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Chapter: An end and a beginning

Warning: Slash, some Smut and sooooooooooooooo much Fluff

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The week after WrestleMania 28

This wasn't their usual love-making. This was so much more. It felt like so much more. Randy's thrusts were slow and smooth, their eyes open and locked on each other, their lips meeting every now and then in featherlike kisses, their fingers intertwined. They weren't hunting for release nor were they chasing satisfaction, the coupling itself secondary as all they were feeling was pure love.

They had finally shown everyone. Had finally found the strength to say yes. In front of thousands, millions even. They were finally together in a way they had never imagined. And it was showing. Even though in the end, Vince had turned their wedding into a public spectacle. They hadn't cared. They still didn't. Because by saying 'yes', they knew that all the trouble they had been through, everything that would still follow, it didn't matter. None of it did, as long as they were together.

Cody could feel his release nearing, his back arching each time Randy hit that magic button inside of him. The room was completely silent besides their heavy breathing and occasional 'I love you's, the usual busy sounds of a hotel late at night blended out as all that mattered were the two of them. The heavy odor of sex mixed with sweat and after-shave filled their nostrils, their senses heightened but focused only on each other, their bodies swinging in harmony as Randy's thrusts increased in strength but never in speed.

It was the most sensual they'd both ever experienced, every second of it a dream, memorized by each fiber of their bodies. Their muscles were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, shining gloriously in the moonlight infiltrating their room. Though their honeymoon would have to wait and their wedding-night was spend -tonight- in a rather cheap hotel, this was a night neither of them would ever forget. A moment they'd remember forever.

Cody's muscles were holding him in a vice-like grip when his younger lover exploded, the white, sticky ribbons coating their constricting abs. He didn't stand a chance, not one second, his release following immediately, their bodies shuddering in synch, their lips meeting for a feverish kiss. All energy gone, Randy dropped to his side, fingers though still laced with Cody's, nose buried in the crook of the younger's neck. He'd never felt that satisfied and content before. Finally at ease. Having reached his goal. All of them. And by the wide, cheeky smile gracing Cody's lips, the brunette felt just the same.

Maybe this was exactly the right time.

Randy rolled back on top of his lover, their sweaty, naked bodies rubbing against each other as he grabbed Cody's face with both hands and planted a long, sensual kiss onto the younger's lips. He pulled back with a satisfied smile on his lips, his eyes diluted with lust and pride and not long after, he buried his nose in Cody's neck and inhaled his musky scent.

"Let's have a baby."

Cody blinked rapidly as he tried to understand what his lover had said. Or better yet, tried to comprehend them.

"Like... right now?"

The chuckle reaching his ears was loud and hearty, Randy's body above him shaking with the force of it. Only a second later, dreamy gray eyes stared into his own, Randy's tongue snaking out to wet his still kiss-swollen lips.

"No, you dummy. But... soon. You know, I've spend lots of time with Cynthia during my concussion and I've gotten to know her a bit better."

Cody didn't like it one bit where this was going and Randy immediately sensed his unease not only by the way the younger stiffened underneath him, but also by the way his brows furrowed and his smile dropped. Instantly, he shook his head and planted a wet kiss onto Cody's lips.

"Not like that. Just, we talked a lot. And she's a very nice girl. I found out that, though she loves kids, she doesn't want any of her own. But... she'd also not object to giving birth."

"You... talk about things like that with her?"

Smile widening, Randy shrugged his shoulders before planting a wet kiss to the tip of his younger lover's nose.

"The topic came up somehow, kids I mean. She talked about how you and Al get along so well together and asked if we ever wanted kids of our own and stuff... Well, yeah."


"I mean, we both know her and we trust her. I do, at least."


"She's a very nice woman and she has brains and looks good. Just the DNA we..."

"Randy, baby, ..." Cody had grabbed his lover's cheeks by then, trying to hold back a chuckle as he looked into the warm grays and saw the elder's flushed cheeks. "I said 'OKAY'."

Now it was Randy's turn to be surprised, the older being silent for a quite a while, just blinking and furrowing his brows. Until his lips split into a wide, cheeky grin.


"Yeah. I think we're ready for it. I think it's the perfect timing and yes, Cynthia would be the perfect surrogate mom. IF she's okay with it."

"Fuck yes! We're gonna be dads!"

The excited features of them were more overwhelming than comical, Cody's grin soon matching his husband's, the two of them sharing a long, soft kiss before Randy pulled away again, smacking his lips. He'd never seen the younger man so happy in his life, Cody's eyes telling him everything he needed to know as he got lost in them again, his grin turning into a gentle smile when Cody's hands slid from his cheek to his scalp and began playing with the short hair.

"We're going to be dads."


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