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"So right after you killed Chilcott she kicked the gun out of your hand and ran off?", Morgan asked. Almost a week had passed since the events in Chicago and he still asked from time to time. The others had given up meanwhile, but Morgan was, as always, more persistent. "And there was nothing you could have done?"

"You know how I am with guns", Reid replied, as he had done numerous times before. He already knew what was coming next – Morgan would tell him that letting Marie-Élise get away hadn't been a good idea, she needed treatment, supervision…. And besides that she was probably the only one who knew where in the vast Taklamakan Desert the money was hidden. Reid always had to stifle a grin when his friend came to that part. He was sure the gold ingots had left the desert a long time ago. How did they think Marie-Élise financed her lifestyle? Surely not with a pension from MI5….

Morgan opened his mouth to start about Marie-Élise needing professional guidance. Reid started reciting verses from Homer's Odyssey in his head to blank out Morgan's voice. Then thankfully an opportunity to get around his friend's litany suddenly presented itself.

"Didn't you want a personal word with Kevin?", Reid asked innocently and nodded in the direction of the technical analyst who had suspiciously avoided Morgan ever since his return from Chicago.

"Yo! Kevin, buddy!", Morgan called out and Kevin significantly accelerated his steps. No match for Morgan, of course. He caught up with him in no time.

"Kevin, my friend", Morgan said, putting an arm around the other man's shoulder in a seemingly friendly gesture. "Remember what I said about you breaking Penelope's heart and I breaking your neck?"

Kevin let out something that sounded like a yelp.

Reid, meanwhile, played with a card in his pocket he had been carrying around for two days now.

Remember when I brought you back to your colleagues and said I would call Cave in private? I did make a telephone call that day. In my old life I met someone who could track down everyone. Through one of his contact persons I assigned him to find your friend Jason Gideon. This is what he came up with:

Reid knew the address by heart by now.

Shortly before reaching Hotch's office door, he was stopped by Rossi. "Where are you going?"

"Just dropping something on Hotch's desk."

"A request for time off?", Rossi said, arching his eye brows.

"I feel like I want to go on vacation, yes."

"A specific destination?"

"Belgium. Hoge Kempen National Park."

Rossi smiled. "Famous for rare bird species, as far as I know."

Reid shrugged his shoulders in a casual manner, but the light in his eyes gave him away.

Rossi's smile widened. "What are you going to tell Gideon?", he asked.

"I'm grateful it was him who found me."

the end