The Visit: A Christmas Tale

Surprisingly enough, Christmas morning went off without a hitch. After a day of catering to his in-laws' every whim, Remus had been dreading gift-giving. He knew Andromeda and Ted were trying, but after years of their outright disapproval, experiencing them making an attempt was harder than it sounded. However, they'd been downright pleasant that morning. The endless list of critiques had stopped, and their presents were thoughtful. Remus accepted his home potions making kit gratefully, understanding that it wasn't exactly a jibe at his condition—rather, it was their way of showing that they wanted him to be okay. They'd also given them season passes to the Dublin Destroyers' games, which Tonks was overjoyed about.

"You two need to get out more," was all Ted said, smiling at his daughter.

To Remus and Tonks's relief, the tea set went over well. In fact, it was hard to tell who was more excited about it, Andromeda or Ted.

All in all, the morning had passed very peacefully. Remus had even gotten to enjoy his coffee that day. He and Tonks sat in the living room, having taken her parents up on their offer to make lunch. "I'm glad they came," he said. "This wasn't the disaster we were predicting."

"Says the man who hid in the attic yesterday," Tonks said with a grin. "No. It was…it was good."

They peeked into the kitchen at the sound of laughter. Ted was doubled over chuckling, and Teddy was covered in flour. They heard Andromeda say, "No worries, Teddy, we'll make a cook out of you yet. It took me years, but your grandfather finally learned."

"Very true," Ted said, wiping away tears of mirth.

Remus smiled back at Tonks, hugging her closer. "It was good. And we really have to hand it to them…."


"They may not have liked me at first," he said. "But they never held it against Teddy."

Tonks was silent for a moment, smiling at the thought. Finally, she nodded and stood up. "Let's go help them, shall we? I think Mum may have underestimated how bad of a cook Teddy is."

Remus laughed and followed his wife into the kitchen, happy to have his family—his whole family—home for Christmas.

LbN: Happy Christmas!