Boutoku no Naruto

Chapter 1

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As a wise man once said, history hinges on small moments, and the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane. Some changes are subtle, some are obvious, and some lie in between. Of course, the reverse is also true, and some actions, whether taken or not, can have absolutely no effect on the way things run. For example, whether or not the Sandaime Hokage would have Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune guarded by ANBU or simply give out draconian punishments absolutely didn't matter, as after a few years people would stop trying to use physical force either way, and simply hurt the child with behavior rather than action, spare the occasional drunk.

So while the carefully considered decision of a wise man in a very important position, whatever it may have been, was absolutely meaningless, it may appear somewhat ironic that the decision of a child made on a whim can lead to such a great change in the course of events. But, such is life.


Naruto grinned. He had just taken the scroll Mizuki told him to, knocking out jiji with a technique he originally invented as a joke, but found very useful against perverts, the male ones anyways. Now all he had to do was learn one technique from the scroll, and he'd be a genin. This was so much easier than the stupid Bunshin no Jutsu.

Or so he thought, until he opened the scroll. He groaned. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu? I can't even do the regular one!" Of course, Naruto was not one for giving up, and he would do the stupid technique until he mastered it! Just as he was about to start learning the jutsu that according to fate's design was to become his signature-move, Naruto proved why he was called unpredictable, as he looked at the scroll again.

"Wait, Mizuki-sensei said one technique, and the scroll is pretty big. Let's see if there's something easier in there." Naruto wasn't a quitter, but even Iruka-sensei, who was the nicest of the teachers, had noted that perhaps Naruto simply didn't have a talent for clone-techniques, and would do better with other ones, as he for example was a master at the Henge.

So Naruto opened the scroll further, looking for something that appealed to him. And just as he was about to give up and learn the Kage Bunshin, he found one that was different from all others.

"Hey, someone scribbled on the scroll! I hope they don't blame it on me." Naruto muttered to himself, before realizing that whoever had done this hadn't simply scribbled, but seemingly corrected and improved. Really, a technique that someone had actually put so much effort into had to be good. And it apparently wasn't a very complicated one either, as there were next to no handsigns involved. Reading over the instructions, it was not a simple jutsu, but rather one that was activated with a sealing-array and a single handsign.

While jiji had once told him that sealing was a really difficult art, looking over the instructions it looked really simple to Naruto. All he needed was a blank scroll, something he usually carried around with him to be able to quickly write down any ideas for pranks that he might get, and to copy them down. Of course, that was only the basic condition, but the scroll said that the rest was pretty much automatic, and all one needed were the two ingredients. Surely just knowing it would count as having learned it, right?

So Naruto started to copy the seal, and finding it surprisingly easy, copied down everything else that was written about that technique in a different scroll, both the original notes and all the stuff that someone had added before making a second, though technically it was the third, scroll with the original version in it. Then he rolled the scroll back up, carefully reread everything, and tried to memorize the sealing-arrays.


Iruka was in a panic. What on earth had ridden Naruto to steal the forbidden scroll? Half the village was on their feet looking for him, and Iruka had little doubt that if they found him first, Naruto would be in a lot more than simple trouble. A good number of them would use lethal force, and as big of a troublemaker as Naruto was, the boy was neither deserving nor prepared to receive such a punishment. Also, Naruto was not the type to go traitor. This was probably all just a stupid prank the boy had come up with.

Of course, the boy was also very good at hiding, so the odds that he would be found immediately was slim to none. So what Iruka had to do was stop running around like a headless chicken, but use his head. That had been the way he always caught the blond, after all. 'Stop thinking like a shinobi, and remember your days as a prankster. Naruto probably thinks this a joke, so he won't be too far away from Konoha. Now, if I took something and wanted to lay low for a while while all others run around looking, and keep them looking for a while, where would I go?'

A number of locations came to mind, all depending on whether Naruto wanted to watch the chaos, or just hide. Knowing Naruto, the former was more likely, so he'd go down his mental list from the spot with the greatest view over the village to the most hidden location.

