My first Yullen story ! This tis for Yullen week winter edition. And Allen's birthday gift ! So please don't hurt me. But I don't mind flames because they help me toast marshmallows ! But enough of my babbling , enjoy !


Allen:Cindy, who refers to herself as Katsura because her name means moon like Hoshino-Sensei,does not own D. Gray – Man. And this is NOT a good birthday present ! I'm paired with BaKanda of all people ! Why not Lenalee ? …... I just shared WAY too much.

Allen woke up suddenly on Christmas Eve by loud horrendous shrieking, crazy wailing and a soft feminine scolding voice.

" Nooooo !'' The one of the voices wailed.

Allen opened his bedroom door and looked outside.

Right there,right outside his door twas Lavi on his knees clutching on to Lenalee's tantalizingly short, way beyond mini-skirt.

'' Shut up baka usagi,'' Kanda snapped, finally sheathing Mugen.

Lavi breathed a sigh of relief but still hung on to Lenalee's skirt.

'' What are you doing you sick pervert ?" Allen screeched jumping out into the corridor.

Lavi automatically let go of Lenalee's skirt and jumped up, fearing that it twas Komui.

When he saw it twas Allen, he thanked God but suddenly, his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped.

Lenalee was now hiding behind Kanda, covering her eyes while Kanda twas almost close to letting a war cry.

Allen looked down at his torso and saw it twas bare and when he looked FURTHER down he saw he twas wearing practically, SEE-THROUGH boxers.

Allen's hands flew to cover his ' Little General .'

''Oh, Moyashi !" Lavi cried springing up from the ground. " Did you not know you're ain't supposed to wear your birthday suit the day BEFORE your birthday ?"

''Shut up !" Allen howled running back into his room.

And, DONE ! That twas the first chapter but more tomorrow and HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE !