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About Parents :

Chapter 6 : Big news

Sonny's POV :

I was almost seventeen weeks pregnant when it was finally time to announce the good news to the world. I now had a real baby bump, to Chad's pleasure, and even his shirts didn't hide it anymore. "Are you sure you don't want to come with me ?" Chad asked me as he was getting ready to leave for the airport, me already in bed and half asleep. He had arranged to fly on the latest flight to New York possible so he could put Zoey to bed.

"Yes, it would ruin it anyway, they would see my baby bump." I told him, resting my hand on my growing stomach. "Plus we need our sleep." I told him with a little smile. "We'll watch you on TV."

"Okay. Remember if you need anything you can call my mom, and Caydee will pick up Zoey and drive her to and back from school." He said sitting beside me on the bed. A car would be picking him up any minute now, and it was time for us to say goodbye. I realized that it was only the second time we would be away from each other since we were married. "Take care of you and my baby boy, okay Sunshine ?" He said stroking my stomach.

"Everything will be fine, I've done this already." I told him and pecked his lips. "You know, he'll start kicking soon." I informed him and his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

"I can't wait." He whispered and kissed me again, this time with more passion. "I'll be back tomorrow night. I love you Mrs Cooper." He said against my lips.

"Love you too Chad." I said giggling at the fact that he still called me Mrs Cooper. He left the room and soon after I heard a car honk outside and the front door closing. I tried to get a good night sleep but only managed to get a few hours before Zoey came into our bedroom shaking me awake.

"Mommy, I feel icky." She whined and started coughing. "It hurts, mommy." She complained, a few tears escaping her eyes. I touched her forehead and I could feel she had a mild fever.

"Come on sweetie, lets give you some cold medicine, and get some sleep." I told her, sitting her on our bed before going to the medicine cabinet in the master bathroom. "open up." I told her and gave her some nighttime cough suppressant.

"Can I sleep with you mommy ?" She asked me and I agreed. It was an habit that when she was sick she would sleep with me.

"Of course, baby girl. Come here." I said and lifted the comforter. She hopped in bed and cuddled to my side and fell asleep a little later, I, on the other hand didn't get that chance and fell asleep a few hours later.

Chad's POV :

The show was about to start and I had only slept a few hours before I had to make my way to the studio. "You're last up Mr Cooper." An assistant said from the make up room's doorway. Since I had time to kill I decided to call home to see if everything was okay, and make sure that Sonny was taking it easy.

"Hey brother of mine, how are you over there in New York ?" Caydee answered. Wait. What was Caydee doing at my house ? She was supposed to take Zoey to school.

"Caydee ? What are you doing here ?" I asked her, slightly freaking out, and imagining the worst things that could have happened in my head. Let me tell you that what pretty scary. "Is everything alright ?"

"Chill Chaddy, everyone's fine. Well except for Zoey, she has a cold but nothing major." She told me. "Personally I thought she was faking it to see you on TV but turns out she's really sick. The doctor just left." She informed me. "Hey I'm gonna put Sonny on okay. Watch what you say about me on TV, I'll be watching." She threatened me and then I head her give Sonny the phone.

"Hey Sunshine. How are you ?" I asked her a little concerned about her too. I really didn't want her to get sick. "Did you get some sleep ? How's Zoey ? Are you feeling alright ? ..."

"Chad !" She yelled into the phone, forcing me to get the phone away from my ear. "We're fine, okay ? I'm fine, I didn't catch Zoey's cold, I slept just fine and Zoey will be fine soon." She tried to reassure me. I had to admit that for a moment I thought about ditching the TV show and take the first flight home to be with my girls. "Now, we're all in front of TV, waiting for you to get on." She said, a smile evident in her voice.

"Are you sure you want me to do this ?" I asked to make sure she hadn't changed her mind since I left LA.

"Yes hun, I'm sure. It's time anyway and people deserve to know. We've enjoyed it for 17 weeks. I think we can share the big news with the world." There was a silence on her hand of the phone and then I heard my little girl's voice. She sounded horrible and I felt bad for not being home to take care of her. "You're on speaker phone, Chad."

"Hey princess, how are you doing ?" I asked, fully knowing she would most probably feel like shit, not that she would know that word.

"Hey daddy." She said in a small voice, and then started whining. "Mommy it hurts." I could almost see her put her head in Sonny's lap and Sonny playing with her hair to calm her down a little. Just that thought made me want to go back.

"Oh my poor baby girl." I cooed in the phone. "I'll take extra care of you when I get back tonight. Do you think you can wait until then ?" I asked, trying to cheer her up a little.

