Those are some word you might come across later in the story, so I just telling you now so you don't get confused or something.

Miko - priestess

Baka - idiot, fool and stupid

Yokai - demon

Hanyou - "half demon" or "half blood"

Taijiya - demon slayor

(Third Person:)


"Amara, could you help me into the garden," Kagome asked, setting aside her scroll. Her very large belly made it difficult to sit up-let alone, stand up.

"Kaeda said for you to remain inside, Kagome," Amara said.

"A little fresh air would be good for me...and the baby," Kagome said.

"But the argument between you and Lord Sesshomaru afterwards is not," Amara pointed out.

"Sesshomaru is overcautious," Kagome said.

"No, he really isn't. A yokai pregnancy is hard on a full-blooded yokai, and you are human," Amara said.

"I want to go outside," Kagome said, stubbornly, "And if won't help me, I'll do it myself." She did manage to get halfway up, before Amara had to reach out and stead her.

"You are too stubborn," Amara said, holding her up.

"Didn't you say that was a good thing," Kagome huffed.

"While Lord Sesshomaru, yes. With me, no," Amara said.

"Oh..." Kagome gasped, putting a hand to her side.

"Kagome," Amara said alarmed.

"Oh...I-I think, we need to get Kaede," Kagome said, feeling another contraction.


"Push, Kagome," Sesshomaru heard the old miko say, through the doors of the birthing chamber. A scream torn through the air and Sesshomaru fought to keep his beast in check.

'She is fine. They are both fine.' He repeated over and over again.

"Come now, child, you must push," the old miko said.

"I want Sesshomaru," he heard Kagome whimper.

"Kagome," Amara soothed.

"I need Sesshomaru," he heard Kagome whimper again. Not waiting for anything else, Sesshomaru stroked into the room. Kagome laid on the room with Amara beside her and the old miko in front of her.

"Milord, it is not-" the old miko started.

"I care not for what is and is not proper," Sesshomaru said, kneeling behind Kagome, "I care only for my mate and pup."

"But-" Kaeda tried to start again but Kagome groaned in pain.

"Kagome, you must push," Kaeda said.

"Push, mate. Do you not wish to see our pup," Sesshomaru said, as Kagome pushed.

"That's it child," Kaeda said, "One more push." A moment later a cry was heard.

"It's a boy," Kaeda said, handing the child off to Amara.

"He isn't hanyou," Amara murmured.

"My son-" Kagome broke off and gave a small scream.

"Kagome," Sesshomaru said, as she leaned against him.

"There is another," Kaeda said.

"Another," Amara gasped.

"Kagome, child, push," Kaeda said.

"I'm so weak," Kagome whimpered.

"Then take some of my strength," Sesshomaru said, sending some on with yokai into Kagome.

"Push...thhat's is it, child," Kaeda said, and soon another cry was heard.

"It's a girl," Kaeda said.

"To children...both full blooded yokais," Amara said, handing Sesshomaru a cleaned child (his son) and then going to clean the other.

"What are their names," Amara asked.

"Sesshomaru," Kagome asked.

"My mother named me. You should name them," Sesshomaru said, as Amara handed Kagome her daughter. Their son had Sesshomaru's silver hair and Kagome's blue eye, while their caught was her twin's opposite with Sesshomaru's gold eye and Kagome's black hair.

"Kyōdo and Kurami," Kagome said, softly.

"Well named," Sesshomaru said, "She will indeed be a dark beauty, and he will grow to be strong."

"I just want them to grow to be happy," Kagome said.

"And that I promise you they will," Sesshomaru said.

And that they did.



"Damn these infernal ties," Sesshomaru said, pulling the tie off once he reached his bathroom.

"Why do you have them be a mandatory clothing style," Kagome giggled, leaning against the doorway.

"I never did," Sesshomaru said, as he sat down and untied his dress shoes, "I told Amara to simply get me the most professional clothing during the decade, and this is what she gives me." Sesshomaru flung his shoes toward his closet.

"You just need to quit being so tied to the past," Kagome said, pulling off her blazer.

"Please, the Feudal Era was much better," Sesshomaru said, walking to his dresser as he unbuttoned his sleeves.

"So you are saying you don't like my new Jimmy Chou shoes," Kagome said, leaning down and pulling off her shoes.

"I see them no different than sandals," Sesshomaru said, opening up his top drawer.

"What about my shirt? It's from Chanel," Kagome said, unbuttoning her blouse.

"Kimonos were much more flattering," Sesshomaru said.

"Then what about this," Kagome asked, tapping Sesshomaru on the turned around and was faced with Kagome with her red blouse unbuttoned revealing her black lace corset.

"This is from Victoria's Secret; but if you really don't like this times clothes that much, I can-" Kagome was cut off by Sesshomaru's lips.

"Do you still hate the clothes," Kagome said once Sesshomaru pulled away to allow her to breathe. Sesshomaru growled in response.

"I thought so," Kagome said before pulling him back to her lips.