Chapter 4

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Hashirama sighed. "So to put it shortly, this boy was fooled into stealing the scroll, and of all the techniques there, he chose the Edo Tensei, using the one who tricked him to call back his mother, the last of the Uzumaki-clan, who in turn used the technique to call back her best friends, an Uchiha and a Hyuuga. I should be surprised, I really should be. But somehow, I'm not."

Tobirama grinned. "It must be because you know the Uzumaki well enough, looking at your bride. Mito did mention that you had a very amusing expression when she sealed the Kyuubi away."

Hashirama's brow twitched. "I was locked in deadly combat with my nemesis, then suddenly my wife-"

"Fiance at the time." Tobirama corrected, smirking.

"My wife-to-be shows up," Hashirama relented, his expression one of annoyance "jumps at the mightiest of the tailed beasts, right into its mouth. Then there's a flash of light, and Kyuubi's gone. I had every right to be baffled. Madara also looked pretty stupid, if I recall correctly."


Somewhere, a man wearing a mask with only a single eyehole sneezed. 'Why do I suddenly have the urge to both blush in embarrassment and punch something in frustration?'


Sarutobi looked at the scene with some amusement, the banter between the Senju-brothers having always been a source of great entertainment in his younger days. But now was not the time for such amusements. "Either way, Orochimaru is in possession of that jutsu, and we can't allow him to simply call himself an indestructible army with no counter. I heard Suna has something that could be used, but despite us being allies, I'd prefer the knowledge of this leak to remain as contained as possible." Then he turned to the second group before him. "Kushina, until further preparations can be made, do you think that you can allow the Namikaze-compound to be used as Haka's temporary headquarters?"

Kushina shrugged. "Well, the place is big enough, located far enough away from civilization to avoid direct notice yet close enough for a swift sortie, fairly well supplied, not that most of us would need that, seeing as we no longer require nourishment or rest, though the different weapons and other tools might be useful. Actually, if my old seal-chamber is still how I left it, then it would probably be the best place to work on our projects. Aside from the Edo Tensei, there are a few seals I'd like to add to our uniforms. However Sarutobi, I'm technically dead, so you should ask its legal owner, our summoner."

Sarutobi rolled his eyes. "Well then, Naruto, do you mind if your new home becomes Haka's temporary headquarters? Just until we can organize a more suitable location."

Naruto smiled happily. "I don't mind. The more, the merrier, right?" For a child who grew up completely alone, staying not only with his mother and the other nice women, but also two of his idols was like a dream come true.

Sarutobi nodded. "Then it's decided. I'll inform you if anything new comes up, but for now you all have to get out of here before someone sees you." The others nodded and turned to leave, when Sarutobi paused. "Oh, and Naruto. Don't forget your team-placings are in six days. Despite the unusual circumstances, you're still a genin, and the team is a fundamental part of Konoha's shinobi-system. I believe your mother will agree on the importance of a team, isn't that right, Kushina?"

The redhead glanced to her two best friends, who glanced back. They all smiled and nodded, before heading back to the compound, their new headquarters.


"Alright Naruto, I want to see where you stand in taijutsu, so we'll be having a small spar. Don't worry, I won't hurt you, you can't hurt me." Hikari explained.

They were back in the compound, on the training-field. Kushina had informed the others of how Naruto's learning was sabotaged, before retreating into the seal-chamber with Tobirama, locked in a fierce debate about seals, and what should and shouldn't be added to their uniforms.

As one of the greatest taijutsu-masters in the history of the elemental continent, being one of the few Hyuuga that had looked beyond their own Juuken, Hikari volunteered to test Naruto's capabilities in her field of expertise. She came with low expectations, but even so...

She leaned back slightly to avoid a sloppy kick, and when Naruto reared his fist for a punch, she caught the even sloppier hook and sent Naruto flipping through the air, gently catching him before he hit the ground.

"That's enough." She considered cuddling him a while more, but the situation was serious. Perhaps another time. She set him down "Naruto, be honest. You're self-taught, and your training-partner was a log, am I right?"

Naruto blushed, but nodded. "Nobody explained anything, and those I sparred with always beat me. I tried to copy what they did."

Hikari sighed. "As I thought. Naruto, I'll be honest. You need a lot of work." She was tempted to be blunt and say his taijutsu was miserable leaning towards abysmal, but she didn't want to hurt the little guy's feelings too badly. She'd bring him down gently. "Your body doesn't know what it's doing half the time, and you are broadcasting every attack. Your movements are wasteful, and you're not putting your bodies weight into your punches and kicks. We really have a lot of work to do. Now Mikoto will test you, then us girls will sit down and make a schedule that'll help you get strong in no time, alright?"

