It's The Most Wonderful Timeā€¦

Later that day, after the excitement died down and everyone gathered inside, Sora, Roxas, and Riku told the girls about their crazy Christmas Eve excitement. Roxas described how they were all forced into elf costumes, and because Riku hated the costumes so much, he talked about how Roxas was dumb and kept interrupting the Claus's arguments. Of course, it was all in good nature, so Roxas wasn't offended. How could anyone be upset on such a wonderful Christmas day?

Sora, though, felt like he had the funniest thing to say. He described (with some exaggeration) how Santa was the worst back-seat driver in the world. That made the girls crack up, and when Riku was over the whole "elf" thing, he laughed as well. The laughter with his friends made Sora pleased. Even after being away for a few months, it seemed as if nothing changed.

Well, not "nothing". Sora looked down at Kairi's hand in his, a smile reappearing on his lips. He was finally together with her. After he told her he loved her, things only went along more smoothly. She loved him too, she said. She loved him as long as she knew him. Sora wished he would have known sooner, but there was no way he could change the past.

There was one thing that Sora knew for sure, though. It was something he suspected for a long time, but this year made it absolutely certain in his book that his theory was true.

Christmas really was the best time of year.

Author's note:

Well, everyone, I hope that you enjoyed my Christmas 3-shot. It was a lot of fun to write, even if it did take me a really long time to get it all done so it was excellent.

Just to let you know, the quotes at the start of the chapters were not ones by me. xD Sora's was "Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town" by Relient K, and Kairi's was "I Hate Christmas Parties" by Relient K. So look up the songs if you want, I think they're pretty good.

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Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!