"I don't know, it hurts daddy." She said and started coughing.

A stage hand passed in the hallway and motioned me that I would be on soon, so I had to hung up the phone. "Hey girls, I'm gonna have to go. I love you both very much and Sunshine, could you avoid going out of the house until I'm back ?" I asked her, knowing that paparazzi would most likely go crazy once the news was out. "It would put my mind at ease."

"I'll stay inside, if that makes you happy. Now go, we're waiting to see you on TV" She said. "Zoey says she loves you and I love you too." She told me and hung up. I left the make-up room to go wait side stage for the hosts to welcome me on stage.

"He's been the king of drama for 10 years already. You may know him under the name Mackenzie. Please welcome Chad Dylan Cooper !" The host, Kate, announced and the audience started screaming and clapping as I made my way on stage and took a seat next to Kate and Aaron. "It's nice to have you here with us today, Chad." Kate said once the crowd calmed down.

"Well, it's good to be here." I replied very nicely although I would really much prefer to be at home taking care of my girls.

"So, it's been quite some time since we last saw you whether it's on TV or on the big screen, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to know..." Aaron started. "What have you been up to ?"

"He got married." Kate said, and a smile automatically came to my lips when I thought back to that day. "To Sonny Munroe"

"You did ?" Aaron asked me and I had to admit that I was a little taken aback. Everyone knew that Sonny and I were married, it had made the cover of every tabloid in the country for at least three weeks.

"I did, June 24th." This guy must live under a rock. "But apart from that well I did a movie called "the family glue" that will be out in December. Sonny, Zoey and I moved back to LA and I'll start shooting a movie in November." I didn't feel like it was the right time to tell them Sonny was pregnant.

"How is married life treating you ?" Kate asked.

"It's pretty good. It doesn't really change a lot of things compared to when we lived together." I admitted. "I'm learning to cook, and we spend time as a family."

"Any plans to have a new addition to the family ?" Aaron asked me.

"Actually yes." I said. It was the perfect time. "Nobody knows yet, so you can say you have an exclusivity, but Sonny is pregnant again." I announced and the audience exploded in cheers.

"Congratulations !" The two hosts told me. "When is she due ?" Kate asked.

"Late March if everything goes well." I really hoped nothing would go wrong, but things happen whether you like it or not. "It's a really exciting experience, and I have to admit that I have NO idea what I'm going but so far everything is great."

Sonny's POV :

Before Chad even got on stage I had to make a run for the bathroom as morning sickness hit me. When I came back a little later, they were on a commercial break. "What did I miss ? Did he tell them already ?" I asked Caydee as I took my seat back on the couch, and Zoey cuddled to my side again.

"Not that much, he just said really cute things, but yes he told them." Caydee told me. "Oh and your phone won't stop buzzing." She said pointing at my phone buzzing on the rug under the coffee table.

"What is my phone doing there ?" I asked her, picking it up. I read the called ID and saw it was people magazine. Yes I have people magazine's number in my phone get over it. I ignored it and payed more attention to the TV. I would have a lot of calls like that in the next few days anyway.

"Welcome back everyone. We're still there with our guest today, Chad Dylan Cooper." Aaron said and the audience clapped and cheered for my husband. "And he just told us, He and his wife, Sonny Munroe or Cooper, I don't know. Is it Cooper now or did she keep her name." He asked Chad.

"She actually changed it. She goes by Cooper now." He said with a smile, and I just had to smile too.

"How cute !" Kate cooed.

"I agree. So we just learned that a new Cooper baby is on the way." Aaron said and the audience cheered some more. People seemed to be really excited about that and it made me happy.

"So do you know the baby's sex already ?" Kate asked him. Her question reminded me of next week's ultrasound appointment. I couldn't wait for that and I was sure Chad was just as excited as me, if not more.

"No we don't know yet, but I'd like a boy." He admitted it front of TV but he wouldn't tell just to me when we came to LA. Gosh my husband was weird. "Zoey's my little girl and I don't want to change that right now..."

"You hear that sweetie, daddy's talking about you on TV." I said looking down at my baby girl. She was so pale it broke my heart a little. She didn't try to talk she just nodded at me and put her head back on top of my baby bump.

"...Not that I wouldn't be overjoyed if we had a girl." He said before anyone could ask him. "I want a boy so hard that I twisted Sonny's doctor's words at the first ultrasound. Now I got inside Sonny's mind and I'm pretty sure she might slap me if we have a girl." He said laughing. "I guess we'll know by next week."

