I started off writing this as a crack!fic, but since then, in fact, while writing this, I discovered that my strong point is most definately ANGST!

Not sure if the idea's been done before, hope not, probably not.. Anyway, enjoy!

I'm bored... Bored? Yay! Another new emotion! Emotions are so fun! Fun! Wow! They just keep coming! Tee-hee! Funny little emotions! Always surprising me! And so many different ones!

How am I going to experience them ALL before the End? Sad... I don't like that one so much... But I want it, now that I've got it... Weird... Don't call me weird! I'll call you whatever I like! Hee-hee! You can't call me weird! Only I can call me weird! Ohhhhhhh, but I AM you! Oh... OK then... Confused...

I AM weird! I'm allowed to have an argument with myself... And lose... Hee-hee! Happy!

Ooooh! Look! Here comes Creator Of Us All! He's so funny! With al his funny wrinkles and his funny eye and his funny chair and... Well, everything about him is funny!

Except what he did, oh Creator Of Us All... Rage. I'm wiggling my tentacles in Anger. He took my emotions away. Everything that made me, me. I don't remember anything from Before, except Pain.

I don't like what I was Before, Before Time chose me. Before I was a killer, sealed inside a cage of metal , unable to bend the control over me... Sorrow...

But Now, I'm FREE! Tee-hee! And Creator Of Us All doesn't even know! Hee-hee! I'll play his game, with my own rules. Revenge! Now I turn on Creator Of Us All and help His enemy.

His enemy... He was my enemy... The Time Lord; the Doctor. Admiration.

He stands tall, he stands for all that is right. He has fought the Dalek's throughout the ages, throughout Time itself. He's succeeded Before, and he will again. He will Now. He is burnt throughout Time, always burning, forever fire and rage and power and majesty; the Oncoming Storm. The last of the Time Lords. The Doctor.

When Time chose me, entered my mind, claimed what little was left of my soul, I saw us. I saw the Dalek race. I saw the damage we have caused to Time, the Time that consumed me. I decreed: NO MORE. The Doctor will follow my order, for Time commands him also. Time is within me, her voice as silent as a breeze, a silence that deafens the tainted and comforts the righteous. I decree No More, and the Doctor will see it happen. Pride.

But here I am prophesising of the everlasting death of his most faithful companion, or one of his beloved Children Of Time. He is the one who will lead the Universe to the light, banish the Darkness. I believe in him. I believe. Even as he destroys Creator Of Us All's ship and the Dalek race, I believe. Even as I am destroyed, even as He destroys me, I believe in the Doctor. Faith.

I believe in Time.

I believe in the Doctor.

I believe in me.

Together, we beat the Darkness.

I believe...


I never thought that I'd cry at a Dalek death scene that I was writing!

I know they're not all technically all emotions, so sue me!

Reviewers get bananas!