Mistletoe And 2011

Behold The Christmas Mistletoe

Story told in third person

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! You excited as I am? :)

"Carly!" Spencer's screech made Carly spill the box of Christmas decorations she had in her hands before she could even make it to the Christmas tree.

"What?" She asked as she knelt down to pick up what was left of the non-broken ornaments. She glanced up at Spencer who was rushing down the stairs of their apartment.

"Woah, what happened?" His head turned to the pile of wreaths and colored lights on the floor. He came down to Carly's level to help collect the decorations that were still on the ground.

"Well when someone yells your name out of nowhere, it sometimes can freak a person out." Carly explained. They both stood up after cleaning the mess.

"Sorry." Spencer said now staring at his feet in guilt.

"You know what? It's fine, I'm not going to sweat it. It's Christmas Eve, time to celebrate. Right?"

"Yeah!" He agreed.

"So what were you trying to tell me?" Carly asked wanting to change the subject.

"Oh Yeah! Look what I got." He held up a small plant.

"A mistletoe? What's that for?" She questioned.

"Well you know that girl I met at the coffee shop?"


"No, Jasmine. Remember?" Carly shook her head not knowing who she was. "You don't? Okay so she's this girl that I met at the coffee shop." He continued.

"I think we already established that." She pointed out. Spencer ignored Carly's sarcastic comment and went on.

"Anyway, I really like her so I invited her to come over today. So she can help us do our last minute decorating." He told Carly while he helped her wrap the lights around the Christmas tree.

"Okay so where does the mistletoe come in?" She eyed the plant suspiciously.

"Do you not know the tradition of the mistletoe?" Spencer's mouth shot open in shock.

"Yeah, the one where if two people are standing under a mistletoe they have to kiss."

"So if I hang this up, and Jasmine and I, oh I don't know, happen to stand underneath it..." He waited for Carly to catch on.

"Then you have a reason to kiss her. Oh I get it!" She smile at her brother's plan.

"Took you long enough." Before Carly could say anything she heard the door swing open. Looking past the Christmas tree she saw Sam.

"Yo! Where's the eggnog?" She belted out.

"Hi Sam, it's in the kitchen." Carly yelled back. Spencer came up to Carly cuddling his mistletoe in his arms.

"I will know hang this up." He told her. He found a random hook in the wall that he put there before and gently laid the mistletoe on it. Carly and Spencer then joined Sam in the kitchen to drink some of Spencer's famous eggnog which of course Sam loved. She quickly took a glass and drank it in one gulp.

"Hey there Sam. We still need to save some for Freddie." Carly took the glass away from Sam's mouth to stop her from drowning in it.

"We don't need to save any for that nub." Sam scoffed.

"Well Merry Christmas to you too, Sam." Freddie stood at the door smirking. He moved into the living room holding presents.

"Actually it's Christmas Eve, Freddifer." She laughed. "And your supposed to be the genius." Freddie rolled his eyes, he knew better to just forget about her comeback. He walked up to Carly placing his presents under the tree except for one that he handed her.

"Here," Carly took the gift. "It's from my mom."

"What is it?" Carly asked him, cautious to open it.

"It's a bullhorn," He tells her. "I think she wants you to have it so you can blow it if something bad happens to me."

"Why would I need to blow it?"

"She said that because I'm over here a lot she would feel a little better if there's a bullhorn, just in case I get hurt or something." He told her. Sam stood smiling next to Carly enjoying every minute of this.

"You have one great mom there." Sam punched Freddie in the arm teasingly.

"Oh, look who's talking." He said. The phone rang and the whole conversation stopped.

"I'll get it!" Spencer dashed across the living room to his bedroom searching for the phone. Sam wouldn't stop glaring at Freddie, even with a frantic Spencer she still held her ground.

"Um, let's not fight, please?" Carly went in between Sam and Freddie to stop the fight.

"Shes right. It's Christmas Eve, we shouldn't do this. At least not now." Freddie admitted.

"Fine!" Sam gave in after a while. "So what did you guys get me for Christmas?" She sat next to the tree shaking each present that had her name on it.

"You don't get your presents until tomorrow morning." Carly told her. Sam sadly stood up next to Freddie who followed her to the tree. Carly went up to Spencer who just came in the room.

"What's wrong?" She asked him.

"Jasmine can't come tonight. She said something about being sick with laryngitis but I'm not sure if I heard her correctly, she had a really scratchy voice."

"Who's Jasmine?" Freddie asked.

"A really cute girl I met at the coffee shop." Spencer informed him and Sam, then turned back to Carly. "There goes my mistletoe plan."

"Your what?" It was Sam's turn to ask the question. But the question was ignored when everyone saw Carly start to raise her arm pointing at Freddie and Sam.

"Looks like your mistletoe had a different couple in mind." She said. Both Freddie and Sam looked up and saw none other than the mistletoe hanging right above both of them. Their eyes met each others after looking at the mistletoe. Spencer and Carly gazed wondering what would happen. They began to lean and soon enough they were inches away from each other.

"Stupid mistletoe." Sam interrupted the quiet moment and quickly rushed to the door. "I'm leaving. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever. Bye." She shut the door behind her leaving everybody including her in shock.

No one could believe what almost happened, all because of a mistletoe.

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