"Do you plan on taking some time off after the baby's born ?" Aaron asked Chad and I could see the hesitation in his eyes. He thought about his answer, probably because he knew I might not be happy with it.

"If it was only up to me, I'd take a lot of time off and spend time with my family and give Sonny a hand with the baby, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't let me." He said. I wasn't particularly thrilled by his answer because I didn't want the fact he had a family to slow him down, but it made me happy at the same time. He loved us enough to put his career on hold for a bit.

"Any particular reason you think that ?" Aaron pressed. I wasn't sure whether Chad would tell him to ming his own business or if he would answer. Ever since he learned about Zoey he became a much more private person.

"Well I know that Sonny, doesn't want me to feel like I'm held down because we are married and have kids so I think she might kick me out the door in the morning to make sure it doesn't happen." He answered truthfully. Maybe the lying thing got to him harder than I thought.

"Do you have any projects, besides the movie ?" Kate asked, leaving the family topic.

"Yes I'll make a come back on TV in a TV show next fall. It will be different from what I use to do but I'm sure people will enjoy it." He said keeping things under a wrap. He couldn't say much about it until it was announced officially.

The interview ended after they talked about his career some more. My phone had buzzed the whole time and it was getting annoying, I would have shut it off but Chad or people from my family might call me. Caydee left us to go back to her house, trying not to run over any of the photographers already waiting in front of our house in hope to catch a glimpse of my growing stomach.

Zoey and I moved upstairs in Chad and mine bedroom, only going downstairs to eat. We laid in bed the whole day and it was very welcome and we ended up falling asleep.

Chad's POV :

When I left the studio I was instantly hounded by paparazzi. I couldn't imagine how it was back home. I dropped by the apartment to get the mail. It felt weird to be back there, it didn't feel like home anymore, but the feeling was comforting none the less. Once I took care of everything in New York I went to the airport and jumped on the plane home. I got a lot of congratulations on the way, it was almost like everyone had watched the show that morning.

Once I got home, things were crazy and I was suddenly glad that I had asked Sonny to stay inside today. There were paparazzi everywhere and I had a hard time getting to the gate. I decided to park in the garage instead of leaving the car in the driveway like I would usually do, and let myself inside. I was surprised to find the house silent, with no lights on. "Sunshine ?" I called but was only met with silence.

I went upstairs to our bedroom, and find the both of them fast asleep on the bed. I pondered whether or not to wake them up and decided not to. I picked Zoey up to put her in her bed and she steered awake. "Daddy ?" She whispered, blinking several times.

"Hi princess." I said and pressed my lips on her forehead. "How are you feeling ?" I asked making my way out of the room so we wouldn't wake Sonny up.

"A little better, but still icky." She said and rested her head on my chest as I carried her to her bedroom. "Will you stay with me a little ?" She asked me, her blankets up to her nose.

"Sure." I told her and lifted the blankets to get in bed with her. "Move over, and leave some room for daddy." She fell asleep soon after and I stayed there watching her sleep for a little bit. I could see she wasn't really comfortable by the way she was sleeping, that most likely being due to the fact she was sick. I got out of her bed quietly and tried not to wake her up before I went back to Sonny and mine bedroom. Sonny was still fast asleep and it was getting quite late so I decided to change and go to bed too.

When I got under the covers, Sonny cuddled to my side like she usually did. "Why didn't you wake me up ?" She asked me, her voice thick with sleep still.

"Because you need rest, and it's already quite late. Plus you look cute when you sleep." I told her and kissed the top of her head. "Go back to sleep love, we'll have all the time in the world to talk tomorrow." It wasn't hard to convince her since her eyes were still heavy with sleep.

"Okay, love you Chad." She mumbled against my chest.

"Love you too Sunshine." I whispered and kissed her forehead. I had no idea what I did to be so lucky in life, but one thing for sure I was happy with how things where right now.

I woke up the next morning to find Zoey cuddled on my other side. She must have came here during the night. She hated sleeping alone when she was sick. Both her and Sonny were still fast asleep and I didn't want to wake them up just yet. I liked being like that and I couldn't wait for our second child to be born. I tried to move but couldn't without waking at least one of them.

"I'll set you free." Sonny said lifting her head from my chest. "Good morning Handsome." She smiled and pecked my lips.

"I thought you were still sleeping." I admitted. "and good morning to you too." I told her, pecking her lips too. I lifted Zoey's arm so I could get out of the bed. In the process I touched her forehead to make sure she did have a fever. "She's fine." I said, turning to Sonny.

