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Christmas Special

Major Jason Terrell considered this the most disastrous mission he set out on yet. A week ago, he and the rest of SG-20 had been invited to the SGC Christmas party- an honor traditionally reserved for the teams that had done something truly noteworthy.

Yea. Releasing a galaxy-menacing race of super - telepaths definitely counts as "Noteworthy". He thought to himself, looking around.

The other human on his team, Christine Rastilon, seemed to be enjoying herself. Her, Samantha Carter-no, Samantha O'Neill he reminded himself, and someone else from the science department were deep in discussion about something. As near as he could guess from the few words he could catch, they were discussing something about Asgard weapons and something called an "F-307".

Elsewhere, Ka'cha'nay seemed to be attempting to tell General Laundry about the fact that that they were out of eggnog. The large alien had consumed most of it himself, not noticing that it was the alcoholic kind. His normally hard-to-interpret speech became even worse with the unwitting addition of quite a bit of alcohol.

Jason guessed this would end up badly. The Unas had never been exposed to earth-alcohol before, and it tended to be a great deal more potent than that found elsewhere in the galaxy.

A crash interrupted his thoughts. He spun.

The cause was instantly obvious- Christine had suddenly collapsed.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was not in a good mood, a particularly odd thing for him, and particularly on Christmas eve- a day he usually enjoyed.

However, he was in the conclusion of a particularly poor day. To start with, he had spent the day trying to find any information he could about the Ancient's few encounters with the Dryad race- with next to no luck. So far, all he had found was four vague references- all in one of the worst dialects of Ancient he had encountered.

To top that off, his wife and son had both caught colds. Vala and Ethan had both spent the day watching DVDs and sneezing- a combination that did not aid his concentration. Nor did the fact that they were now listening to "VeggieTales" for the seventeenth time that day.

He had just settled down on the couch with them, and was finishing a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate courtesy of the Daedalus -three large, steaming mugs had beamed in a moment before with a "Merry Christmas" note from Cadwell- when something attacked the front door.

No, he decided, attacked was the wrong word. A stray cat had apparently taken a dislike to it's reflection in the downstairs patio door, and decided to have an all-out fight with it. He figured he needed to get down there before the wayward animal managed to destroy something.

It didn't help his mood any that Ethan's Legos had found their way onto the basement stairs.

By the time he yanked open the door, he was just about half an inch from loosing his temper. What happened next, however, drove Legos- and every other annoyance- straight from his mind.

The cat, a scrawny little kitten he had never seen before, looked up at him- and spoke.

The voice was rough, halting- human sounds coming from a throat never designed to make them- but it spoke.

"Daniel of Earth."

For a full second, the linguist didn't know what to say. Finally, he managed a stuttered "Yes?"

"Your Stargate Command needs you. The Dryads attack earth."

This time, Daniel didn't just look startled. This time, he almost fainted.

Author's Note: Yep. I left a cliffhanger. On Christmas.

(Don't worry- I will be uploading the second chapter on Christmas day,so you don't have to wait that long to find out how it turns out.)

rmonroe: My extreme apologies if I wrote Ethan incorrectly. I tried to message you with the site's messaging feature, and I didn't really have time for an extensive re-write. Please forgive me.