would say when they found out that she and O' Chunks were together. Would they be shocked? Appalled? Disgusted? Would they tell her to find someone smarter or less clumsy? What would the Count say? Although none of that mattered now as she drifted off to sleep, for once Nastasia was happy.