Unseen to Iruka, another man was hot on his tail. Mizuki, who had spent nearly an hour for cursing himself for being stupid enough to not designate a spot for Naruto to hand the scroll over, had decided that since Iruka seemed to have a magical gift for finding the blond brat, he'd simply tail the chunin-instructor, letting his old friend lead him to his target. The plan had to be altered slightly, but it was still well on track. He cracked a grin. Soon he would deliver the forbidden scroll to Orochimaru-sama, and be rewarded greatly for his service.


Naruto grinned. It wasn't quite as much as he thought he'd be able to do, but he managed to more or less memorize the modified version, the array for some reason easily taking hold in his mind. He was still a bit shaky on the original array, but a few more minutes should have him memorize both.

A rustling was heard, and Iruka landed in front of Naruto. The blond boy jumped up. "Ha Iruka-sensei, I found you!" He called out.

Iruka's brow twitched. "I found you, idiot!" He called out, preparing to chew the boy out, when Naruto grinned.

"Sensei, I learned one jutsu from the scroll, I even memorized the array, do I pass?"

Iruka blinked. Jutsu? Array? What was the boy talking about? "Naruto, what do you mean?"

Naruto blinked. "Huh? The hidden genin-exam of course. Mizuki-sensei said that if I learned a technique from the scroll, I'd be a genin."

Iruka blinked. Why would Mizuki tell such nonsense? Unless... His eyes widened at the sound of steel cutting the air. There was too little time, either he dodged, or...

Without thinking, Iruka pushed Naruto aside, taking multiple kunai in the boy's stead.

Mizuki appeared, grinning. "Good job, you managed to find him. I knew I could count on you, Iruka. Now Naruto, give me that scroll."

Iruka pulled one of the blades out of his flesh. "Naruto don't! That scroll holds forbidden jutsu sealed away by the Hokages! He mustn't get it!"

Mizuki's face twitched, before an evil smile spread on it. "Hey Naruto, want me to tell you why everyone hates you?"

Naruto blinked. "Why they hate me?" He had asked himself that question countless times.

Iruka's eyes widened. "No Mizuki, that's forbidden!"

Mizuki laughed. "Twelve years ago, the Kyuubi attacked. At that time, a law was made."

Naruto blinked. "A law?"

Mizuki nodded. "Yes. A law that said that nobody was allowed to reveal that Naruto Uzumaki is the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Other words were spoken, but Naruto didn't hear them. His eyes were wide, and he felt oddly detached from the world. He, the Kyuubi? Suddenly the glares and the mutterings, they all made sense. But wait, what about the thing jiji had given him, Naruto's greatest treasure? Was that a lie too?

He only woke from his shock when he saw Iruka above him, one of Mizuki's giant shuriken imbedded in his back. The man tried to comfort him, he cried for him, he knew how loneliness felt. He said run, and Naruto ran.


Naruto sat behind a tree. He had just witnessed Iruka tricking Mizuki, and said man was pissed. "Why do you struggle, you can't win! Naruto is just like me, with the scroll, we could finally do whatever we want!"

"Yes," Iruka replied, and Naruto felt his darkest fears confirmed, before Iruka continued "that's what the fox would do. But Naruto's not the fox. He's one of my excellent students."

Naruto felt tears run down his face. Finally, there was someone that acknowledged him.

Mizuki growled. "Originally I planned to leave you live for a while longer, as a tribute to our friendship, but I just changed my mind. Die!" He charged at the downed teacher, his giant shuriken spinning like a buzz-saw.

Suddenly he was knocked away, sent flying by an orange blur. "Don't touch Iruka-sensei, or I'll kill you!"

Mizuki spat out a bit of blood. "Try it, demon!" He called, before throwing a kunai at Naruto.

The blond tilted his head, letting the blade fly by, only spin in shock when he heard steel piercing flesh. The kunai had hit Iruka in the arm. "What's wrong?" The white-haired traitor mocked. "I thought you were going to kill me now?"

