Edmund, Lucy and Susan Pevencie sat in the living room at their home in Finchley. They talked of Narnia of course, and each told their stories of what adventures they had been on during their holiday.

Susan had a grand time in America with their parents. She had been courted by many men, and taken to many balls, but she also added that none of the men were at all living up to her expectations, expectations that she had never known she had until she met Caspian.

And Edmund and Lucy told her of their adventures in Narnia with Eustace, and how Eustace was no longer a nuisance to be around.

But the most exciting news of all was that Peter was coming home from studying with Professor Kirke today, and the four kings and queens of Narnia would finally be reunited with one another. The High King was returning home at last, and his three siblings felt just like they did in Narnia whenever Peter traveled to battle alone. They were nervous, but excited to see their brother safely home.

"I can't wait to see what his surprise is," Susan said, sounding both joyful and ecstatic to have her brother home at last. In his latest letter, he stated that he would be bringing home a surprise for all of them. And each of them had taken turns guessing what the surprise could possibly be.

"When do you think he'll-" Lucy began, but she was cut off by the sound of a door opening in the kitchen two rooms down, and two voices shouting out, "Peter!"

They could hear the many sounds of "Welcome home, son!" and "We missed you so much!" being said beside them.

And then they could hear their mother say, "They're in the next room waiting for you. They're excited for your homecoming."

Excited was an understatement. They were practically itching with the anticipation of seeing their oldest brother again.

And finally, after what seemed like a decade to them, Peter was entering the living room. Edmund was the first to reach him, and he tossed his arms around his brother, and they held each other tight.

"Welcome home, High King," Edmund whispered, and Peter hugged him even tighter.

Then, Susan and Lucy joined in and there were hugs and kisses and tears sent all around.

What stopped them from breaking into a full on celebration party, however, was the sound of voices in the kitchen. Their parents were talking to someone.

"Who are mum and dad talking to?" Lucy asked, and Peter's face lit up.

"Oh, you're surprise. You'll see, they're coming now. Let's sit, shall we?" Peter asked, leading the way over to the couches and chairs.

His brother and sisters followed his lead and took seats next to him, waiting for their parents to come in.

And finally they did, and someone was standing in between them, glowing with happiness.

It was all the Pevencie children, minus Peter, could do to stop their jaws from dropping open to the floor.

Airies, the Daughter of Aslan, High Queen over all kings and queens in Narnia, was standing in between Mr. and Mrs. Pevencie, smiling around at them.

Peter stood up and walked over to Airies, practically forgetting that anyone was in the room with him and took her in his arms, kissing her gently. Then he turned to face his siblings and said, "You all remember Airies, right? She lived next door to Professor Kirke when we stayed with him two years ago."

Of course, they couldn't show their parents that they knew Airies as well as they did, because then they would get to questioning and of course they couldn't tell their parents about Narnia, so they all just nodded and said, "Yes, we remember."

"Peter explained to us that he and Airies met up over the holiday, and it just escalated from there," Mr. Pevencie told his children.

"We're preparing a great feast for dinner for Peter's return, and for the fact that he brought a guest. Dinner will be at seven. Now I think you all should get reacquainted, don't you agree?" Mrs. Pevencie said, and the children all raced up to Lucy's room.

Once they were there, each of them attacked Airies in a hug, with cries of "How can this be?" echoing throughout the room.

"If you'll all calm down, I can explain," she said with a laugh, but she was just as happy to be back with this family as they were to have her with them.

So they all settled down on the floor of the bedroom in a circle, holding hands, because they were all afraid to let each other ago. It was almost like they were living in a dream, because they were all together, and it had been a while since the five of them had been together in peace.

And after they were all comfortable, Airies explained to them what Aslan had told her after Edmund, Lucy and Eustace were swallowed up by the waves.

"Aslan knew that I would never be fully happen until I was with all of you again," she told them, grabbing onto Peter's hand, who was sitting on her right, and Edmund's hand who was sitting on her left.

"I love you all, so very much, you are my family. And we Narnians don't let our family walk away from us," she said to them, and then there was more hugging and kissing all around.

"Well, we're happy to have you home with us at last," Susan told her truthfully, and Airies smiled in return.

Like they always did when they were together, they passed the time until dinner by talking about all of their adventures in Narnia. They reminisced about their times in the Golden Age. Airies told them about how they defeated Dark Island, and Edmund and Lucy launched into the story of how Eustace had changed from a snotty rich boy to a boy with feelings and care for others.

"And then we met Liliandil at Ramandu's Island. She was beautiful. Caspian was in awe," Lucy told them, laughing at the memory of Caspian's face when his eyes landed on the beautiful star.

"Was Edmund in awe as well?" Susan laughed, ruffling her younger brothers' hair, but Airies and Lucy shook their heads.

"He wasn't at all fazed by her!" Lucy exclaimed.

"I had all the beauty I needed," Edmund responded quietly, glancing at Airies and then looking away.

"Well, I understand you there, Ed," Peter laughed, leaning over Airies and shoving his brother playfully.

Airies, of course, had told Peter about what happened between her and Edmund during their voyage. She couldn't lie to him, and pretend that nothing ever happened. She contemplated not telling him at all, but somehow Airies knew that Peter would understand, and understand he did. And at first, Peter was upset, but after a while, they talked it over, and strangely… he understood. He always knew that Airies loved both him and Edmund, and he didn't blame her. His younger brother was definitely something. But he also knew that she would always choose him, Peter, because what they had defied all odds. They were meant to be. And he couldn't blame Edmund, either, nor was he mad. Peter knew that if it was the other way around, it would be very hard for him to keep away from Airies as well.

"Children, supper!" their mothers voice called out, and Peter took Lucy and Susan by the shoulders and led them out of the room.

Airies took Edmund's hand in hers and swung them back and forth through the air, a comfortable move for the two of them.

"It's good to have you home," he whispered to her.

"And it's really good to be home, Ed," she whispered back before kissing his cheek.

Peter then came back to them and asked Edmund, "Mind if I cut in?" with a laugh and a smile, and Edmund laughed with him, shaking his head.

"Not at all, my king, she is all yours."

But before he left, Edmund stooped down and kissed Airies hand, before letting it drop between them and he walked into the dining room, taking his seat between Susan and Lucy.

Peter then picked her hand back up, and pulled her to him again, wrapping his arms around her waist, and she slithered her arms around his neck.

He kissed her gently before saying, "I love you," against her lips.

She smiled up at him. "I love you too, forever."

"And we really do have forever now. We'll never have to be separated again," he told her.

"That's what I'm most looking forward to," she responded, a twinkle in her eye, and then Peter led her into the dining room, where the entire family joked and laughed together like old friends.

"It seems as if you all know each other better than I thought," Mrs. Pevencie laughed.

Airies smiled and said, "We have a whole world in common," earning a bunch of knowing looks from Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.

"What else do you need in order to become friends?" Lucy added, and they all laughed and agreed with her.

A whole world indeed. And they would always have that world, their Narnian world. They talked of it frequently, even when Eustace would come to visit they would speak of it. And they often visited with Professor Kirke and his good friend Polly, and they discussed Narnia with them as well.

Though they were no longer allowed to return to Narnia, that world never left their mind. It kept then together, and made them stronger, and in that way they were always there, and it would always be a part of them.

For once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen, and that would never change.

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