MA: hey peoples. Here it is; the sneak peak of the true threat. I'm not gonna talk any more. Enjoy the scene!

ASCENDANT 1...2...3

Max floated in front of the most terrible duo on the planet; buumon and sorcerermon. He had to buy doc and pikkan enough time to get the computer as the group waited at the apartment.

" What is max thinking? He's knows he's no match for buumon." Said Dave.

" Hey, if max says he can do it then he can do." Snapped tike.

" Be careful max."

Are you sure you want to do this? You've never tried this on your own world.

Shinmon, its only way I'll last long enough.

All right. Good luck.

Thank you.

Max then suddenly powered down from ascendant to the surprise of not only his opponents, but also his friends.

" You change back. You no want play?"

" No it's not that. I just want to educate the both of you on ascendants."

" Hmp! Why would we want to know that? It's useless!"

" Oh don't say that. I promise you'll find it very informative."

" Alright. If you think it'll help." Laughed sorcerermon.

" Good. First, this is my normal condition. And this..." he said as he powered up.

" Is the form of the ascendant. And this..." he said as he went to his max.

" Is the form that surpasses the form of the ascendant. Call it ascendant level 2." He remarked as the pink digimon nodded in understanding.

" What a useless transformation. All you did was change your hair. What is the point of this?"

" You'll see."

" What is he thinking? Even at this level he still no match." Remarked renamon.

" He has a plan. And I think I what it is." Smirked BW.

" And this..."

" What is he doing?" asked Tai.

" I have no idea." Answered rika.

" Is..."

" What the?!" said sam.

" Is the form that's beyond even that!!!!!!" he said as he began to yell and his aura transformed into an orb around him. The cloud began to swirl around as the two terrors struggled to stay a float.

" What!? Max has found a level that surpassed the second level of an ascendant?!" exclaimed sam.

" No way!" said the two boys.

" What!?" pikkan said as he stopped and looked back at odiba as max powered up.

" What is it?" asked doc.

" It's max! He's putting out more energy than before! Is this the results of his training?"

" Hello! We don't have time look at stuff! We have to go!"

" Uh-right." He said as he returned to his flight but in the back of his mind he want to stay to watch while continued his show. Suddenly, the glasses in the apartment shattered in the cabinets, followed by the dishes, the windows, Dave's glasses, tike's goggles, takato's goggle's, kenta's glasses, and everything else made of glass. And it wasn't just the d3's apartment; the entire city was experiencing a massive breakage as a result of max's show of power. Just then, the ground began to shake, on not only earth and the digital world, but all the way on central planet.

" What's happening?" asked jean.

" It's max." answered shinmon as calmly as possible.

" But that's impossible! I know max is powerful but he can't be so stronger to felt this far away!" asked kibitomon.

" But it is. I just hope he knows what he's doing."

Max continued to power up as the planet shook violently. He hair then began to grow a little long as powered. He reached deep down within himself; pushing out every ounce of power as he reached back to his childhood. And with a roar and a flash, it was over. Sorcerermon unshielded his eyes to see and to his shock saw........

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