Chapter 10

Going up to bed

and the next day

Samantha – mom I thing Elizabeth is tired

"looks at Elizabeth asleep on Angela lap"


Angela well we better put her to bed come on Johnathan Sam time for bed

Johnathan and Samantha do we have to go to bed right now

Tony yes its way past both you bed times

the next day

it 9 am

"alarm clock goes off in Samantha's room and samantha wakes up goes down stairs and checks if Michael is still there and of course he is"

Samantha – good morning Michael

Michael- hi Samantha what are you doing up this early

Samantha -came to check on you of course so how was the couch

Michael- alright I guess so what are you up to

Samantha nothing why would you think that im going to go eat breakfast oh Mona should be here soon and Johnathan should be waking up right now my parents are asleep but my younger sister will wake up soon and come down here in 5 …...4...3...2 1

"in the living room"

Mona good morning Sam

Samantha hi grandma

Mona hi Michael so Sam when did you get up

Samantha a few minutes ago here comes Johnathan and Elizabeth down the stairs

Johnathan and Elizabeth hi grandma

Mona hi kids sleep well

Elizabeth and Johnathan yes

Samantha really sis cause dad snores

Elizabeth yes but I put hear plugs in and couldn't hear him at all

Mona "giggling" really maybe I should try that with your mom sometime when she talks

Johnathan yea me to

Elizabeth whats for breakfast im hungry and why is he still here tell me that and when you leave mommy said I could have a sleep over tonight

Mona really great can I join you

Samantha I don't know if mom will let Mona cause its for kids and ill be helping mom told me

Mona ill come anyways wait if were having a sleep over for girls then Johnathan and tony have to stay out

Michael yes

Mona your leaving soon Elizabeth go wake your mommy and daddy

Elizabeth do I have to cant I just have breakfast please

Mona sorry kid but I want breakfast

Elizabeth "walks up to the 6 step of the stair case and sits down for a few minutes then goes the rest of the way up the stairs and goes into the bedroom Sam makes sure she wakes them up by following her

Samantha ill come with you

Elizabeth thanks sis

Samantha no problem but careful when we wake them up dad tends to be a little bit cranky why don't you wake mom up

Elizabeth mommy

Angela good morning sweetie hi Sam

Samantha Mona wants breakfast and she keeps telling me and

Elizabeth and me to make her breakfast

Angela ill talk to her and you to wake you father up

Samantha alright mom

Angela gets on her robe and kisses Sam and Elizabeth on the top of the head and then Elizabeth and Sam wake up Tony then they go to the kitchen

Mona finally some breakfast good work kids

Angela I know you tricked our daughters into waking us up

Tony yea so you can have your breakfast

Michael good work Mona

Elizabeth yea grandma

Angela Elizabeth don't mimic Michael

Elizabeth mommy I wasn't mimicking Michael

Tony Elizabeth listen to your mother and and stop mimicking him

Elizabeth alright

Tony and Angela kiss passionately

everyone leaves the room

Mona how about we get you ready for Michael house

Elizabeth alright