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Allen: Cindy a.k.a Katsura does not own D. Gray-Man. And it's my birthday today !

Allen looked into one of the many corridors in the Black Order and peered around. Despite the fact it twas his birthday today, he really didn't want to see Kanda,Lavi or Lenalee.

Why, you may ask, well it twas of the 'birthday suit' incident. Yano, him running out nearly naked and having his best friends witness it. Well, Kanda twas'nt his best friend twas he ?

Anyhoo, the coast twas clear, so as fast as he could, Allen sprinted down the corridor from the bathroom to try and reach his bedroom as quick as possibly.

But as he turned a corner, he spotted Lavi,Kanda and Lenalee who were carrying a bunch of unwrapped presents and were talking secretivly. Allen turned around and speeded back to the bathroom. Lavi with his wonderful Bookman eye spotted Allen even though twas around 10 feet away.

'' Get him Yu !'' Allen could hear and the answer twas,'' No fuck off Baka Usagi !''

'' You like him Kanda !'' Lenalee cried.

'' No, I do not,'' Kanda answered.

'' Yes, you do,'' Lenalee almost shrieked,''Allen likes you do, he told me !''

~No I do not ! ~ Allen screamed mentally. ~ And when did I tell her that ?~

Finally Allen reached the bathroom and slammed the door. A few minutes later, the door was being pounded like hell. Allen opened the door trying to drop put of his misery but, who twas at the door ?

Yu Kanda.

Allen twas about to run off again but suddenly, Kanda pushed him against the bathroom wall and whispered huskily,'' I like you, you like me, here's your birthday gift.''

And then right there Yu Kanda kissed Allen Walker right on the lips on the 25th of December right against the bathroom wall.

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