Authors Note: Well this is my first time ever taking a shot at a Nightmare Inspector fanfic. If I remember correctly there aren't any Christmas stories made for this yet, so I thought "why not" and wrote this short little piece. I hope it turned out okay, I mean I like it, but that's just me. xD Well happy holidays everyone, and a happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated with Nightmare Inspector; if I did then the last book would have ended much differently (I was not a happy camper when you-know-who died Dx)

Ah Christmas, the one time of the year when Hifumi proves that it's possible for him to be more of an annoyance than ever. Never mind the endless amount of sing-a-longs to Christmas carols, or even the very gaudy looking decorations he tends to put up; it is this one holiday that Hiruko can't stand because he has to be subjected to Hifumi's insistency that the baku joins in the festive spirit of things. Not even poor little Naamu was saved from the dreaded man's idea of "Christmas spirit", for Hifumi wrapped a ribbon around her neck with an overly large poinsettia attached.

It was Christmas Eve night, and Hifumi had managed to talk Mizuki into helping him decorate the Silver Star Teahouse. Taking a glance to his gloomy friend in the corner, Hifumi picked up a headband holding deer antlers and tried his best to sneak up onto the unsuspecting boy. Unexpectedy, Hiruko's cane found its way only a few inches in front of Hifumi's face.

"Come one step close to me with that damn thing, and I swear on whatever it is you find holly that I will beat you to death with my cane."

Shrugging off the backu's threat, Hifumi threw the headband behind his shoulders and took a seat in front of Hiruko. Putting his elbows on the table, Hifumi looked like he was in deep thought…which to Hiruko seemed like a miracle within itself.

"You know Hiruko, I honestly don't understand what you have against Christmas."

Silence was all Hifumi was greeted too. Rolling his eyes, the man let out a sigh as he decided to go with his last resort plan.

"I'll tell you what Hiruko; if you do one thing, I repeat, ONE thing that has to do with the Christmas spirit, I promise to leave you alone for the rest of the year."

The young boy considered Hifumi's proposition. Sure it was only one week of peace, but then again that was the most he has ever been given since Hifumi moved into the teahouse. Taking a look around the room, Hiruko noticed Mizuki was hanging up some kind of plant just past the counter where she makes here coffee.

"Hey Mizuki, that plant your hanging is mistletoe, right?"

Being a bit distracted trying to decorate the area, Mizuki only let out a small grunt as her reply. Assuming that she meant yes, Hiruko got up from his chair and walked over to where the girl was busy handling the mistletoe. As soon as the plant was put into place, Hiruko quickly dragged Mizuki into a kiss; the suddenness of the situation shocking everyone, but none so much as Hifumi.

Pulling away from the kiss, Hiruko turned back around to sit in his usual spot, smirking at Hifumi the entire time.

"A promise is a promise Hifumi, so leave me alone."

Still in a surprised state, the man simply nodded his head and left the table to move to the other side of the room. As he continued to smirk, Hiruko couldn't help thinking to himself, I guess Christmas isn't that bad after all.