Onward to Hogwarts
Sung to the tune of gilligans Island theme

I got into a boat and rowed across a great big lake,
There was a creature in it and, Everyone started to quake.
And everyone started to Quake!

I got out of the boat and along to the castle,
I got inside and there was
A major hall full of people.
A major hall full of people.

I looked around and saw a hat, It was larger than my head.
I saw right next to it, a really starnge cat.
Wearing glasses on it's head.

The cat turned into a woman, she had a really stern face.
She had long black hair pulled into a bun, and she told me,

I suddenly realized that I didn't have a table or a seat.
I told her so and she smacked her forehead.
Then, she put the hat on my head.
I swam inside the hat!

The hat started to whisper in my ear of what I ought to be.
Slytherin would be good for me, but Gryffindor it is.
I got out of being a snake!

I finally got to my table and then found some friends.
They all smiled and looked straight at my head and found my wonderful mark.
I think I hate that scar!

This was fun and I get to do it again, except for the hat part!
I get to battle evil wizards and find girls that will talk to me.
I suddenly feel weird and sick.