So, here I am on Christmas Eve with nothing better to do than to post a new story. Yes, you heard right (or read right), it's a STORY, not only a One-Shot. Let me explain really short... I've gotten the idea to a Candy-One-Shot (as always) and only minutes later got the idea to ANOTHER Candy-One-Shot... and again, only minutes later, decided to just make a whole story out of it. (Funny thing is, that the idea I got first, which is already written down, will be only Chapter Six or Seven) So, here it is, the start of hopefully many, many little Candy-Shots to come.

Chapter 1: What a 'Coming out'

Summary: The story of Cody and Randy turning into Candy. Their beginning, their life together as a couple, their end... or will there ever be one?

Pairing: Candy (if you haven't figured it out yet)

Warning: Slash, Smut, Fluff

Disclaimer: My Cody and Randy muses were quite willing to help with this story... Everything else belongs either to fantasy or to the McMahon family (wishfully Shane).

June 2010

He had just gotten back from his meeting with creative, script for the next three weeks in his hands. He'd told them he was going to meet up with his long-time friend anyway, taking his script with him, too. Earlier plans of heading straight to the gym after the meeting were now forgotten, as he could not wait to tell Cody the great news that he would seen be drafted back to Raw in order to team up with him once again. Cody's times as a joke on Smackdown would soon be over, as he would become the newest face of Raw, respected and cherished.

The two of them had been as close as twins ever since Cody's debut on Raw three years ago. He had taken an instant liking to the boy, the burning desire and passion for the business in the then still scrawny and lithe body having been something that had reminded Randy a lot of himself. He had taught him everything he had known during their first feud and their time together in Legacy had been a pure blast. The three of them -Ted included- had traveled together everywhere, worked out together, went out together, even roomed together on many occasions.

Even the draft last year -Cody being split from them and moved to Smackdown- had not hurt their friendship at all. They still shared everything together -Cody and him more than him and Ted-; they still were as close as ever.

Today was not any different; the two of them having taken a hotel-room together as soon as they had heard the two brands would meet up for a supershow. The room sounded empty as he stopped in front; searching once again for his keycard in each pocket he had on his clothing until finding it in the very last attempt before slipping it through the cleft, the door opening immediately. "Codes! I've got the script for you! You won't fucking belie…" His voice trailed off into a gasp of surprise at the image he was provided with.

The bed sheets were covering two obviously slightly moving bodies, sweaty, one of them without a doubt Cody, the other one definitely a blond, hovering right above Cody, ON TOP of him. Labored breathing was the only sound audible in the room until the door behind Randy fell shut, his stunned figure -eyes and mouth wide open- standing frozen while he stared at the couple. They were not moving anymore, obviously alarmed by the sound of a slamming door, probably just as frozen as he was at the mere thought of being 'caught in the act'.

However, he could see the figure on top slightly starting to tremble in exhaustion. "I… shit… Codes… Sorry!" He spluttered the words out, hand finally coming up to cover his eyes as he should have done minutes ago -but the truly sinful image of Cody all naked and sweating, flushed and panting for breath not letting him do so. He wanted nothing more than to be swallowed by a hole just then and he'd be surprised if Cody did not feel the same. He should have knocked… Wait… Since when did Cody have a relationship with anyone?

It was the only thought running through his mind while he attempted to turn back around, hand still over his eyes, and leave the room. That was, however, only until the blonde's energy left and the arms gave out underneath, the somewhat heavier body landing on Cody with a rather loud thump and a manly, grumbled "Oomph!" 'Wait? Manly?'

Instantly snapping his head back around, ignoring that the covers had inevitably risen up a little -now revealing four large feet and rather trained calves- his eyes landed on the blond again. Only then, Randy realized that somehow that haircut seemed familiar to him, even now, as it was wet and ruffled up, the short, ash-blond locks reminding him a lot of… "TED?" Another sharp gasp escaped him at that realization, hand flying up to his lips in an instant while his grey eyes widened in shock.

The second Randy gasped, they both knew they'd have a lot of explaining to do, Ted's eyes staring apologetically at his younger lover. It had been entirely his idea to initiate something while Randy had been away and he would also be the one to take the whole blame for it. He just hoped that Randy would not tear him a new hole, that he would be able to still look at them after finding out… that he would still stay friends.

Randy did not budge, not even a millimeter. He did not even move while they scrambled to get their clothes back on, only turning his back to them, facing the door, to give them some sort of privacy, arms crossed in front of his chest. He was not embarrassed any longer, more disappointed, frustrated, seething even. Why had they never said a word? Why had he never seen? Why had they kept it a secret? Most importantly, why wasn't it him in Cody's arms, in his bed, instead?