Naruto rushed at him, Mizuki preparing to give him a single devastating blow, when Naruto did something unexpected.

Instead of simply rushing at Mizuki, Naruto kicked the dirt before him, throwing dust into his eyes. The fact that Mizuki had lowered his body slightly to be able to better counter the child's attack made the attack even more effective, as the blinded man stumbled back, blindly lashing out in front of him.

Naruto pulled out two kunai, ducked under the blows, jumped low, flying through Mizuki's legs, and rammed the blades into the back of Mizuki's knees.

The traitor screamed in pain as he dropped to the ground, his legs too damaged to carry him. Panting heavily, Mizuki glared at Naruto. "For this, demon-brat, I'm going to kill you slowly." he spat out as he pulled the knives out of his legs, blindly throwing them away.

Naruto gave him a cold look. "You won't have the chance." His hands shot out, the left one pulling out a scroll, though a smaller one than the forbidden scroll, spreading it across the ground, while his right hand slipped into his jacket, pulling something out of a hidden pocket over his heart.

One of Naruto's weaknesses was that since nobody was there to teach him common values, there were certain things that Naruto didn't fully comprehend. Aside of a certain uncertainty of how to act in public, that particularly involved his morals. Since nobody taught him right and wrong, all he had to go on was descriptions and stories of certain actions and how the people reacted to it. So while he had worked out that murder, hurting innocent people, and treason were wrong, and was by nature the type to believe in the good in people, all he had heard had always said that there were truly evil people, and that such people had to die. Which was why he didn't hesitate about using his newest technique on Mizuki, and why he had even learned it.

What Naruto pulled out of his pocket was his greatest treasure, more valuable to him than his life. Jiji had given it to him when he had been thrown out of the orphanage, after explaining Naruto that he had been orphaned in the Kyuubi-attack.



"Jiji, who were my parents?" A six-year-old Naruto asked.

Sarutobi sighed. "They were good people Naruto, and they loved you very much, never doubt that. But they died in the Kyuubi-attack, protecting you and the entire village from the demon's wrath."

"So they were shinobi?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes. Very good ones. They were very strong, which sadly also means they made many enemies. Naruto, the reason I can't tell you their names is because the fewer people know, the less the chance that any of those enemies finds out and tries to kill you in vengeance."

Naruto blinked. That jiji knew his parents' names, but didn't tell him hurt more than he could have imagined. "Jiji, is there really... nothing I can have of them?"

Sarutobi knew how much the boy craved family, and how much his decline would hurt him. Then he remembered something. "Actually, there just might." He began digging through different shelves, before pulling out a small box, handing it to Naruto.

When the boy opened it, he found a lock of red hair. "What's this jiji?"

Sarutobi smiled. "That Naruto, is a lock of your mother's hair. Well, considering her hair was straight, lock might not be a completely fitting term, but it gets the message across."

Naruto looked at the hair, carefully stroking it like it could crumble to dust if he wasn't careful. "My... mother's..." He hugged it close to his chest, tears in his eyes. "Thanks jiji. I promise, that I'll be a even better shinobi than my parents, so that they can be proud of me!"

Sarutobi smiled as he watched the boy run off. "I'm sure they're already very proud of you, Naruto." he muttered to himself.

End of Flashback


'I really hope that jiji told the truth.' Naruto thought as he slammed the red hairs on the seal and made a single handsign. He felt his chakra draining slowly as seals spread over the ground, surrounding the completely baffled Mizuki.

"What are you doing?" The traitor demanded, before something that slightly resembled ashes and dust rose, clinging to his body. He screamed in anguish as it consumed him, leaving a different figure laying in the center of the seals.


The Sandaime Hokage had observed the last few minutes through his crystal-orb with growing worry. That Naruto would have taken the scroll for himself the old man believed impossible, as if the boy had really wanted to turn traitor, he wouldn't have spared the Hokage after going through the trouble of knocking him out. So using his orb he had found Naruto, seemingly trying to memorize something. It was actually kind of funny to see the boy's face scrunched up in concentration like that.

