Kurt was sitting alone in his living room. He looked up at the Christmas tree and emptiness filled him. His father and Carol were still in bed. It was as if he were ten again, up before everyone else on Christmas day. Except now his brain wasn't plagued with dreams of the new gifts he was given, but with a boy, and not just any boy, the perfect boy, Blaine Anderson.

Kurt sighed and pushed himself off the couch. His hand felt lazily over his own cheek, on the spot that Blaine had touched earlier that week. Kurt had never wanted Christmas break to end more that he did now, he missed Blaine so much it was crushing him. Kurt found it sort of irrational, seeing as he and Blaine hadn't even kissed yet, but it didn't stop Kurt from hoping that just maybe, this year he'd get a Christmas miracle.

Kurt turned away from the tree and went into the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of orange juice and walked back into the living room, he picked up a present from under the tree addressed to him, it wasn't written in his father's messy scrawl, it was in a loopy cursive. Curiously, Kurt tore off the paper. Inside was a sweater, a hideous Christmas sweater with horrible piped detailing. Kurt cringed and picked up the letter inside.

"I had your dad sneak this in for me. I thought you'd need at least one piece of clothing you don't look amazing in. –Blaine"

A blush flooded Kurt's face and he pulled the disgusting sweater over his head. Suddenly a knock on the door tore through his daydreams. He crossed the living room and flung the door open. Blaine was facing him, a huge smile plastered across his face. Kurt looked down and saw they matched, the two most hideous sweaters in town. Kurt smiled back at Blaine, and let him pull him into a heated embrace.

"Merry Christmas," Blaine whispered.