Demigod at Tower Prep.

Chapter One: Arrival

Percy's POV

"Where am I? Who are you? What am I doing here."

Thats what I get for playing videogames. Demigods weren't suppose to use technology. I was online playing ADVENTURE QUEST WORLDS. I was on a team with another person, named Whisper 119. I was talking to her. She was cool. Antil she said my name. Percy Jackson. Then she logged off. Leaving me wondering if she really said my name. Then there was a buzzing noise from my speakers. Then I passed out. Walking up to these questions.

Your at Tower Prep. I'm Ian Archer. Your a new student here." Said a voice above me. There was a boy above me.

He had short sandy blonde hair. And brown eyes. I bolted up. "Where? Tower Prep?" I said. "Is it in New York?"

"We don't know. It's a peninsula somewhere." The boy named Ian said. Another boy came in the room. Ian looked at the boy. "This is Gabe. Gabe, this is..."

"Percy. Percy Jackson." I said.

"He is our new roommate." Ian continued.

"Wait, what!" I said. "Dorms. What is this school?" I asked. I looked around the room. It was obviously a dorm room.

There was a ringing through the intercom. "Well, breakfast will start soon. You should get dressed. There's a uniform." The boy, Gabe, said holding up a sweater vest. I got dressed and went with Ian and Gabe.


We took the usual route. But with Percy behind us. It wasn't the same.

"We don't know if he can help us. Or his ability." I said to Gabe quietly.

We got to the cafeatiria's door. Me, Gabe, and Percy walked to the Microwaves. "Ahh, Ian, Gabriale, and Percy." Said a electronic voice.

"Hello, whisper." I said. Percy was looking at the microwaves in a confused gaze.

"That was the voice I heard last night." Percy said. "Wisper 119."

"Hello Percy Jackson." Wisper said, "chocolate chip waffles, with eggs sunny side up." Wisper said, then there was a ding from a microwave. "And a mint mocha." Percy opened up the microwave door. There was a tray with a plate with two waffles with black dots on them. Eggs and a cup with brown liquid that smelled like mint. There was even a packet of syrup.

"How do you... nevermind, thanks Whisper." Percy said. We went and sat next to CJ and Suki.

"CJ, Suki, this is Percy Jackson. Hes' our new roommate since Conner." I said. Then we took our seats.


he girl named Suki was asian, with black hair and blue eyes. While the other girl, CJ, was white, also had black hair pulled back in a pony tail. She had green eyes. And she was hot. Don't tell Annabeth I told you that. I just started to pour syrup on my waffle when another announcement came on.


Whats that?" I asked. "Orientation?" Gabe clearafied, "thats where new students go to learn about the school, and classes and stuff." I finished my breakfest, said thanks to Ian and them, then headed to orientation.