Here's where we left off:

Vaarsuvius rested on the small island, leaning back against the rock. She read on inside of her book, hoping to immerse herself in something so meaningless so she wouldn't have to relive the same memories over and over. Every time she even blinked, she could see the soldiers face, contorted with rage, anger directed at her, for her own useless magic. Vaarsuvius hung her head in shame. She knew she should have done something, anything to help those soldiers. Her head ached, and her arms hung loosely at her sides from tiredness, but she forced herself not to she grew tired of her book. The sun blared over the island, and shade was impossible to find. Piling her books enough high enough so she could read while standing up, the accursed imp returned to her. It floated close by, but still a small distance away.

"So…hey there, again." The small imp asked, flying closer, beating its small wings.

"Great gods of magic, have you actually returned?" Vaarsuvius replied dryly, almost completely locked into her reading.

Vaarsuvius inwardly groaned as the demon pressed on, asking about the magic the elf used and how to make it better. "Nothing a mage like you couldn't finish in a few weeks, at the most."Raising her arm to be level with the flying imp, which glowed with magical energy, and responded calmly; "You make an intriguing offer, one that is very tempting."

"By design.""It would seem that I have little alternative than to answer thusly: Disintegrate!" shouting the spell, a green ray of crackling magic shot out of her extended hand.

"Whoa! Hey, you almost hit me with that!" the imp shot upwards, crying out in fright at the aspect of becoming a small pile of dust."Apologies, I will endeavor to aim more accurately next round, spawn of hell!" The imp flew into the air again, hoping to dodge as Vaarsuvius prepared to cast a second spell.

Before she could release the words to cast it again, she heard a whispered voice from behind her, "Vaarsuvius, you may want to save yours spells, you're going to need them."Spinning around, Vaarsuvius saw a figure floating in the air. "What, surprised to see me all of the sudden?" the Drow grinned, green magic crackling in his dark Zz'dtri stayed floating in the air, nearly twenty feet above the rocky island. Almost seconds after he had made his presence known to Vaarsuvius she summoned power from within her, releasing it in a great gout of flame. Zz'dtri stayed motionless, but mumbled something Vaarsuvius could not understand. When the flames died away, a small globe of green magic pulsed around the dark elf. Still smiling he gently flew down level with the elf, talking calmly.

"Still using the same fire, Vaarsuvius? I would have expected something a little more, inventive…"He kept coming forward, as Vaarsuvius took steps back trying to open the gap between them. Before she could react, he cast a spell quickly, green runes flying from his hands; "Hold person."

Caught by surprise, Vaarsuvius felt her strength drain away, leaving her standing with an startled expression on her pointed face. The Drow circled the elf, studying her. Finally he landed in front of her. Murmuring softly, Zz'dtri continued to speak, his tone turning from angered to rage.

"I was placed in a cell. I was starved, and torn from the magic that had become such an important part of my life, like it has to you. I treated horribly directly because of you. You and your damned method of finding loopholes, some horrible problem every person around you except for your own damned self." By the end of his speech Zz'dtri was shaking with anger, but as soon as he had become angered he was calm again, speaking in his normal whispered state.

Vaarsuvius felt strength flow back into her. Once the spell the Drow had cast she planned to fight back with every ounce of strength she had.

"I could use a spell to stop his own, or impair his movement. Forcecage may wo-" Her thoughts where cut short when the dark elf grabbed her throat. Her mind was blank, she couldn't breath. Her only intent was to last on what little air she his one hand Zz'dtri held Vaarsuvius. His other stayed to one of the scimitars on his back. He pulled it form the sheath, turning the tip to Vaarsuvius's thin neck, just close enough to draw a thin line of blood.

"I would have expected you to have shrugged off the spell by now, elf. I suppose it doesn't matter. It fills you with a power, doesn't it? Being able to kill your worst enemy any time you choose?" He gave a soft laugh, and continued, "But I'm not going to kill you…" He released Vaarsuvius, who dropped to her knees, gasping in air. Finally she spoke."Why…not?" Zz'dtri stared down at her, no mercy in his eyes. "I have something better in store for you. But for now, take a nap." He swung the scimitar down, landing a heavy blow on Vaarsuvius's head, who crumpled to the ground with a groan. Zz'dtri could only grin wickedly. Soon the dragon would arrive.***For the next few hours, Vaarsuvius drifted in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, she was ripped from her dreams by sharp pull on her hair. Bleary eyes opened, to see that same damned dark elf, kneeling in front of her. He had no mercy in his face.

"Drink," he said sternly, forcing a mug of dark liquid to her mouth. Vaarsuvius struggled, trying to free herself, but the more she moved, the more she saw and understood. She was bound and lying next to one of the rocks on her pitiful island. Peering about through half open eyes, she caught glimpses of equipment strewn about, her own and the drow's. Glancing at her feeble struggle, Zz'dtri spoke again. "Fine, if that's how your going to act, I'll make you drink this." his hand shot out, grabbing her face, prying her jaw open just enough so he could pour the scummy liquid down her throat. It was fiery, and burned Vaarsuvius's throat, landing heavily in her stomach. Immediately she was fully functional, able to speak and see all of the island in which she was trapped."I'm not dead?" Vaarsuvius spoke carefully, afraid for the first time in her life of the consequences of her actions.

"No, I'm afraid not." Zz'dtri said, his backed turned to the high elf, "that drink I gave keeps you functional, but immobile in all body sections, not including the face of course. It's my own concoction, and I use quite often." In response Vaarsuvius tried to move, but was unable, she had lost control of her own self.

"You bastard, what's your idea? If the found you my allies would kill you in a moment!" Vaarsuvius shot at him.

"Ah, I thought your assistance would come with, but look at my luck. You spurned them and flew away in a rage. What could be more perfect?" a rare smile came to Zz'dtri's face."I would kill you were you stand if it were not for these bonds," Vaarsuvius's face reddened and voice raised, she was not accustomed to a situation where she had no power.

"Again, I have beaten you to the proverbial punch, for I'm quite sure you would not want to let this go to waste." Vaarsuvius let out a quick gasp. The drow had her spell book.

And there you have it. I definitely going to continue this.