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So I know you guys are probably very upset that I never came back to finish this story. I just completely forgot about the story and I also didn't like the way I wrote it. Well I'm back and older now and can write a pretty good story. I'm revising the story, it'll still have the same concept, just better writing and grammar. I'll make the stories longer as well! I'm glad to be back and I'm grateful for the people who liked the story even though it wasn't at it's fullest potential. :D

Warning! If you don't like Yaoi you're reading the wrong story...

Chapter 1

How it began

Naruto's P.O.V.

I woke up and looked over to my desk to grab my glasses. I check the time which read 7:00. I got up and walked over to the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Looking back at my reflection was a semi large purple bruise resting on my cheek. I winced slightly as I gently touched the mark. 'Better take care of this before Iruka-san notices it.' I applied some foundation to cover up the bruise. 'I guess this is going to become a daily routine.' I got ready and went to the kitchen.

"Morning, Iruka-san" I sat down and quietly ate the food already laid out to eat. "Morning Naruto." Iruka sat in bis usually seat across from me. I look up to see his soft smile. I feel horrible keeping secrets from him. I never told Iruka-san that I go through hell in school. I think he suspects that something's up, but seems to keep his suspicion to himself. He treats me like a fragile doll at times, like I am something that can be easily broken. He isn't far from the truth; Sometimes I feel as though I am broken. I put up a facade most of the time. The only time I truly feel happy is when I am with Sasuke. I love Iruka-san, but Sasuke fills this hole in my heart that was created by the constant torment in school. " Thanks for breakfast, I'll be leaving now. "I get up to take my leave, "Have a great day Naruto."I smile at him and I grab my bag and went to my car. ' Yeah, sure.'

My car sucked, it was pretty much a piece of crap. It still managed to get where I needed to go so I don't complain. The drive to Konoha high school wasn't very long as it was about a 20 min from my house. It's pretty woody for the first 15 mins. I parked my car in the back of the school, hoping I wouldn't have to run into my tormentors. I guess luck isn't on my side. I walked around the corner to enter from the back door of the school and I saw 'him' sitting on the steps hanging out. 'Fuck'

Sakura Haruno, Neji Hyuga, Gaara(I do not recall his last name) , Ino Yamanaka, and Kiba Inuzuka, My classmates that insist on making my life a living hell, especially Neji. Neji's cousin, Hinata, was also with them. She was a freshman, she was always kind to me, but being related to that asshole made me not trust her. I locked eyes with Neji as I walked toward s the steps. "Hey fag, didn't expect to see me here did yah" I ignored him and walked past him, then I felt a hand harshly push me up against the wall. "What the fuck do you want" Neji didn't say anything at first he just looked at me with hate. "Don't ever fucking ignore me again Uzumaki." 'And he calls me a fag, why is he so interested in messing with me anyway.' He lets me go but not without spurring profanities at me. I hate him so much, he's the most ruthless out of his group and Gaara comes in second.

I walked into class and pulled my backpack off and sat in my seat next to Sasuke

"Neji trouble again" I like it when Sasuke care.

"When will it ever not be?"

"Fuck them, they're assholes" "You should be careful, they might do something that will get you severely hurt." Sasuke whispered back

I listened quietly to Sasuke.

"I know"

Gaara and Neji eyed them as they walked into the classroom with the rest of his group. They sat down in their usual seats. Neji sat with Gaara. I couldn't help be listen in their conversation. "I can't fucking stand Uzumaki. I hate how close he is to Sasuke." I grew angrier the more they talked. "Sasuke needs a man, not that weakling Naruto." Gaara nodded then spoke up"..Well, Sasuke thinks you're an asshole." Neji grimaced when Gaara said that. ' Sasuke will never love that asshole.'

"You alright Naruto?" I looked over to Sasuke's worried face. "I'm fine.. just thinking." Sasuke grinned " Well you must be thinking pretty hard, I can literally hear the gears turning in your head, pay attention to the teacher idiot." I chuckled at his comment. I didn't feel like listening to the teacher, I already knew what was being taught. I laid my head down and closed my eyes...

"I waited too long to be with you Sasuke" I pressed my lips onto his deliciously sinfully lips.. Sasuke with half -lidded eyes accepted my act of lust."I love you Naruto, please.." "Please what? Say it, say want you want me to do to you" I lean my body next to his. I licked Sasuke's lips and and asking for entrance into his mouth. I hear Sasuke gasp as my hands brush against his pink nipple. "nghh.. Please...take me" I shoved my tongue inside his mouth and...

*Bell rings*

'Fucking bell'

Sasu- chan: "I liked it"

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Naru- chan discontinued

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Sasu- chan " What happened!"

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