Naruto, who had shrank together under the, in his eyes, harsh judgment, smiled brightly and ran towards the waiting Uchiha, unaware of the frown appearing on the resurrected Hyuuga's face. 'He can take a lot of punishment and his stamina is through the roof, but the rest... I have my work cut out for me.'


After Mikoto sent Naruto in for lunch, she, Hikari, and Kushina, who had finally stopped pestering the Nidaime, sat together. Kushina looked at her friends. "Give it to me straight, how bad is it?"

Hikari spoke first. "Bad. It looks like he learned most of his taijutsu on his own, and what little was taught is obviously taught wrong. I have to start all over with him, and have to make him and his body forget the wrong movements. He's a tough little fella, and he has barrels of stamina, but that's pretty much all he has. He's at best a brawler instead of a real fighter."

Kushina grimaced, and looked at her other friend. "Mikoto?"

The former Uchiha-matriarch shrugged. "Well, compared to what I gathered, Naruto's not quite as far behind as in taijutsu. His chakra-control is abysmal, and that's putting it nicely, and the only jutsu he knows are the Kawarimi and the Henge, but from what I gathered that's not much less than any first-generation shinobi knows. He can't do the Bunshin, but I think that's just because he's always overloading the technique. To say something nice, his chakra is through the roof. Probably because he's a jinchuuriki, but in my opinion, that makes chakra-control even more important."

Kushina nodded. "I don't want to get him started on fuinjutsu before he's at least decent in the other departments, so you two will be his main-trainers for the time, if you're okay with that. How much do you think you can do in the six days until the team-placements?"

Hikari shrugged helplessly. "I'm not a witch Kushina, I can't have Naruto unlearn and relearn all his taijutsu in a week. I can give him some pointers, get rid of the most glaring flaws maybe, but I'd need much more time to turn him into a proper fighter, especially since we first have to find out just what he's good at. No good teaching him something he might not be fast or flexible enough for, or something that doesn't use all his strengths."

Mikoto tapped her chin. "Well, as for me, before I can teach him much, his chakra-control needs to improve. If I get him started on tree-walking now, he'll probably be making his first steps on water before he leaves for the teams. I also want to see if he has any elemental affinities yet, and teach him a different clone-technique. With how much we have to do, I'm half considering teaching him the Kage Bunshin, just so he can keep up."

It was meant as a joke, but Kushina tapped her chin. "You know, that's really not such a bad idea. Thanks to the furball he has more than enough chakra, and unless he tries to have his clones read an entire library, then dispel at once, the mental overflow shouldn't be a problem, as the information pools before returning to the user, during which too similar information is discarded. That's the only way you can make more than five and not end up a veggie."

Mikoto rolled her eyes. "Yes Kushina, I know. Unlike you, I'm actually able to use that jutsu, remember?"

Kushina blew her cheeks. "Meanie. It's not my fault my chakra is too dense for most regular jutsu. I can't help that ninjutsu and genjutsu blow up in my face when I try them, limiting me to fuinjutsu, taijutsu, and the bit of kenjutsu I've picked up." Her voice had pitched, becoming an angry squeal towards the end, her disability with regular jutsu, which practically always ended with her coughing up smoke from the obligatory explosion when it overloaded, being a very sore spot.

"Yes," Hikari cheerfully chimed in "instead it's so dense that you can actually use it not only to bind energy-constructs like enemy-jutsu and bijuu, but you can even form it and then use it as a physical tool, which was supposed to be impossible. Remember Hiashi's face when you made a shield from chakra and he hit it face-first because he didn't know that it was solid?"

Against her will, Kushina had to laugh, joining her two friends in their amusement over the Hyuuga-clan's head. Hiashi's completely gobsmacked expression, complemented by his broken nose, which had made his face look like a pancake, had indeed been a hilarious sight. Making fun of the husbands had become almost a ritual amongst the three, though of course each woman was only allowed to bring up stories about her own husband. After all, it was not as if they wished to provoke each other.

After wiping the laugh-tears away, Kushina looked at her friends. "It's good to be together again. I missed you two."

"Aww," Hikari cooed, deeply touched. She had always been the most sentimental one of the three. "We love you too, Kushi-chan."

