Ok, just a little infor on this chapter, first it's the only one that will be in 3 person's POV

Second, It is Bella in this chapter

Third, Happy Birthday and please have a read of the chapter after this one this is just like a update chapter of where they story is taking place (New moon)



3 person's POV

Her brown hair whipped in the wind, her heart pounded in her chest as the adrenaline pushed it's way through her veins, her toes curling against the dry soil and looking down at the crashing waves

The fall looked so far, but she had seen the boys do it. She only wanted to see him again, the pain in her chest stung at the though.

Her body began tilting over the edge ever so slowly "Don't do this" His voice whispered a smile spreading across her face, no matter how fast her heart beat it was his voice that pushed her forward

His paws bounded on the ground, the wind whipping his fir back from his body in sight, only his legs wouldn't push fast enough he could see her body tilting towards the water, he had to stop her before she jumped.

It wasn't the right spot, if she jumped ... He didn't want to think, he had to push he had to reach her. He had to stop her

His heart pounded, she wasn't at home and her scent leads towards La push. Her scent filled his senses and the need to find her took over, how could he leave her, his body cried for hers he needed her, and that's when he saw her.

He watched a smile pull at her lips as the wind whipped her beautiful hair away from her face, the way her hands twist the arms of her jumper. That's when she looks up, towards him

Looking out over the other side of the water, trees was all she could see but his voice filled her head. Why keep a promise to someone who wasn't there, the smile on her face widened as she tilted all the way over.

Wind rushed up pulling at her skin as droplets of water rushed up to meet her. Looking down she noticed the crashing waves and the rocks, but all that left her head as his voice pleaded with her, nothing mattered as long as she could hear his voice

He couldn't push hard enough, she dived her body falling towards the rocks. Shifting in seconds he dived after her, only with his extra strength he shot out, his body moving to far away from her's.

With his extra weight he hit the water first, his head submerged as he twisted his body upwards trying his hardest to reach the surface

And then he saw it, his sight blurred by the water but the sight of her body slamming into the rocks

He pushed, diving into the water wishing he could reach her faster he needed to reach her, he had to save her. And there it was, her heartbeat it was erratic but beating

His head burst above the surface, wrapping his arms around her figure he pulled, he heard the grind of her ribs, loosening his grip he kicked with his legs wishing he could feel the sand so he could set her down, and there it was the sand sinking below him

Before he could reach the sand properly her body was lifted out his arms and a whimper left someone's lips, the cold brushed his arms as his scent filled his nose

And then it was just the tree of them, blood dripped out of her mouth and half her chest was raising the other, was sunken and pale

Her lips were stained red, and her eyes moved over the two of them brushing her hair and gripping her hand, and then she turned

"Please turn me" Her lips formed, looking into his golden eyes

Three things happed, one was her breathing became wetter and her eyes began to glaze

The cold one froze, his mind screaming while his heart begging him to save her

The wolf's heart froze, his eyes closed and he whispered his worst nightmare

"Do it, change her"

And that's what he did, his teeth sinking into his skin her blood leaking into his mouth

But he didn't taste it; he only wanted to save her

And that's when the burning kicked in, her lung was crushed her ribs shattered and the pain, the fire and that was all she felt was the burn, she felt like her skin was on fire her veins screaming

They watched her wither in a new pain, her body curling in on its self forgetting the pain in her chest

"Take her" He whispered, watching his pale arms wrap around her lifting her then running

That was how he lost his Bella