disclaimer : I do not own Digimon.

notes : This is my little Christmas fic and my first Takari. Hope you enjoyed! ^^

by melodisz

Her best Christmas was back then when she was in fifth grade.

And her best Christmas present was the brightest smiles of the older chosen children between the reunion with their digimons in the same year.

A small smile graced Hikari's lips at those memories as her eyes wandered around Yagami's apartment. Her parents were visiting her grandmother, leaving their home to be all Taichi's and hers. Of course, it automatically meant that the place was chosen children's.

Daisuke, Miyako and Ken were sitting on the floor, engrossed in the game. Their eyes steadily fixed at the cards in their hands while Takeru and Iori who sat at the nearby Christmas tree silently watched them with amusement. It still surprised Hikari that the simple card game could turn into such an intense challenge just because Koushirou decided to let his laptop 'rest' for awhile and join them.

The other five sat around on the couches. Yamato was playing something Hikari recognized as his and some of the Christmas songs as Jou, Taichi, Sora and Mimi were enjoying their chocolate mugs. Their quiet chatter could be heard constantly.

Happiness was in the air.

Suddenly, Mimi announced she wanted more hot chocolate.

Sitting on the stool and being the closest one to the kitchen, Hikari volunteered. She slightly frowned when she saw that the cocoa powder was on the highest shelf of the kitchen hutch and the hutch doors were left open.

For about a minute, Hikari tried to reach up to grab the package and failed but then someone's arm reached from behind her and took it.

Takeru handed it to Hikari when she turned back to face him. He flashed his trademark cheerful smile and closed the door then he paused, a surprise expression on his face.

She followed his gaze.

Hanging there on the hutch handle almost above their heads was mistletoe.

Hikari unconsciously threw a quick glance at the older chosen children.

They were in their too casual positions except Taichi who looked this way. He had a mixture of shock and desperate expression contrasting with the sly smiles of the others and, somehow, Hikari knew he would probably storm into the kitchen and throw Takeru out of the apartment without a second thought if Sora didn't maintain her death grip on him.

No such thing as coincidence, this was definitely occurred by Mimi's matchmaker skills, maybe Yamato's and Sora's or even Jou's too.

But Taichi knew nothing about this, obviously.

The two of them just stood there, unsure of what to do.

Hikari could feel Takeru's eyes on her as the seconds passed. The slight blush slowly spread across her cheeks and her heart started beating faster. Yet, finally, she took a deep breath then looked up at Takeru, mirroring his timid smile.

Despite the mere grunt from her almost unbearably overprotective big brother, at the exact moment their lips touched, Hikari suddenly realized that today was actually her best Christmas yet.

And with the certain shout — it's just a mistake! — from Daisuke and the wail of protest — that's not fair, Koushirou-sempai! — from Miyako,

the melodious sound of Yamato's guitar and the chuckles, laughs, smiles of the others,

the sparkling glint in those azure blue eyes and the new kinds of feelings that started warming her heart,

Hikari couldn't wait for her next best Christmas to come.