He could soon hear the two of them chatter away in an attempted whisper, understanding only part of what they said. "…Told you so…", "…pissed…", "…secret…", "…sorry…" and "…Love you…" being words amongst the spoken.

A throat was cleared and, though he could not make out whom it belonged to, he turned back around to fully face his friends, stern expression never faltering. Cody's hair was still looking somewhat disastrous -so was Ted's-, cheeks flushed -now more out of shame than heat- and his eyes already watery. Even though he was pissed at them, he could not help but letting his heart break a little bit at the image of his young friend, exaggerated sigh leaving his lips as his expression softened slightly.

Randy opened his mouth to ask 'How long?' but before it came out, the young DiBiase beat him to it, starting to ramble away. "Sorry, Randy, really. We've wanted to tell you, but didn't know how you'd react. We didn't know how to… come out… and well, then we just didn't really mind anymore. We thought it would be better to keep a secret, not wanting to risk any gossip, not wanting to lose you as a friend. We should have said something though, I know. We never wanted you to find out like this. I mean… never mind. It's just… shit… Sorry."

Randy blinked at that a few times, before his lips started to twitch and his eyes narrowed on the unusually quiet brunette. "How long?" Though his eyes were practically boring into the youngest of them, the question was directed at the blond, voice firm and steady. "Three months."

Nodding in acknowledgment, he let out another sigh, not able to look at the mess that was Cody any longer. The young man looked as if he was going to break down any given moment, and he wanted nothing more than to cradle him in his arms and sooth his fears away. However, he could not risk letting down his guard. He was still pissed, or at least that was what he told himself. In fact, he was more disappointed than anything else.

"What about Kristen?" It had been the one question burning on his tongue the whole time already, and out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Cody inwardly flinch at the mention of her name. Ted, however, stayed calm -on the outside at least. "We're going through a rough time for five or six months already. I've already thought about divorce. In fact, we've even talked about it. She's just… I don't think she's the right one for me."

That meant, however, that they were still together; Randy's blood suddenly starting to boil at the thoughts running through his mind. Ted was practically cheating on her with Cody.

Confusingly narrowing his eyes at Cody again, he waited for the younger man to finally say something, anything while pondering over the question how the little brunette could even start something like that. Start an affair, be a home wrecker, be with someone he knew belonged to someone else. 'Maybe love really does make blind'

He, himself, had started an affair shortly before divorcing Sam four months ago. However, that had been AFTER they had decided to split, after they had already agreed on a fair schedule for Alana, a fair split of their money and their belongings. They had not fought, had not argued. They even were still friendly towards each other, and if it had not been for Sam, they'd probably still be married. She had realized something was off long before Randy had, practically pointing, SHOVING him into the direction of the young, gorgeous brunette standing in front of him.

Only, he would have never guessed that Cody was into men, too.

"Listen, Randy! I know what you might think. 'He's still married, yet he screws around'. But… I really, really love Codes, with all my heart. If he asked me to, I would divorce Kristen in a heartbeat…" The rest of Ted's ramblings went on deaf ears, as Randy was lost in his own little inner turmoil, questioning why he had never realized it before, cursing himself for not just taking the risk, for probably having lost his last chance at a happy love life now.

His eyes were still transfixed on the young brunette, Cody's head hanging low to avoid any eye-contact, cheeks still flushed -even more now that Ted was spilling his heart out-, lips trembling and hand tightly holding onto that of his lover.

"Randy?" Snapping back out of it, he returned his attention to Ted, seeing the blond staring back at him with an arched brow, eyes screaming curiosity at him. He just shook his head, breathe leaving him sharply as he ran a hand over his face before… forcing a smile, as warm, as genuine, as soft as he could manage it.

"Well… I'm happy for you. Glad that you… well, that you're happy, really." He tore his eyes away from the blond again only to meet two wide, crystal-blue oceans full of surprise, of pleasant shock as Cody gaped back at him, lips parted open. God, he would have died to see this image under different circumstances, much more… intimate… circumstances.

With a -this time less forced- smile tucking on his lips, he continued, never once breaking Cody's gaze. "If you ever have any problems or if anyone's ever bothering you or anything… I'll always be just a call away… or a room." He was just hoping, just praying for the young brunette not to get hurt in this, else he would have to teach Ted a whole other lection the next time they were meeting.

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