MA: hey peoples. Well he's back!
MAX: you damn right I'm back.
MA: before I start on the true threat, this will be the filler of the series, all about max.
MAX: cool. My own fic.
MA: I don't own digimon or dbz...
MAX: enough chatting, on with the fic.
MA: hey! That's my line.

D3: max's odyssey

" HEY! WATCH IT?" Max yelled as a meteor passed his head. He was flying through space in an orb with Simms and the two people who came with him to the party.

" Look, man. I don't know who you are but I want to know where we're going."

" Like I said, you have to trust me."

" Trust me, he says." Max said as the orb landed on a large blue planet. It resembled earth but much larger and the scenery left max breathless.

" Wow."

" Is that all you can say?" said the smaller being.

" As much as I can afford to say. Now, explain to me why I left my friends and family with no reason to. And who are you? And where in the digi-world are we?"

" We are no longer on the planet you call the digital world." said the being.

" Planet?"

" This is central planet, in the very center of the digi-verse."

" Digi-verse? What's going on?"

" Your naivety is so refreshing. The world you know as the digital world is merely single dot in an infinity of life. It is single planet in universe of digital information."

" You mean to tell me that all the computers in my world created an entire universe of digimon?"

" No. The digi-verse has been here for thousands, if not millions of years. Humans have called it many things, but there is one thing I know for sure, it has always been here and will always be here." Said Simms.

" Ok. That I understand but one thing I got to know, who are you?" said max pointing at Simms' boss.

" Me? I am the supreme digi-deity."

" THE WHAT?! You mean, you're a god?"

" No max. Here, he IS god. He is the grand digimon, the overseer of all, master of every digimon in existence."

" Whoa! Okay, so what's the god of the digital world want with me?"

" Max, you demean your own value. There is a mission coming soon, and I need warriors to help in it. Simms told me about you but I didn't believe a human could possess that kind of power until I saw your fight with the warlord. I was surprised to say the least. You have a lot of power in you max and infinite potential. Because of this, I will allow you to train under me."

" Wow. That's a great honor, max." said Simms.

" Thank you, digi- ohh, umm..."

" Just call me shinmon. This is my aid kibitomon."

" Alright, shinmon."

" You're picking HIM?!"

The foursome looked over to the source of the statement. There stood a tall warrior with a serious look on his face; he wore a white cloak outfit with a blue long sleeve shirt underneath, a brown round topped hat, wrapped with a white straps and brown shoes. He looked human but his eyes were the bright shade of red, his ears, sticking outside of his hat, were large and pointy, and what little hair was showing was a gold color. He walked up to max and looked him over very carefully.

" Excuse my bluntness master, but this is a very strange digimon."

" Pikkan, he is not a digimon, he's a human."

" A HUMAN!? HERE?! I am insulted to be next to him."

" Hehehe?! Name's max. What's yours?"

" Who am I? I am pikkan, pride of west quadrant, champion of the Alterian Empire, and the most powerful warrior in the digi-verse."

" Alterian? I thought he was digimon."

" He is in a way. In certain areas of the digi-verse, digimon have evolved passed the need to digivolve. Pikkan's race, the alterians, is one of those races. Because of this, they dropped the Mon on their names but they still consider themselves digimon." Said Simms.

" We alterians are a proud warrior race who value the strong and loath the weak. And I am the strongest of them all."

" Well, I'm pretty good at fighting myself."

" Oh really? Well, let's battle right here right now."

Max took his stance as pikkan did his until an explosion hit the area, downing all present. They all looked up to see human like digimon on flying motorcycles land on the ground; they looked like over grown rats in biker outfits with chains and guns.

DA: bikermon; the mortal enemies of the alterians. One-on-one, they're nothing but their pack rat attack can do some damage.

The last bike landed with a human looking digimon wearing a biker jacket with one sleeve missing, his eyes were all red with no pupils, large black hair and pale gray skin.

DA: lobomon, my rival, is the digivolved form of bikermon. He's a powerful warrior, ruthless and cocky. His buster gun attack is dangerous.

The bikermon cackled evilly as lobomon dismounted his bike and laughed loudly.

" Well, well, well. If it isn't pikkan, ya fragger."

" Well, lobomon, I thought you would be in a gutter somewhere."

" Funny. Hey who's the small ears?"

" Him? He's just a human."

" A human? Here? Man, they let anybody in here nowadays."

" Hey!" said max.

" Well we don't want the human. We want you."

" Well if you want it, come get some."

" Get him boys!"

With that, the bikermon's bikes took off as pikkan flew up. They laughed as they took out their guns and pointed them at the fighter.


Their guns fired large shells but pikkan avoid them with a speed max had never seen. Pikkan shot back at them, kick one in the face, punching another in the gut and smashing another with an elbow. As pikkan watched them fall, two charged him from behind with crowbars. The bars broke as they hit him, while pikkan grabbed the two off their bikes as they zoomed past him, smashed their heads together and dropped to the ground. Pikkan smiled as his foes hit the ground.


Lobomon's attack hit him right in the back, sending crashing to the ground. The four remaining bikermon surround him with lobomon.

" You always leave your guard down on the rear." He said as pikkan struggled to his feet.

" Time to end It." he said as he pointed his gun to him. Suddenly, max landed a kick to one of the bikermon and landed in front of pikkan.

" I don't need you help."

" I'm not here to help. I just love a good fight."

" You wanna to fight us!? You may be tough stuff where you come from, but here you're nothing. Get him."

The three bikermon dismounted and charged max. Max blocked one punch with his arms, another with his other arm, and a third with his knee. They all backed away but max was now ready; he charged one of them with a punch, landed a kick to another and a head butt to the last, dropping them all. Lobomon and pikkan were stunned at his fight power.

" That was a pretty good battle but now, you're dead!" lobomon yelled as he fired his buster gun at him but max dodged the shot and fired a blast of his gun, blowing it up in his hand. Lobomon then snuck behind him and caught him with a full nelson. Max stained as his attacker put all his power into the move.

" Give it up, human, no gets out of my full nelson!"

Max growled as he began to concentrate his power and with a yelled, forced out of the hold, sending lobomon back a few feet. Max then turned and landed a punch to his jaw, knocking him out. Max powered down as pikkan got to his feet.

" Well, I have to admit, that was good, for a human." Said pikkan.

" Well thanks. You're pretty fast, if I may say."

" Thanks but I'm still stronger."

" What!? After I saved your ass!? No way! I'm stronger!"


The warrior ceased their argument as shinmon appeared with the others behind him.

" That was an impressive battle you two."

" Thank you master. You should've fought. You would've won easy."

" What!? Shinmon, you can fight?"

" A little."

" Really? I wonder how tough you are."

" You don't ask the supreme digi-deity to fight?!" said an angry pikkan.

" Sorry."

" Well anyway, I heard your little argument and I have a decision to announce."

" What?" they both asked.

" To find the truly strongest warrior in the digi-verse, I will hold a digi-versal tournament."

NEXT TIME: pikkan and max, along with every strong digimon you can think of prepare themselves to enter shinmon's tournament.


MA: I know it was short but this is just to get you acquainted with my new character, pikkan (based on the dbz character of the same name.) you'll see more of the arrogant alterian in future chapters.