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In the Mirror

Chapter 1

Italy-6 years ago

"Pass it here!" yelled an urgent voice.

"I'm going!" called back a much stronger yell. The blond girl kicked the ball with all her might, but missed it by a few inches. The momentum of her kick made her fall back. She sat looking idly for a few moments before bursting into laughter.

The other girl, a brunette, joined her as she was giggling. "Are you okay Zoe?" she finally said.

"Yeah! Come on, let's continue!" replied the blond quickly picking herself up and gathering the soccer ball in her hands. Zoe positioned herself to kick the ball. With bright confidence she kicked it as hard as she could. "Go and get that, Rosalie!"

Rosalie ran as fast as she could. In the green field they were playing in, the summer sun was shinning their game. It was a peaceful day and very hot too. The two best friends decided to play their most beloved game: kicking a soccer ball. Although they were not big fanatics of soccer, they did enjoy just kicking the ball to each other just for fun. For five year old girls, they had quite a lot of strength in their legs and their kicks could easily be mistaken by the robust kick a boy.

"Come on girls! It's time to go back inside!" came a motherly voice from a far.

"Oh mom!" argued Zoe.

"Don't argue, Zoe, let's go," ordered her mother.

Rosalie looked at Zoe, disappointedly.

"Oh, I know. But we can play tomorrow," reassured Zoe.

Rosalie sweat dropped as she picked up the soccer ball. "Zoe, tomorrow is the first day of school."

Zoe thought for a moment as she positioned herself in her thinking pose. "Oh! Ha, right! That's funny! I forgot. Then that means we can just play during recess, right?"

"Yeah, I guess," answered Rosalie disappointedly.

"Come on girls!" ordered Zoe's mother again.

"Ugh," replied Zoe and both girls returned to their mothers, arm-locked and skipping.

-The next day

"Allegro, Constanza"


"Orimoto, Izumi"


"And, Marino, Rosalie."


"Well, class, sorry the names list is out of order, but we will be updated by the end of the week. First of all welcome to the first grade! My name is Signora Esposito and I am your teacher for this year…"

"I'm already bored…" declared Rosalie as she whispered to Zoe.

It was the first day of school. The two girls ended up being in the same first grade class. Surrounding them was the rest of the first grade class. There were three rows with eight seats in each row set in pairs. The two girls sat next to each other in the last pair of the row.

The teacher was talking about how the year was going to be exciting especially that they had entered the wonderful world of elementary school.

"So, however, there will not be any nap time this year, so –"

The crowd of kids began to whine.

"No! Please don't whine, it is a rule that all first graders must go through. Now why don't we start with coloring!" announced the teacher.

"Now that is something I am fond of," said Rosalie with a bit of sarcasm.

Zoe giggled at her friends humor.

-a few hours later

"Awesome job kids! I am sure that this year will be an amazing one for all of you!"

"Great she's speaking again…"

The kids had gone through different drills for first grade math and literature. They had somehow incorporated drawing and singing into their lessons.

"Why do you not like her?" asked Zoe realizing Rosalie had a lot of apathy towards the teacher.

"Well…it's not that I don't like her…it's more of…like…I can't stand her energy! She can lower it at anytime," replied Rosalie.

"Oh, well, I think she's fine…maybe she is a little happy at some points…but…over all, she's okay…" said Zoe.

"Yeah…sure…" she answered back.

"Now it's time for lunch and recess so run out to the lunch tables outside to enjoy this beautiful day!" said Signora Esposito.

"Now I'm starting to like what she's saying!" said Rosalie excitedly, with no trace of sarcasm.

Zoe shook her head and followed her friend outside.

As all the little kids ran outside, some of the little boys grabbed a basket filled with soccer balls, jump ropes, and other recess materials. Quickly, other kids huddled around the basket to get all they wanted before the others got it.

"Hey Rosalie, let's go get a soccer ball! Hurry! I think they are almost done!" yelled Zoe as she rushed to the basket.

"Yeah, alright!" agreed Rosalie as she too ran to the basket.

More and more of the things were being taken out and the kids snickered in joy as they were able to get the ball or other game they wanted.

"Got it!" said Zoe as she quickly took out a soccer ball and meticulously wrapped around with her arms and quickly left the scene. Rosalie followed along.

"Yeah! Great!" congratulated Rosalie and both girls high-fived each other.

"Whoo! Now let's get this game started!" said Zoe and then she kicked the ball as hard and as far as she could. Rosalie quickly ran to where the ball had been kicked and caught the ball.

The little kids, mostly boys, stood flabbergasted at how a couple of girls were able and actually wanted to kick a soccer ball around. They were amazed at their strength and fast running skills as each took a turn to kick the ball and catch it quickly.

Soon enough the other kids asked if they could join them in their game.

Months continued as these best friends grew together in the first grade. Rosalie still disliked the teacher and Zoe tried to make her seem better. The two girls also continued playing like they did during recess, until the winter came, where all the kids were eating lunch and playing during recess inside in the auditorium. However, their happiness did not last for too long.


"Rosalie, please, I-I don't know…"

"But…why? How?"

"It's because of my parents….they-they want to leave."

They were sitting in Zoe's room. The walls colored a lavender with different designs of butterflies. Most of her things, toys, plushies, and the such, any normal things little girl would have.

"Why do they want to leave?" asked Rosalie, with tears welling her eyes.

"They-they got a job in Japan, so they say we have to go…"answered Zoe, in the same condition.

"Can you stay?" argued Rosalie. "You can sleep in my room…"

"No…I already asked them that, but they said no…" tears already began to pour down her face.

Rosalie hugged Zoe as she too began to cry. "No…but we will still be best friends, …right?"

Zoe looked up at Rosalie and smiled. "Best friends forever."

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