School Gyrls Meet Avatar


A girl with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes was skating on Campus.

"Hey I'm Katara Mizu. But you can call me Waterkat." She said "I am on the new school called Avatar High Private School. They have so many rules here. I even had to add more blue to my uniform just to have a little color. The only good thing about this school is the POW journals. We can write about how we're feeling or whatever. The only thing I've done with this book is write lyrics or draw pictures." She said skating off getting to her next class but skated to fast and ran into the teacher. "Sorry Teacher lady" she said.



A girl with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and seafoam eyes was sitting in front of the school billboard.

"Let me give it to you straight. I was shipped out here by the big man. Yep you right the principal and my dad. High school is just a bunch of people trying to get to the top. For my case, the girls trying to reach the top. You have your jock girls, rock girls, posh girls, geek girls, tough girls, rough girls, your cheer girls, and the rest are just school girls. This school makes you were a skirt. I'm a tomboy by all means and I have never worn a skirt in my whole life. I was able to get away by spray-painting the tie brown and green and my name on the right front corner of the skirt. My name is Tophel Bei Fong but you can call me Toph." she complained.

She stopped talking and got a spray paint bottle and was about to use it until,

"The people they let in" Azula said to herself. She blew her whistle and Toph kneeled down and put her hands over her head.



"Suki Eatco but to my friends Suzi because I own a billion dollars. I have many talents for myself. I sing and dance. My role model is Azula Fuesto, the cheerleading captain. I can't wait to see who my roommates are."Suki said in the bathroom.

She picked up a brush and started singing into it like a microphone then all of a sudden four girls, the principal, and a fireman came into the bathroom.