Mikoto simply nodded, enjoying the sight of her two best friends, which she had had to watch be buried, now back and joking. Two of the people she had loved more than life itself had been returned to her, and she was more than willing to help the one who made it possible out. "Agreed. And Kushina, you win. I'll teach Naruto the Kage Bunshin, then train chakra-control with them while Hikari whips the real him into shape."

Kushina pumped her fist into the air. "Dattebane! My son will be great in no time!"

Hikari and Mikoto exchanged glances, before they chuckled. "You still say that word, Kushi-chan?" Hikari asked.

Kushina blinked, then she reddened. "S-Shut up." She called out, before mumbling "I can't help it."

Mikoto laughed. "We know Kushi, we know. We're just messing with you. Now lets get your little boy up to an acceptable level, alright?"


Naruto tiredly fell into his bed. His day had been exhausting, even if it really hadn't been all that much.

After the initial testing, Mikoto-oneechan had come to him, and taught him a new jutsu. She had said that the reason why he could never make a clone that didn't instinctively make one want to put the poor thing out of its misery was that he had too much chakra, and was overloading the technique. Naruto had looked pretty confused, until she compared it with trying to water a pot-plant with a river. Suffice to say, he had been pretty surprised to hear that he was unknowingly 'drowning' his jutsu in chakra. She had then given him a different clone-technique, one that she claimed would be useful in his training, then promised him to teach something cool once Naruto managed to learn this technique, seeing that Naruto had not looked happy with having to go over clones, his worst subject.

It had taken him almost four hours, with forced breaks, but he managed to learn how to make solid clones, which in hindsight was actually kinda cool. He could do pranks while giving himself an alibi that not even Iruka-sensei would be able to crack, which was a great idea.

Then again, Iruka-sensei was a shinobi, so he probably knew that solid clones existed. Rats.

Still, after he'd learned it, Mikoto-oneechan had told him what the Kage Bunshin were good for, what could be done with them and what should not be done with them, after which she took fifty clones and, as Naruto learned after they dispelled, drilled them in chakra-control, the leaf-floating exercise, to be precise, while Hikari-oneechan had called him over, and gave him simple instructions on how to throw a punch or kick to give maximum damage with minimal effort, after which she had showed him a few more 'basics' that according to her, he should have learned back at the academy.

It hadn't really been that much, but Naruto felt completely winded after the day's training was complete.

Still, it had been a happy day for Naruto. He had people that cared for him, that helped him train, and that acknowledged and accepted him the way he was. He had a family.

The door opened, and Kushina stepped in, smiling. "Hey sochi, I heard you had an exciting day." She sat down on his bed, and tucked him in.

Naruto grinned. "Uh-huh. Mikoto-neechan and Hikari-neechan said I was doing really well. Hikari-oneechan is a little strict, though."

Kushina's laugh turned slightly nervous as she remembered the Hyuuga's reaction to some of her pranks, and how she would mercilessly drill the 'Bloody Habanero' after she did something Hikari perceived as stupid. "Well, that's Hikari-chan. She can be like that, but she really does care. She just wants you to be as strong as possible before the teams are announced. Just think what faces your classmates would make when they see you beat the best."

Naruto's grin widened as he imagined effortlessly beating Sasuke. "That'd be really cool. Arrogant teme."

Kushina shook her head in amusement. "Now now, lets not get hasty, it'll still take some time. It's not just a matter of who trains you, but also how much training you have. You can't expect to get better than people that trained for years in just a week, a little more time is needed." Then she pumped her fist. "But my son will be the greatest, datteban- cough cough, never mind. Good night Naruto."

Naruto smiled happily. "Good night, mom."

She lowered her head and kissed his forehead. "Sweet dreams, sochi." She turned away, fighting back tears. This was the first time she had the chance to tuck her child in. She finally had her son back, she could really be with him. In life, she had had only minutes with her child, but now, even if twelve years had passed, she could finally be a real mother. None of her friends had had to make due with even close to as little time with their children, and she would be damned if she'd let anything stop her!


Naruto groggily opened his eyes. Where was he? It was dark and damp, though a little bit of illumination came from everywhere and nowhere, just enough to see. This looked just like a sewer, but how did he get here?

He looked at the tunnel in front of him. Something seemed to call him, an invisible force tugging at his mind to make him go that way. Unsure, but with no real alternatives, Naruto obeyed the call, landing in a large chamber. It's most defining feature was definitely the gigantic gate, held shut by what looked like a single tag of paper. Suddenly an eye, larger than Naruto, opened, a slitted pupil focusing on Naruto, surrounded by a crimson iris. "You came. Good."