"She was horrible yesterday. Maybe she should stay here for a couple of days." She said getting out of bed too. She walked to me and hugged me as close as her growing stomach would allow. "I missed you." She whispered tightening her grip around me waist.

"I was only gone for a day." I chuckled but hugged back none the less.

"Does that mean you didn't miss me ?" She asked, pulling back a little.

"Not really, I just missed my dog." I joked. "You know Sunshine, Pudge is the love of my life." I said grinning and Pudge must have heard his name because he came running into the room. I picked him up and brought him to Sonny's face. "How can you say no to his cute little face ?" I asked her and Pudge started to lick her face, making her laugh in the process. "Hey buddy, are you trying to steal my wife from me ?" I asked the dog and then put him on the bed where he proceeded to wake Zoey up.

Once we were all awake, the girls went downstairs while I took my shower. I was about done when I heard Sonny scream my name from downstairs.

Sonny's POV :

I went downstairs with Zoey to make breakfast while Chad took his shower. He had a meeting for his TV show a few hours later. "What do you want for breakfast sweetie ?" I asked Zoey after she took a seat at the kitchen counter. I just got a shrug for answer. "How about I make you some pancakes with banana on the side ?" I asked knowing she couldn't say no to either one.

"Okay." She whispered and put her head in her hands as she watched me closely.

I leaned down to take a bowl for the pancake mix and it's when I felt it. A kick, a really hard kick. "CHAD ! oh my god. Chad ! hurry the baby's kicking !" I yelled and heard his hurried steps coming down the stairs.

"Really ? Does is hurt ?" He asked when he arrived in the kitchen with a towel around his waist, panting slightly. I closed the distance between the two of us, took his and in mine and rested it where the baby was kicking. "Wow, that's amazing." He whispered, his eyes locked on his hand on my enlarged stomach. "I think our boy will be a soccer player." He said with a happy smile and hugged me close to his side.

"Chad, you're all wet !" I shrieked and pulled away from his side. "Go back upstairs and put on some clothes !" I told him while pushing him in direction of the staircase.

"Can't I get a kiss ?" He asked with pouted lips.

"No ! You got me all wet, you don't get a kiss." I said and regretted it when I saw a smirk forming on his lips. "You're disgusting, how can you even think about that with your daughter in the room ?" I asked and he wiggled his eyebrows at me. "Stop it !" I said slapping his shoulder. "Now you go put on some clothes and think about what you did."

He retreated back upstairs and Zoey looked at me funny. She knew we weren't fighting and just fooling around, but as any six year old she was oblivious to Chad's dirty hints though she knew something was going on. "Mommy, why is daddy disgusting ?" She asked a few minutes later when I gave her her breakfast.

"You'll understand when you're older." I said and saw Chad entering the room, a smirk still on his face. "But you can always ask daddy, see what he says." I told her smirking too. It was payback time.

"Ask me about what ?" He said and kissed the top of Zoey's head.

"Why mommy says you're disgusting." Zoey explained. "She says I'll understand when I'm older."

The look on Chad's face was hilarious. "You'll never understand what it means, you'll never do such a thing. You hear me ?" He asked her, his tone gentle but seriousness clear in his voice. She just nodded and went back to her breakfast. "Wipe that grin off your face, that was low Sunshine." He said when he passed me on the way to the coffee maker.

"You started it honey." I said and kissed his cheek.

Three days later, on Sunday, we had both our families over for dinner. Since we had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound the next day, the baby's sex was the main conversation topic. "I bet you ten bucks it's a girl." Caydee told Chad.

"Why do you even bother Caydee, each time you bet, you end up loosing." Chad said.

"It's called perseverance brother. There will come a day when I'll bet and I'll win." She told him.

"Yeah that's what Chad said about Zac Efron and his do not admit wall. Yet it never happened." I said, not meaning to bring her down, but just pointing the facts.

"That's because Zac Efron would never wish to hang out with him." Andrew said laughing.

"You're supposed to be on my side !" Chad said exasperated. "I already have my sister and my wife against me, you're my only ally in this battle."

"Now, who said I was against you ?" I asked a little startled.

"You're on my side ?" He asked me surprised, since I would usually side with his sister, feminine solidarity and everything.

"I don't really think Zac Efron would show up and ask to hang out with you, but it doesn't mean it won't happen." I said, although I knew that if it were to happen Chad would most likely laugh at his face. "Plus you got inside my head and now I want a little boy. So yes I'm on your side this time."

"That's my girl." He said and gave me a long kiss on the lips.

"Please, there are kids in the room." Andrew laughed.

"I bet three cookies it's a boy." We heard Mark tell Zoey.

