Ok I am going back through all ym chapters and revising them and this is the first chapter, obviously. I didn't really add that much i just tried to make it flow more, so this chapter is still super short. Thanks anyway =D

"Ug I HATE not having dinner" Ron muttered. "Stupid Horcruxes, stupid He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, stupid dark magic" Exchanging an amused look, Ginny and Hermione shook him from his sleep. "Come on Ron, we have to go fishing." Swatting their hands away he rolled over. "Go away, 5 more minutes." He groaned, wispy red hair tumbling over his eyes. Harry strode over, emerald eyes flashing dangerously. "RON! There are Death Eaters outside the tent!" Ron shot up, blue eyes wide, grabbing his wand and stumbing out of his bunk drunkly. Relizing there were in fact, no death eaters, he shoved his wand in his pocket, swearing loudly. "You're a git" he muttered, stomping over to the table. "I'm really feelin the love Ron buddy old pal! Now hurry up." Harry called from outside the tent.

Hermione shuffled over to the disgruntled Ron and grabbed his arm. "Come on, we really do have to go fishing. There's no food at all." Grumbling something about 'fake death eaters' and 'why do I care about the bloody fish' Ron followed Hermione and Ginny reluctantly, casting his bed one last longing look.

"Ok, so where do you think the Horcrux could be" Harry asked, dangling his filthy feet in the water and running a scarred hand through his grimy hair. "I still think it could be at Hogwarts." His three friends groaned. "Harry we have gone over this I don't know HOW many bloody times. How could You-Know-Who have gotten into the castle! He was one of the most wanted wizards!"

Ginny slashed some water in her greasy hair before pulling it up in a ponytail like Hermione before starting to suggest something, when a pulshing, bright light filtered through the trees. Drawing their wands, the foursome jumped up. Casting worried looks at one another, Hermione called out "Who's there?" no response. "Show yourself!" Still no response. Harry started towards the light, beckoning the rest of them to come with him.

Treading carefully through the trees, they peered from side to side, trying to find out why it was so light. It wasn't the sun, it was too… sudden for that. Exchanging worried looks, Harry gasped when a clear musical note rang through the forest. "That's a pheonix song." He breathed. Sweet but haunting, the melody led them twisting and turning through the trees, and with each step they wondered if they were doing the right thing. No one voiced their worries though, no one wanted to break the music.

In a small clearing, the pulsing ball of light hovered a few feet off the ground, music seeming to come from it. Harry knelt down beside it. "Its…. Hogwarts." Shaking his head he looked harder. "Its… it's the sorting. But its not anyone from our year." He reached out to touch it. "HARRY no! Don't touch that! You don't know what it is! It could be something from one of Voldemorts followers!" Hermione wailed, pulling him back from the orb.

"Hermione its not evil, I-I can tell. Nothing with pheonix music is bad. Come on 'Mione let me go." The bushy haired girl let go of him reluctantly, and he then grasped Ginny and Ron hands. "Ron grab Hermione's hand." The three shot him nervouse looks. "Guys just do it." Harry instructed. Standing up, he walked towards the light, leaving no time for argument. Casting apprehensive glances at one another, they all took a deep breath as they came in contact with the light.

Bathed in a warm glow, it washed over their faces as they were thrown from side to side in a constant whirl wind. Ginny's long red hair was sent whipping when her ponytail holder snapped, and soon Hermione's curly hair had also come tumbling down from it's messy bun. "Stay Together!" Harry shouted, gripping Ginny and Rons hands harder. Ginny reached out for Hermione and the four formed a circle, clutching each other tightly. "Don't let go!"

"Do you REALY think were going to let GO you git!" Ron roared, saphire eyes shining.

An invisible force started to pull them down, to a clearing in the odd glow, and instead they were looking down at the Great Hall. Huddling closer together, they were thrown down and hit the rugged stone with a bang! Scrambling to their feet, they huddled near each other, eyes wide and shocked. They were staring at the entire Hogwarts population. Including Lily and James Potter. Wait-what?

Mauraders/Lily POV

It was 5th year. Everyone, well maybe not the Slytherins, but MOSTLY everyone was excited about being back at Hogwarts. Lily wondered what the marauders were planning as a prank this time. She would never admit it, but she loved their pranks. Unless they were pranking a 1st or 2nd year, she usually liked them. But if she said that, James would NEVER shut up. So she kept quite and pretended to be mad when they did something.

Glancing around, she spotted Remus who was trying to persuade Sirius to do something. He looked ill again. Lily frowned. She didn't buy that he was always visiting his mother. Sev had brought up the werewolf notion several time but Lily always shot it down. She didn't want to belive that it was true, but knew it was. That was mostly why she always told Severus off for it. She knew he would waste no time in telling the entire school.

"Hey Dorcas I wonder why they haven't done their prank yet." Lily wondered aloud. The brown eyed girl shrugged. "Who cares? Ask Gracie, she'll probably know." Emerald eyes scanned up and down the table before resting on her other best friend. "G!" she yelled. The raven haired girl turned from where she was sitting next to James. "What?" Upon seeing who Gracie was talking to, James turned around too. "Never mind." Lily added hastily. "I'll tell you later." The flamed girl swiveled around again where Dorcas was chatting with Alice, Frank and the Prewetts. "Hey Gwen! Hey Fabian, hey Gideon." Waving at her 'hair twins' she laughed when Fabian tossed her a bread roll. "Do you really think I'm going to eat this?" she asked. "The last time I ate food you gave me my hair turned purple."

James smirked. It was almost time for their prank to go into motion. Looking over at Sirius, he wasn't at all surprised to see that his plate was piled high with various types of food. "You're a pig Sirius" James remarked. "Yeah and you look like one, so bugger off"

"Well well SOMEONES touchy" Remus sang. "Why are we all picking on ME?" Sirius questioned, angrily ripping chicken off the bone with his teeth. "It's fun!" Peter chirped happily. "Duh!" The chatter continued until Dumbledore stood to give his speech and the hall fell silent.

Why havent the pranked anybody yet? They always do Lily thought

"Ok in 5…..

A bright light started to come from the ceiling at the back of the haal


It got brighter and brighter, some of the teachers had started staring at it and talking quietly


Now there were voices coming from it. "You really think were going to let GO you git!" Almost all the students had turned towards it now, and Dumbledorehad stopped his speech.


Remus looked confused. This wasnt part of the prank. What was that light? By now they had stopped counting under their breath. What was that light thing?

Four people fell from the ceiling, all grasping hands and looking determined. They were covered in dirt and grime, their clothes torn and their hair long and messy. Two of them had vibrant red hair, like Lily. One of them had long, curly brown hair, and the last one had…. Black messy hair. Like James and Gracie. Craning his head to get a better look, James relized they last boy had a strange scar on his forehead, glasses, and green eyes. Like lily's He thought.

Who were these people?