Then he had witnessed the arrival of Iruka and Mizuki, and how latter broke the law. Small as the chance was, the emotional instability could weaken the seal, and while the fox could not escape, it might be able to possess Naruto's body.

His chest had swelled with pride when Iruka proclaimed Naruto his excellent student, and even more when Naruto brilliantly incapacitated a chunin-level opponent. For this alone, Sarutobi could justify a promotion to genin, especially if one considered that the reason that Naruto had failed was due to the fact that he simply had too much chakra for a jutsu as weak as the bunshin, and would likely do great once his teacher gave him a better clone-technique.

Then, from one moment to the next, he groaned in almost physical pain as he saw what Naruto did. "Oh Naruto," he muttered to himself "of all the jutsu in the scroll, why did you have to learn that one?"


Naruto grinned, only slightly winded from the exercise. "Edo Tensei, success." He muttered, before looking at the figure that he had summoned. Now the truth would be revealed, and Naruto prayed with all his heart that jiji had told the truth.

A moan pulled Naruto's concentration back to current events. "Ohh... where am I?" An obviously female voice asked, as the figure, still a bit disoriented, rose to her feet. It was a woman with long red hair. Her skin was a bit pale, and there were what looked like cracks on a few spots of her skin, but she was very pretty.

Naruto gulped. He knew that the next seconds could break his heart, and was honestly afraid of what would happen. Was this really his mother? If so, did she really love him as much as jiji said, or had the old man simply wanted to comfort him? "M-m-mom?" He asked, his voice trembling.

Iruka's eyes widened as he heard Naruto's word. That was impossible! There was no way... his eyes landed on the forbidden scroll on Naruto's back. 'Naruto,' he asked himself 'just what did you do?'

The woman turned around and looked at him, confused. Suddenly her eyes widened. "Naruto?"

First chapter is done, just in time for the holidays. It just popped up in my head and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down. I always read those stories where the oddest things are in the scroll, from common jutsu over legendary weapons to xenomorph-eggs, and while some of those are really great, I wanted to write a slightly more realistic one. I'm actually kinda surprised that as far as I've seen, nobody else ever thought of it.

The Edo Tensei was invented by the Nidaime Hokage, and it consists of seals, so in my opinion it is more than likely that it is in the forbidden scroll. Orochimaru has to have learned it from somewhere, right? I know that the odds of him actually writing his own improvements and variations into the scroll are slim, but in my story, he worked on it not with the intent to use it like Kabuto does, but as a way to get a better understanding of life and death for his immortality-technique, and at the time he worked on the Edo Tensei, he was still more or less loyal to the leaf, and basically wanted to leave proof that he had managed to make a better version of something than a Hokage, never mind that the Nidaime developed it from scratch.

So yes, instead of the Kage Bunshin, Naruto's signature-move will be the Edo Tensei. For obvious reasons, it won't be used quite as liberally as Naruto spams his Shadow Clones, and it is entirely possible that Naruto will learn the Kage Bunshin, it just won't be used quite as much as in canon. And no, Naruto will not act like Kabuto, sending the dead into battle while he stays miles away from the action, he's just not the type for that. And his summons won't be mindless slaves either.

On that topic, the reason I made Kushina not act like a lifeless doll was the observation that when Torune was reanimated, he acted like a real human for a few seconds, when Kabuto stuck the slave-tag into his head.

And why Naruto didn't inch away in disgust when he read the instructions, Naruto decided that he'd only use it on really bad people, who were beyond redemption, to bring back those who died before their time. And to those who claim that Naruto valued all life in canon, I didn't see him shedding any tears for Gatou and his men.

Oh, and to those wondering, Boutoku means 'Blasphemy' or 'Sacrilege', and is a fairly obvious reference to the Edo Tensei's way of interrupting the cycle of life.

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