A/N: This is my first lemon. It would be nice to have a little feedback(:

Leave Out All The Rest

The moon hung heavily above Harry's head as he turned the large piece of class around his fingers. He could still see the golden windows reflecting inside it from some unknown place.

Harry and Hermione had set up camp in The Forest of Dean. It was winter here. It had snowed most of the morning, casting a blanket over their tent. Harry had taken to keeping watch. He couldn't find it in his heart to make Hermione sit out in the cold all night.

Every since Ron had left a couple weeks ago, Hermione has been quiet and distant. On rare occasions when they both would slept at night, he could see her lying awake, silent sobs shaking her bed.

His breath came up in a fog around his head, reminding him how cold it was. His finger tips were frozen from handling the cold glass shard. Throwing the glass upon his rucksack, he pulled the blanket he had brought out around his shoulders, leaning his head against the tree behind him.

After a few moments of silence he heard Hermione stop switching through channels on the radio. She had stopped on a slow blues song that seemed in tune to the stupor she had been in for weeks.

Climbing to his feet Harry allowed his heart to lead his way into the tent. She was hurting, he wanted to be there for her.

When he entered the tent, Hermione was sitting on the step that the radio was also perched on. Her head was in her hand and she was gazing tearful at the floor.

Harry chose the chair across the room and watched her carefully. She look horrible. Her eyes had purple bags under them and her skin was damp with the tears she had silently been shedding.

The song drew on as Harry's heart slowly broke in his chest. He couldn't stand to see her like this. He missed her smiling eyes as she read through her favorite books, and the smile she gave him when a peaceful silence had fallen around them. He missed the light that she emitted.

Harry crossed the room over to Hermione, offering her his hand. She looked up at him with mournful confusion, but put her warm hand in his.

Harry pulled her up and gazed at her face. The slight blush grew deeper and he moved his hands to her neck to unclasp the locket. As Harry pulled it away from the position it had taken over her heart, she felt the misery slowly leaving her. The music seemed louder and her heart thumped faster.

Harry took her other hand and pulled her to the center of the room and began moving to the beat. A small smile grew on her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Harry pulled her closer to him, their body's almost touching. He let his hands rest softly on the small of her back and started moving her in slow circles.

"I've never felt this way." said Hermione suddenly, "That's why I'm trying so hard not to think."

Harry moved his hands up on her back and pulled her against him. Hermione felt so small in his large arms, like he had the power to crush her but she felt completely safe.

"I'm so sorry." Harry said, sorrow layered in every word. He didn't have anything else to say. He couldn't have stopped Ron from leaving even if he had tried.

"Everything is falling apart Harry, I-I just don't know what to do anymore." Harry stopped turning and put his hands on either side of her face, pulling her back from him.

Her eyes were full with tears and her lips parted. Harry felt a tug in his chest, making him move closer to her.

Hermione could feel his warm breath fanning over her face as she clutched onto his arms, her heart and stomach filling to the brim with warmth. "Harry," she breathed out.

And just his name, spoken in a small gasp, pulled him to her. Harry's lips brushed gently along Hermione's parted ones. She moved her lips along his at the same slow pace, the music seemed to be growing fainter.

"Hermione." Harry whispered into her mouth, making her open up further to him, inviting him in. Harry gingerly ran his tongue along her smooth bottom lip.

Hermione gasped and clutched tightly onto his muscular back as his hands moved tenderly over her hips. Longing filled her body, making it hot in all the places he touched.

"Harry," she panted out into his ear, "I w-want you."

Goosebumps rose steadily on his neck. With a loud groan, Harry moved his lips to her neck, kissing her pulse point, witch was thumping up and down rapidly.

Hermione took this opportunity to push his sweatshirt of his shoulders and start working on the buttons of his dark green shirt that she had gotten him for his birthday. It was the exact emerald color of his eyes.

Hermione moaned deeply as she felt Harry nip down lightly on her neck, the sorrow she head felt just moments ago draining away. Her shaking hands finally were able to pull his button up shirt onto the floor and run her hands over his chest. She laid her hand directly over his heart.

"I need you now, Harry." She gasped loudly out as he suddenly grabbed and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Careful not to break their kiss, Harry moved slowly toward the bed and laid her down carefully. Hermione hummed her approval and put her hands above her head.

Harry traced his fingers down her sides to the hem of her shirt, where he slowly lifted it off her. He throbbed painfully as he looked down at the innocent light blue lace bra she was wearing.

Hermione threw her head back as Harry slowly moved his lips up from her navel to her chest, stopping over her heart. Her hands moved and laced through his thick hair, pulling it slightly.