The light increased, and Naruto found himself facing a giant fox. "Kyuubi." He muttered.

"Correct." the fox replied.

Naruto took a calming breath. "What do you want? And where are we?"

"We are inside your mind." Kyuubi calmly replied. "As for why you're here, I wished to talk to you."

Naruto gulped. "Alright, about what?"

Kyuubi grinned. "A proposition."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What could you possibly want with me?"

Kyuubi nodded. "You're right of course, as a human you have little to offer me. You are weak, and even if you wanted to you could not let me out. However, just recently, something changed. You changed from the despicable prison to a very interesting potential asset."

Naruto thought about what the fox could mean, then his eyes snapped open. "The Edo Tensei." He whispered.

The fox grinned, revealing rows of razor-sharp fangs. "Yes. An impossibility. Mere humans stepping on god's terrain. To bring back something that by divine will was to be irreversibly lost. Through seals, the one field on which there is no mortal limit, no threshold, the one field nobody thought to place a glass-ceiling for humans to hit, mankind has created a miracle."

"And why do you care?" Naruto asked nervously. Was he really pissing off gods?

"Because I hate." Kyuubi replied. "There are many things I hate. The Sage of the Six Paths. Madara Uchiha. Hashirama Senju. Mito Uzumaki. Minato Namikaze. The toads. Kushina Uzumaki. But more than anything else, I hate the Shinigami. He stole over two thirds of my power, and claimed the Namikize's soul in return, a violation of his own laws and rights. The Shiki Fuin, the contract with the Shinigami, works on a simple basis. A soul for a soul. He did not take my soul, merely my power. When I was sealed, he had nothing to do with it. By the ancient laws, he should have let the Namikaze go, or at least send him to the Pure World, and return my power to me. But he didn't, breaking ancient law. However, by doing so, he himself banished himself for at least a hundred years. For those hundred years, he may only appear when summoned, and only act as the contract permits, attack the user's target, and nothing else. He cannot prevent any misuse into his domain, death, nor is he permitted to later punish for any offense done in that timeframe. In other words, even though that jutsu of yours throws the Circle of Life and Death into chaos, all he can do is watch and fix the damage. His hands are tied, he can't stop what's making the damage, nor can he reverse what's done. He cannot touch you, otherwise he would have crushed you the moment you called back that accursed woman, who was my previous prison. You see, he has stolen from me, so I will ensure that he suffers for it!"

Naruto gulped. "And my part in this?"

Kyuubi smiled almost fondly. "You Naruto, are the key of my vengeance. Through you I will make him suffer. All I ask is that you call back many, many souls, I don't even care for what, and in return, I will give you what all other jinchuuriki can only dream of, my full support." Kyuubi seemed lost in thought for a moment, then it grinned. "In fact, I'll sweeten the deal even more for you. Close by are the remains of two of my most loyal servants. I will give you command over them."

Naruto bit his lip. It sounded tempting, but the possibility of an angry god after him did not sound too enticing. "And the Shinigami will just sit back and take it?"

Kyuubi smiled. "He has no other choice. The realm of the living is Kami's domain, the only power he has here is what she grants him. The Pure World is in Yami's control, he also means little there. All the Shinigami has dominion over are those who belong to him by contract. He is not the power of the afterlife, he is merely the guardian of death, the flow between the worlds. You could say he is in charge of the road the dead must walk to reach their destination, but that's it. The dead walking around in the living world, or a living person in the Pure World, those aren't really his problems, only that the process of this happening forces him to restore the order on the road of life and death. As for the other two, if Yami did not want you to call those from her domain, she would prevent it. If Kami did not want you to use it, she never would have made you learn it. That idea you had about looking through the scroll, that was her will guiding you."

Naruto blinked in confusion. "But if what you said was true, why would they want me to use something that causes so much havoc?"

Kyuubi shrugged, which was kinda odd, as Naruto had never known that foxes were capable of the gesture. "I don't know, I'm only a fragment of a god. But if I had to guess, I'd say Kami allows it because it was her law the Shinigami broke, and not for the first time, and Yami has always been whimsical. Rumor says that when the Nidaime invented the Edo Tensei, she gave him her permission to summon the deceased to protect him from the Shinigami, just because she wanted to see what happened. Eternal life can be quite boring, so my guess is that Kami and Yami are helping you for their own amusement. But back to the point, do we have a deal, or not?"

