FOUR: Dastan

"Brother, please, you know me!" Dastan tried to hide the pleading tone from his voice. Images of the possible future seared his mind. He couldn't let that happen. His brothers—no, his entire family dead. Tamina fallen into shadow and no doubt dashed against the rocks or whatever lay at the bottom of the cavern the sandglass was located in.

Tus examined Dastan's eyes, seeing the urgency in them. The plea for him to listen to his youngest brother. His brain was turning over and over; trying to analyze the situation and determine the best choice.

He closed his eye and a flash of an image assaulted him—

Dastan had a knife imbedded in his chest. Crimson blood stained the ornate blade and hilt. He saw Dastan's eyes glimmer for a moment, flashing pain, before dimming and turning blank as death stole his brother from him. Blood bubbled from his lips—

His uncle Nizam was trying to gently prod Tus in one direction, to let Dastan rest and recover his senses. He could understand—the battle had been intense and Dastan had pushed himself to great lengths to ensure the casualties would be few on both sides.

However, Dastan had been in many battles, and after so long Tus assumed that the many acrobatic tricks that his younger brother did was simply a part of his nature and didn't strain him more than it would a circus performer.

When Dastan whispered words his father told him in private, he could feel the seeds of doubt kindle in his mind. His father's advice had never failed him before—he should have listened to it, he should have always noted it. Nizam was their uncle though—he had saved their own father from a lioness when they were young.

"Find the spy. He knows the truth. We shall pry it from him through torture if we must." Relief flooded through Dastan's eyes and Tus couldn't help but feel it wash through him as well. So obvious. How could he not have seen this solution to begin with.

Garsiv remained by his side, eyeing Dastan with mixed feelings as well. There was worry no doubt—his brother had conquered the city and yet not proclaimed its innocence? Had the heat affected the youngest's wits indeed? Or had their uncle truly been the root of such dastardly deeds?

His sharp and keen ears—trained relentlessly for battle and roaming the castle halls for rumors and threats—heard what his brother said; "It will never be you." To Nizam. He registered the fury on Nizam's face before it was carefully concealed once more.

As Garsiv turned to follow after his brother his mind connected the two actions together. The throne. He turned, barely in time to see Nizam pull a blade on his brother. He saw blood and a nearby soldier also strike at the youngest prince.

Dastan was quick on his feet—the first swipe of the blade had caught him off guard and unprotected. Nizam or his minions wouldn't get the chance again.

Tus and Garsiv found themselves near the bottom of the steps as Dastan walked towards his two siblings after dealing with Nizam. He didn't see Nizam rush to his feet and pull a concealed dagger from a sheath, lunging towards the one who foiled his plans.

Tus lunged forward at the same time as Garsiv. The middle child gripped Dastan's arm, pulling him forward and away from the reach of the blade the same time that Tus's blade reached home in Nizam's chest.

The three brothers watched, hands clasped on each others shoulders as they looked at the dead body of their uncle who dared to betray them. They looked at one another and once more at the shocked face of Dastan. They gripped their brother tighter; glad to known they had managed to protect him.

Time and time again, Dastan had proven his worth and loyalty to the royal family. How they could have so easily forgotten that almost made them ashamed. Soldiers surrounded the three princes and they marched up the stairs of Alamut, determined to right their wrongs and sooth the betrayal they had garnered.

Dastan followed closely behind his brothers, relief flooding through his veins and cleansing the adrenaline that had left his body taut and tense.


Author's note: Goodness! It is finally finished! Wow a whopping 22 pages! Prince of Persia the movie has taken over my life and dreams now. I simply couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for most action movies. Thanks to all the reviews, favs, alerts, and support! It's really been amazing!