"Who taught my grandson to gamble ? Chad that's not acceptable, he's only six !" His mother told him and Chad looked at him with wide eyes, meaning he wasn't the one.

"That's Andrew's doing actually." Caydee said, glaring at her husband. "Andrew took Mark to his poker night last week. Since then, he gambles for everything." She explained.

"Daddy ?" Zoey asked from beside Chad's chair.

"Yes princess." He said and sat her on his lap.

"When are we going to see the baby ?" She asked, glancing at my stomach. "I want to see my little brother." She said and everybody awed at her cuteness.

"Tomorrow after school. Are you excited ?" He asked her, brushing his hand in her hair. She rested her head on his shoulder and nodded, her eyes visibly heavy. "You tired, baby girl ?" He asked and she nodded again.

"I guess it's time to say goodbye to everyone then." I said and got out of my chair. Even that, was starting to get hard to do. "Say good night sweetie, and daddy and I will put you to bed." I told her and took the dishes to the kitchen while Chad took Zoey in his arms and said good night to everyone.

"Call us tomorrow when you get back, okay ?" My mom said when they were all about to leave.

"Will do. Love you mom. Love you too, dad." I told them and gave them a hug. When I got upstairs, Chad was just done telling Zoey her bedtime story. "Sleep tight sweetie." She fell asleep almost instantly.

"I can't wait for tomorrow." Chad whispered once we were in bed, me cuddled to his side. "I can't wait to say 'I told you so' and see my little boy." He said joking a little.

"I can't wait either."

Chad's POV :

It was the next day, and we were waiting in the doctor's waiting room for our name to be called. I was kind of nervous. Sure, I wanted a boy really badly but I had no say in the matter and I didn't want Sonny to be disappointed. Zoey was so excited she was bouncing around the room. "Cooper." A nurse finally called five minutes later.

"Zoey, let's go." Sonny called and took her hand before we were led to one of the examination room.

"Mr and Mrs Cooper, it's nice to see you again." Doctor Hayes said when we entered the room. "Please take a seat." She told us and noticed Zoey's presence. " And this little girl must be Zoey." She said with a kind smile when Zoey took a seat on my lap.

She nodded timidly and hid her head in the nook of my neck. "She's a little shy." I informed her.

"So, how's everything ?" She asked, turning her attention back to Sonny. "Any pains, bleeding ?"

"No, everything is fine. He or she started kicking a few days ago and it gets quite uncomfortable to be on my back now but apart from that, it's going smoothly." Sonny told her and she wrote everything in her file.

"Are you ready to see your little brother or sister Zoey ?" Doctor Hayes asked and Zoey nodded energetically. She had been dying for this moment to come. "Okay, well lets go then."

We all got up from our seats and went by the ultrasound. Sonny laid down and pulled up her shirt. "What is the doctor doing to do to mommy's tummy, daddy ?" Zoey asked me when she saw Doctor Hayes coming my th gel in her hands.

"She's going to put the magic goo on mommy's tummy so she can see what's going on inside with the machine." I said pointing to the ultrasound.

"Is it going to hurt ?" She asked again.

"It's just a little cold sweetie, other than that I won't feel a thing." Sonny reassured her as I took her hand in mine.

"Ready ?" The doctor asked us and we nodded. She turned the ultrasound on and starting moving the device around. This time the baby was easy to find. "So here we have the head, two arms and the legs." She said pointing at the screen for Zoey to see. "Do you want to know the baby's sex ?" She asked with a really big smile. I was sure it was a boy, she wouldn't be smiling that big if it wasn't a boy.

"Yes ! I want to know if I won three cookies and daddy won ten bucks." Zoey said bouncing up and down on my lap.

"Big sister is excited, I see." Doctor Hayes chuckled and moved the device some more. "Congratulation Mr Cooper, it seems like you get to say I told you so." She said and Zoey jumped out of my lap, happy she won three cookies.

I pecked Sonny one the lips and dried the few happy tears flowing from her eyes. "I love you Sunshine. So much." I said and kissed her once more. "But I told you so." I whispered against her lips and she chuckled.

"I was just luck, but I'm glad you were right." She said as she wiped her stomach.

Zoey's POV :

When we got home from the doctor, mommy and daddy went to the living room to call grandma and grandpa to tell them I was going to have a little brother. I went upstairs because I had homework to do, a lot of it, since I was sick last week. I took out the notebook where I wrote my list in and opened it on the third page.

Things Mommy and Daddy can do :

1- Daddy can say what the baby is going to be before the doctor