Naruto weighed his options, kinda feeling like he was about to make a deal with the devil. Still, thinking about it, all Kyuubi was doing was offer her support if he did something that, realistically speaking, he probably would have done anyways. "You won't try to take over my body, or kill me, or otherwise trick me?"

Kyuubi nodded. "I will give you my chakra only when you ask, or truly need it. I will not take over your body without your permission, nor will I use it in a way that goes against your will or keep control longer than necessary. I will offer advice, but I will not deceive you. I will neither try to harm you nor arrange things that will lead to your harm."

Naruto chewed on his lip, then he reluctantly nodded. "Fine. Under those conditions I agree."

Kyuubi grinned evilly. "Excellent. Then let us make that accursed god wail in despair! We will hear from each other again soon, however, as agreed, I will give you the location of my servants' mortal remains. But now, it is time for you to wake."

The world blurred, and the last thing her heard was the fox's laughter of sadistic glee.


"Naruto. Naruto, wake up." Came a calm voice.

"Huh? Five more -mumble- minutes." The groggy boy muttered, turning to go back to sleep.

Hikari's brow twitched. Once. Then a sickeningly sweet smile spread on it. She had experience with situations like these. Kushina was just as bad. "No, now!" She declared sweetly as with a single tug she pulled off the sheets, actually sending Naruto flying through the air while spinning like a top, before the blond boy landed safely on the mattress.

"I'm up, I'm up!" He shouted frantically, noticing a bucket of water standing suspiciously close to his bed.

Hikari nodded. "Good. There are some stuff about Haka that must be discussed now. Also, Kushina and the Nidaime think they have some minor breakthrough in the Edo Tensei, and that will probably be tested out too. Kushi will probably go spare if we don't test out her newest stroke of 'brilliance'." Something about the way she said 'brilliance' made it sound like she had intended to say 'insanity', but caught herself. "You have three minutes to get dressed, we'll wait in the living-room." The gleam in her eyes made it clear she meant three minutes, zero seconds.

Doing the reasonable thing, Naruto hurried to get dressed.


When he barged into the room, Naruto sweatdropped. Kushina, Mikoto, the Senju-brothers, the Sandaime, and Hikari were sitting at the table, Hikari pressing a button on a stopwatch. "Very good Naruto, with ten seconds to spare."

Naruto laughed nervously, Hikari-oneechan had looked suspiciously disappointed. "So, why are we here?"

Sarutobi cleared his throat. "Well, mainly because I felt it prudent to inform you on the progress of Haka's formation so far. Thankfully, due to the nature of most of its members, Haka has a very low need for funds. Some problems must still be ironed out, mainly a way to quickly reach key-positions, or simply to report, but I'm optimistic on that front. While Konoha is far from poor, circumstances make it nearly impossible to inconspicuously transfer larger amounts without reason, but I believe that Haka's income will be more than sufficient with the rewards from the missions they complete. It's standard in ANBU-missions that the identity of those who accomplished them is kept secret, even from other ANBU-members, and that the rewards are also given directly to ensure that they're untraceable, so filing Haka's missions under that clause will be no problem. Also, on the topic of new members, I've made a few inquiries, and thanks to the hospital we do have genetic material of all active shinobi, so in the case of a fatality amongst specific willing assets, recruitment would be possible. However, I'm aware that there may be some other kind of extraordinary situation, or that modifications of the Edo Tensei must be tested, and that the current members may not be spared in tests of counters, so I made a few preparations."

He paused for a minute, gathering strength, before he continued. "It pains me greatly, but I checked with the Konoha-prison. As morbid as this may sound, Haka currently has a... well, a budget really, of five officially executed criminals. Kushina already brought them to the cellar and prepared their prisons. While they are here, you are responsible for their basic needs, that includes the costs. I need not say that this is a sign of my trust, and that I hope none of you will disappoint me in this. You will understand that for all recruitment done in Konoha, I wish to be present."

Kushina nodded. "We understand. In fact, Tobirama and I have worked on something we needed to test, so we'll use up one of them directly." After catching an annoyed glare from said man, she flashed the group a grin. "He was originally against the idea, but I managed to convince him."

"I said it before, I'll say it again, insanity is hereditary in that clan." Tobirama muttered quietly.

Naruto raised a hand. "Sorry, but this is important. I just had a talk with the Kyuubi, and it's given me the location of two corpses that I may find useful. I'm not sure what to make of it, but there is a chance the offer is genuine, right?"

Utter pandemonium followed that statement.

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