Mistletoe and 2011

Another Attempt

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"I'm am so confused." Carly said staring at her two friends sitting on the couch before her.

"Do you want us to repeat what we said?" Freddie asked.

"Me and Freddie are going out now." Sam said slowly, she grabbed Freddie's hand and squeezed it tightly.

"I-I get that, I just don't get how that's even plausible. You guys hate each other." She pointed out.

"No we don't, we never did." Sam laughed.

"Are you okay with us being together?" Freddie was worried about Carly's reaction. Carly stood there for a few seconds in thought.

"Of course I am!" She bursted out with happiness, jumping up and down. "I think that's the cutest thing ever!"

"So your totally cool with it?" Sam stood up asking her.

"Uh- ya." She said.

"Carly! I think I broke your bathroom mirror!" Spencer screamed from upstairs of their apartment.

"What do you mean you think you broke it?" Carly yelled at the bottom of the stairs.

"I don't know!" Spencer replied. Carly rolled her eyes and turned back to Sam and Freddie.

"Sorry I better go. You two have fun." She said with a huge smile on her face and ran up the stairs.

"Well she took that well." Freddie said making his way over to the kitchen.

"You sound surprised." Sam followed him.

"Well yeah. I mean she's our best friend and she's witnessed first hand how bad our relationship was before." He explained.

"I wouldn't say it was bad..."

"Sam," Freddie walked closer to her and met his eyes with hers. "We were a wreck." He joked.

"We were weren't we?" She admitted. They both laughed. 'It always felt so right with both of us together' Sam thought. "Oh, that reminds me. I got you a present." She grabbed her backpack from off the ground and started digging through it.

"Why did you get me a present? My birthday's not for another few months." He walks closer.

"I know that. I just saw this and thought you might like it."

"You didn't have to get me a present." Sam rolled her eyes at Freddie's stubbornness.

"Oh, come down. It barley cost anything," She finally pulls out a small box with green wrapping paper out of her backpack. "Now take my gift and appriciate it." She demands handing him the gift. He cautiously takes the box not taking his eyes off Sam who motions for him to open it up. He held the box tightly in his hands thinking how thoughtful Sam was for giving him this, whatever it was. He slowly unwrapped the neat paper and opened the box.

"A plant." He states taking out a mistletoe and holding it out to examine.

"It's a mistletoe." Sam jumps in front of him in excitement.

"Why?" Freddie asks.

"Well, I was at the mall and came across this creepy store, in the window was this one mistletoe." She pointed to his hand that was still in the air holding the plant. "When I saw it, I thought of you."

"Why me?" He kept questioning her.

"You don't know?" Sam rolled her eyes at him. "What a nub." She teased.

"Hey!" He sarcastically said.

"Do you not remember Christmas Eve? It wasn't that long ago." She exclaims.

"Oh! You mean our almost kiss under the mistletoe?" Freddie shook his head finally understanding her.

"Yep." Sam answered.

"So you just got this for me to remember it?"

"Well when I saw this I thought that maybe, we could try that kiss again." She explains.

"Okay I think I get it now." Freddie finally catches up and holds the mistletoe right above both of their heads. Sam smiles at his realization to kiss her. They both lean in and touch each others lips lightly. As they pull apart Freddie asks, "What about our almost New Year's kiss?"

"Well, it's not really New Year's anymore." She said.

"Does that mean we have to wait like a whole year to kiss again?" He sarcastically asks.

"Of course not, nub. We can kiss whenever we want to." She gave him a smirk.

"Like now?"

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