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Chapter 4

Just after a week of school, Rosalie was well acquainted in her new school. It was Friday and the kids were out of control…

"What do you want to do now?" asked Rosalie as she and Zoe were walking to Zoe's house.

"Well, it's Friday, we can do so much!" answered the blond.

"Hey!Hey!Hey!" came a voice from behind.

Zoe and Rosalie turned around to see a group of boys joking around. They were headed their same way.

The boy who had called to them was Ren, who was holding a tree branch in one hand.

"Ren what are you doing with that?" asked Zoe skeptically.

"Oh this…I…found it…" he answered and gave the girls a toothy smile.

"He probably yanked it out of some tree," said Takuya who was walking passed the boy with the branch.

"No! You have no proof!" retorted Ren.

"Then how do you explain the dead squirrel in the street over there?" Takuya was pointed a few yards away, where in fact there was a dead squirrel on the ground. The poor thing…

"It probably got electrocuted by the wires in the telephone pole…" answered Ren and continued walking.

The girls began chuckling as they joined the group.

"I am so glad the week is over!" said Zoe.

"Tell me about it, after being stuck in that building so long, it feels like an eternity until Friday comes along. I think it should be against the law to be in school for so long…" answered Rosalie.

"Yeah," agreed Takuya. "So are you liking it here?"

Rosalie looked reluctantly at Zoe for a slight millisecond and back to Takuya until she answered, "yeah, it's good."

"Cool! Funny how you and Zoe came to be in the same school…weren't you friends before or something?" he said.

"Yeah. Wow, how the rumors spread!" answered Zoe.

"I heard Rosalie was taller than Yumi!" yelled Ren from the front. He had taken the lead in front of the group.

The rest of the group began to laugh as they all knew who Yumi was. She was the tallest girl in the seventh grade. She had long legs that helped her run very quickly. She was always one of the first people to be chosen when it came to games like Capture the Flag or Basketball.

"Yumi? People are crazy these days…" laughed Zoe.

The rest of the time everyone was laughing and hollering. At different times those who had to separate took their separate paths and waved goodbye. After a couple of minutes the only ones who remained were Takuya, Zoe, and Rosalie.

"Hope you don't mind the question, but…why are you walking?" asked the brunette to Rosalie.

"Because she has legs!" answered Zoe. "Come one goggle-head!"

"Well, no duh!" said Takuya lightly slapping his forehead. "I meant, why is she walking with us. She normally doesn't do that…" He was glaring at Zoe, whom stuck her tongue out at him.

"I am visiting Zoe," Rosalie answered concisely.

"Oh," he simply said. "Beware! She might kill you!" he said this before he quickly ran off knowing exactly that Zoe would chase after him.

"Come back here you idiot!" she ran after him for a couple of yards, but quickly retreated back to where Rosalie was waiting. 'Yeah, run Kanbara! Wait till Monday comes around, you will see your doom!"

"Like if!" he answered back before disappearing into the horizon.

"Boys…they can be so stupid sometimes," said Zoe as she laughed and walked up to her door. "Come on, my mom has been dying to see you the whole week."

Rosalie promptly followed the blond into the house.

-Later that evening

"So what do you think about the school? You've been here for a week, almost, but you've gotten well used to it. What do ya think?" asked Zoe.

She and Rosalie were in her room, listening to some music. They had changed from their uniforms and were enjoying the Friday by being lazy. They were surrounded by purple walls with awards hanging from them and pictures of random little kids.

"Well, it's pretty good. I never thought it would have been like that…" Rosalie answered.

"Yeah, especially us meeting each other! Seriously, when I saw you and heard your name I went ballistic! That was fun…" said Zoe waving her arms.

"Yeah, what was that all about! All I heard was 'Rosalie!' and I was like 'What the heck is this girl doing?' Seriously, you are so crazy sometimes…"

"Meh…some people call it crazy, others outgoing…I go with the latter…"smiled the blond.

"Crazy…so…what-" started Rosalie, hiding her smile. "No never mind, you'll get mad if I ask…".

Zoe looked at her suspiciously but smiled as well. "What? What were you going to ask?"

"No nothing…" answered Rosalie, now chuckling.

"What?" said Zoe impatiently. "Now you're going to tell me!"

"AAAAHHHH! Zoe angry!" joked Rosalie.

"Yes! Zoe angry! Now Rosalie tell Zoe what she thinks!" laughed Zoe.

"Well, you said so, don't get mad then, okay?" said Rosalie suspiciously.

"Fine, I won't get mad…..go!" agreed Zoe anxiously.

"Well…" started Rosalie, "…what's up with you …and… Takuya?"

Zoe was smiling, but once Rosalie's words came out of her mouth Zoe's smile turned upside down.


"Oh my gosh! What is with everyone! Everyone in school says that, now you? Why do people think there is something up! There is nothing up!" yelled Zoe at the top of her lungs. Her right eye was even twitching from the anger as her hands formed into tight fists that were drawn to her side.

"…Well…it's just that-"began Rosalie as Zoe cut her off with her yelling.

"It's just that what?" she exasperated.

"See that's what I'm talking about," announced Rosalie with feigned confidence. Rosalie was expecting Zoe to explode another time, but to her surprise the blond's expression softened.

Rosalie continued, "Well, you two seem to have a different, and, dare I say it, special bond, that no one else has in the class. Plus, he jokes and plays around with you like he does to no other girl. What do you say to that?"

Zoe furrowed her eyebrows and responded, "well…I guess it …is just how it is. Jeez. I don't know! Does it seem like I know? I don't think so…." She crossed her arms on top of her chest turning the opposite direction.

"Sure, of course you don't know" said Rosalie sarcastically. "…do you like him?"

Zoe snapped back around to face Rosalie. Her face had become a pink-red color and clueless. She remained quiet.

Rosalie smirked as she playfully eyed Zoe. "Well…are you going to answer, because if you don't I'll take your silence as a yes."

Zoe closed her eyes and sighed. She opened her mouth as if to say something but quickly shut it back.

"You do like him!" said Rosalie abruptly and began to laugh.

Zoe opened her eyes to see how Rosalie just reacted. "Am I that transparent?" she thought to herself and the blush returned to her cheeks.

"Okay, okay, that is so funny! But don't worry Zoe, you're secret's safe with me, promise…" said Rosalie.

Zoe looked at Rosalie quizzically. She battled with herself about the whole situation. She had never told anyone about her feelings for the brunette, but even worse she had never done anything to actually accept it. Had she fallen for a boy at such a young age? Was it love? Can she trust Rosalie with this?...Zoe smiled as she thought, "Of course I can! Geez, it's Rosalie, she would be the only person I can trust with this…" And with that Zoe glared at Rosalie and said, "you better not say a word about this!"

"Don't worry about it…I would rather die before betraying you…." She answered.

They both hugged for a long time. The embrace, simple as it may be, represented more than it superficially seemed.

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