Sorry 4got to say to say this in summary, Paring NaruSasu; slight NejiSasu, GaaSasu. Anyway I'm new at writing stories so the first chapter will be short.

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Me: "Yay first time writing a story!"

Sasu- chan: "yeah woo hoo" :(

Me: "whats wrong Sasu- chan"

Sasu- chan: "why does Naruto have to be seme"

Naru- chan: "Because you are always seme, just be the uke this time"

Sasu- chan: " fine... "

Me: " now can I start the story"

Naru- chan and Sasu- chan: 'MAKING OUT'

Me: "awwwww!" "lets start the story"

Warning! If you don't like Yaoi don't read...

Naruto: 15

Sasuke: 14 ( turning 15 soon)

Neji: 15

Sakura: 14

Ino: 14 ( turning 15 soon)

Kiba: 15

Hinata: 14 ( just turned 14)

Gaara: 15

Irukra: 23

Kakashi: 24

Chapter 1

How it began

Naruto's P.O.V.

I sighed quietly as I got up in the morning at 7:00. I want to bathroom to look at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My left cheek was sporting a large red bruise that was quickly turning purple. I winced slightly as I gently touched the mark. 'Better take care of this quick before I'm late for school.' I thought, pulling out a bottle of liquid, make up, from my backpack. I finished applying the make up when my bruise was successfully hidden.

'Why do people hate me so much.'

I grabbed my bag and my black glasses and ran out the house and to my car. It was pretty much a beat up old peice of crap, but it still managed to get where I needed to go. The drive to Konoha high school wasn't very long as it was only separated from my house by about four miles of woods. I arrived and parked my car as far away from the school as possible, hoping to get in the back way so I wouldn't have to run into "those people". But My luck crapped out on me because as soon as I ran to the corner to get to the back door of the school, I found them sitting on the back steps hanging out. 'Are you crapping me'

Sakura Haruno, Neji Hyuga, Gaara(don't know his last name) , Ino Yamanaka, and Kiba Inuzuka. Five fellow juniors at the high school who took intrest in making my life a living hell. Neji's cousin, Hinata, was also with them. She was a freshman and she was the only one who was nice to me, but never stood up to Neji. Neji turned to me and smirked. "Well, well. Finally I got someone to mess with?"

I ignored him and tuned to leave, but Neji walked up to me and pushed me against the wall. " I was not the one to curse, especially not in fount of Sasuke.

"What the fuck do you want" I spat a Neji

Smirking at Naruto "What a foul mouth you have Uzumaki" "Anyway just where do you think you're going, Uzumaki?"

"Inside school" 'I felt like kicking ass, but I can't fight'

"Well too bad, guess your gonna be held back" " I feel like having a little fun with you, Uzumaki. How about you show me what's in that bag of yours, huh?" Without waiting for an answer he spun me around, took off my backpack, opened it and dumped the contents onto the ground.

"Why did you do that" I said pissed off at Neji. I had enough strength to break contact and ran inside the school. 'Thank God I made inside'

Hinata ran after me and caught up "U-Um...I'm sorry about Neji-"

" It's okay, just leave me alone" I ran to class and opened the door 'great now people are looking at me'

"Why weren't you in class,Uzumaki" Iruka- Sensei said. "Um...I got held up." "Well Uzumaki, I would like to talk to you after class." I noded and pulled my backpack off and sat in my seat next to Sasuke

"Neji trouble again" I liked when Sasuke cared why I was late.

"yes" Naruto whispered politely.

"You know you shouldn't keep putting up with those people!" "They might do something that will get you permanently hurt!" Sasuke whispered back

"I know, but they won't do anything that bad to me"

"I know" Sasuke said

Unfortunately, other people noticed the change in Naruto when he was around Sasuke. Gaara eyed them as he walked into the classroom with the rest of his group. He leaned over to Neji. "That little slut. Do you see the way he's looking at MY Sasuke?" Neji looked at Gaara like he said something that disturbed him. "When did Sasuke become yours" Neji said annoyed. "Fine our Sasuke" Gaara reappointed.

I let everything that Iruka was saying dissapeared and he fell asleep and dreamed...

"I waited too long to be with you Sasu- chan" I said with lust. Sasuke looked like he was under spell "I love you Naru- chan, please don't leave me" " I will never leave MY Sasuke" then I liked Sasuke's lips and and asked for entranced in his mouth. Sasuke allowed Naruto to place his tongue inside his mouth...

*Bell rings*

'Dang bell'

So how was it! My grammar is kinda bad. I will make more chapters, but I would like if someone gave me some ideas. Remember no flames or bad comments!

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