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Airies was sitting in her room at the Telmarine Palace, staring up at a sword that hung directly over the fire place. It belonged to High King Peter, one of Narnia's greatest leaders.

She did not understand why Aslan insisted on having her keep it in here. She could remember him saying that it had something to do with the fact that it would help make it easier to accept that Peter would not be returning to Narnia any time soon, and in turn would help her move on. But she didn't understand it. How could he expect her to move on?

The day Peter got sent away was one that kept replaying over and over in her mind. She could remember every detail, how could she not? The most important person in her life was taken away from her, and instead of trying to think of all of the good memories to help remain strong, she thought of that day, and only of that day.

After the assembly, she was sitting in the grass courtyard where she had spent the night with Peter. Only Peter wasn't here now, he was back in England, where Aslan said he belonged.

Said lion walked over to her and sat down next to her, but Airies, being the stubborn child that she was, got up and moved away from him.

"Daughter," he sighed.

"How could you do that?" she cried, "How could you send him away? You know how I feel about him, how he feels about me! And you still send him away! Why?" she shouted at him.

"My daughter, Peter does not live here. He belongs in England. He was brought here to ready himself for the real world, to learn to believe in things," Aslan tried to explain.

"He belongs here, father, in Narnia, with me, reigning as High King. He should be here right now, and we could be together, but you sent him away!" she yelled accusingly, and surprisingly, Aslan didn't fight her, or roar menacingly like he would if it were any other person. She was the only one in Narnia who was allowed to speak to him like that.

She once again turned her back to him, crossing her arms tight over her chest. But Aslan didn't back down. He moved next to her again and said, "It is hard now, I know, but you will soon understand. It is not forever that he will be gone. When Narnia is reborn, Peter shall be here."

With a gentle nudge to her shoulder, Aslan disappeared.

That day had been three years ago Narnian time, but Airies could still feel Peter's arms around her, could still feel the touch of his lips on hers as they kissed for the last time.

Every day she missed him, but she was beginning to cope with it. The hurt was just there now, residing in her heart, and it would always be there. She understood that now.

There was a knock on the door, disrupting her from her somber thoughts. She didn't say anything in reply to the knock, but the door opened anyway, and Caspian walked inside.

"Everything is ready," he told her quietly.

She nodded as he came over to the bed and sat down next to her. Together they stared up at Peter's sword, silent.

"Are you sure you would not rather stay?" he asked her.

"And let you take this voyage alone? I don't think so," she answered, giving him a smile, which he was sad to see did not fully reach her eyes.

Caspian looked back to the sword, the cursed thing, how powerful it was, yet at the same time bringing with it terrible memories and feelings of longing that would never be fulfilled.

"Are you taking it?" he questioned quietly.

"Yes, along with Lucy's cordial, and Susan's bow and horn. He gave it to you, Caspian, so you need to keep it with you on this trip, just like you took it with you when you made peace all over Narnia," she told him.

"Whenever you are ready then, Highness," he said before standing up.

He made to move away from her, but she called out his name.

He turned around at looked at the girl in front of him, the girl who used to be so strong, but was now so broken, and small.

"Thank you for putting up with me for the past three years. You're the only one who really understands and lets me sulk," she said.

And understand he did, for Caspian had lost the one he loved too, and Airies had never forgotten that. They were able to comfort each other in times like these when all they could do was think about their lost loves.

Without saying anything, Caspian offered Airies his hand and a smile to go along with it, and she took both, letting him pull her to her feet.

"This voyage will do you good. And we have each other, and together we will stay strong," he told her.

He let her take High King Peter's sword down from the wall before taking her hand again and leading her out of this retched room to take a voyage that would hopefully end in all sorts of fortunes for them.

Edmund and Lucy Pevencie were staying at their cousin Eustace Scrubb's house for the summer holiday. Their parents and older sister Susan had taken a trip to America, and Peter was staying with Professor Kirke, studying with him. But seeing as Professor Kirke's house was too small for all of them to stay in, other arrangements had to be made for the two youngest Pevencie children.

Edmund would have thought that the stay would be okay, had it not been for the fact that Eustace insisted on acting like an annoying little git at all times.

This was the first moment he'd had alone all summer, and he was spending it by looking at one of his drawings.

After they had returned back to England from Narnia a second time, Edmund had taken up drawing as a hobby, and he was quite good at it to say the least. Mostly, he drew things from Narnia, since those were the most vivid images in his head, and he wanted to preserve his memories there forever.

Right now he was staring down at one of his first drawings that he had done when he got home. It was of Airies, the Daughter of Aslan, of whom he had fallen in love with. She was beautiful, in every way, shape and form, and his drawing, no matter how good it may be, did not do her beauty justice.

But it was all he had. He didn't know when he would see her again, or how long he would have to wait. Last time it was a year. He hoped Aslan wouldn't make him wait that long again.

Edmund was too busy staring at his drawing that he hadn't noticed Eustace step into the room until the boy said, "Who is that ugly beast?"

Eustace had been standing over Edmund's shoulder, staring at the picture for as long as Edmund had been. He actually thought the drawing was very good, but of course he would never admit that to his cousin.

"You'd better take that back," Edmund growled.

"Or what? You'll slug me?" Eustace mocked.

"Yeah, I think that will do you some good."

Eustace quickly snatched the picture out of Edmund's grasp and moved away from him.

"Give that back!" Edmund shouted, but he was not quick enough.

Eustace had already ripped the drawing in half, then again, and again, until tiny scraps of the drawing were silently floating down to the floor.

Edmund stared at the ripped to shreds paper until he looked up at Eustace, and if looks could kill, Eustace would most certainly be dead.

"Get out. NOW!" Edmund said darkly, and Eustace did not dare disobey. He ran out of the room in a flash, and he wasn't going to come back, not for a while.

Once he was gone, Edmund sunk down to his knees and scooped up the tiny pieces.

"Airies," he moaned in sorrow, covering his face with his hands and nearly weeping with the pain of being taken away from Narnia yet again.

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