Harry snapped the clasped of her bra apart and moved his lips up her neck and then to her mouth, where they molded with hers. He warm tongue danced with his, creating stars behind his eye lids.

She's really truly amazing, he thought to himself, wondering why he'd never noticed this before. Her eyes, and her smile, her lips…

No. She was just his friend. His very best friend, that had never strayed away from him, even once things got heavy. Just like now.

Harry moved quickly, flipping Hermione over and pulling her on top of him, her bra falling away in the process.

"Hermione." Harry groaned out at the sight of her. Hermione was perfect. Just the right size that fit completely inside his hand, and the little perked peaks at the top almost had him panting.

"Harry." they way she moaned is name. they way it started out deep and unexpected in her throat and became more labored. "Harry!" she would gasp over and over.

"I need you Harry, I need you." Hermione gripped Harry's arms and pulled her self up so they were eye to eye, panting in each others faces, breathing each other in. "Now."

Harry Leaned Hermione back and moved so he was hovering above her. He placed a single kiss on her forehead, cheeks and eyelids. He pulled back slightly to look at her.

She was absolutely stunning.

The way her hair fell across her face, the way she was completely out of control, the confident guarded look was dropped, and she was wild. Her lips, swollen and pink, parted slightly, with the opening of her eyes.


Harry had no choice. The way she looked at him. He couldn't describe it. It felt like he could do anything. He could feel the blood rushing hotly through his veins. The fire between his legs and hers, growing, burning places on there bodies that they hadn't known they had.

Pressing his lips against hers, he slid slowly inside her. Star's exploded from behind his lids.

Hermione herself, had never felt anything so wonderful. Her whole body was tingling and her breathing was wild like the beat of her heart. She gripped Harry's back tightly, moaning out when he hit just the right spot. She could feel a warm pain but dismissed it, taking out all the hurt she had been feeling in the last few weeks on this moment.

Harry suddenly ducked his head and captured the erect peak of Hermione's left breast in his mouth, while pinching the other with his finger and forefinger. She moaned in pleasure and arch her back up to him. He smiled against her breast and then switched.

"Harry…POTTER!" she gasped out when he nipped at her sensitive nipple. "Stop teasing me!" he laughed against her stomach, which he had moved down to kiss.

Hermione whimpered when he moved lower, moaned when he caressed her thighs gently and screamed like a banshee with he flicked his tongue against her. "Oh, Harry, Harry do it again."

Spurred on by her cries he bent in, messaging her folds and feeling them with his mouth. Harry looked up briefly and really liked what he saw, Hermione spread wide before him, her head tossed back and her bottom lifting off the sorry excuse for a mattress.

"Harryyyy!" she whined, "Why'd you stop?" she looked up at Harry who was smirking. She stuck out her bottom lip and he chuckled silently.

Hermione was suddenly up and flipped them over so she was on top. She grinned like the devil and began kissing and sucking upon Harry's neck. She nipped and licked down his stomach until she came face to face with his erect member.

Licking her lips, Hermione took him quickly into her mouth. He wouldn't fit in all the way and when Harry felt himself hit the back of her throat he nearly came. "Shit, shit, shit" he whispered under his breath.

Hermione slowed her movements, dragging her teeth lightly along his shaft as she went up. "Oh Fuck!" Harry spit, biting his knuckle.

She moved her hand up and curled it around him and gave him a gentle squeeze, taking her mouth off of him.

"Mione' Please, I'm dying over here." he lifted his head up to give her the best puppy dog eyes he could muster.

"Who's laughing now, eh?" Hermione couldn't take much more teasing either, so she slid on top of him, taking all of him inside her this time. She didn't move at first, but leaned down and looked Harry in the eye's. "I love him." she whispered. Harry was already nodding.

"I know." he kissed her then, his lips where soft, and patient. And Hermione new that he did this to make her forget. To help her. And she loved him for it. She really did.

They both took it slow this time around. Moving slowly, sensually, deeply. Harry kept his forehead pressed against hers as she moved above him, breathing her in.

They came together. Clutching desperately to each other, panting and whimpering. Hermione had never felt anything like it before. She now felt light and airy, and very exhausted.

Harry grabbed the comforter that was at the foot of the bed and covered them completely. He snuck his arm around her and she snuggled into the crook of his arm.

Kissing each of her eyelids, Harry let her drift to sleep, as he imagined what she was dreaming about.

"Harry?" she whispered, her eyes still closed.

"Mmm?" he looked down at her.

"We're still best friends right?"

"Yes, Hermione, until the very end."