Spanish Train

By, Unlucky-charm

A/N: This is a Style fic, meaning Stan and Kyle (with some Craig and Tweek) . If you don't like that pairing then don't read it. Also it's called Spanish Train for a reason. I sort of got the idea of this story because of the song called "Spanish Train" by Chris De Burgh. It's about God and the devil playing poker together and betting on people's souls. It's a really cool song so listen to it if u want. Don't worry, if you don't you can still get the story. Only it's not as fun... :P

Enjoy XD

This is the story of a boy who made a bet with God.

This is the story of a boy who made a bet with God and won.

At 12:30 in the afternoon, the halls of South Park High were filled with loud, uncontrollable students. If you went to the school long enough, you'd get used to the noise; it would be nothing but a constant buzzing to your ears. For some reason, Mr. Mackey was a different case. He would yell for quiet in the corridor but with no result. His voice would simply add up to the rest of the noise and raise the buzzing in the students' ears of a small decibel.

The cafeteria was worse. It was a vast room with a very high ceiling which made every single clink of a fork echo at least 3 times. Again, this was nothing but a small ringing in the backs of the students' heads. To them, it was just another lunch hour spent in the cafeteria.

"Dudes, listen what should I get my mom for her birthday."

16 year old, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman sat at their table, waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive from their previous class. Craig, Token and Butters had math so they should be coming any minute, but Tweek and Clyde had science, which meant they were going to be a little late since the teacher let them leave only after they had cleaned up.

In their first year of high school, they began to grow up but always kept their little naive minds. Their little cliques merged and became one huge gang that consisted of most of the boys in the grade. In their second year, the cliques came back and fights broke out between them. But then, in the third year, they matured all of a sudden and were friends again, without even needing to make an official truce.

"Cartman you never do anything nice for anyone, what's with the sudden generosity?" Kyle asked.

"As a matter of fact Kahl, my mother raised me which means she is one of the reasons of my greatness. She must be rewarded." Cartman spoke with great arrogance.

"Sure fatass..."

"Well I think it's sweet that fatso is sucking up to his mommy." Kenny teased and tossed his only piece of bread into his mouth.

"Shut up Kinny!" He yelled.

"What are you complaining about fatass?" Craig said sitting down next to Stan and shoving him further down the bench.

"Hey fellas." Butters said and sat next to Kenny, followed by Token who sat beside Butters.

"Hey dudes." The dark skinned boy said.

"So what's going on fatso?" Craig asked.

"He needs a present for his mom." Stan explained for Cartman who was busy wolfing down some fries.

"What about some new lingerie?" Token suggested.

Kenny snickered and patted him on the back in approval.

"I hate you guys..." Eric mumbled and looked away to another table, pretending to be interested in them.

"Anyways, guys, what's going on?" Kyle asked, right after he rolled his eyes at Cartman.

"Um, well I aced my math test!" Butters said with a bright smile. "Well thanks to you Kyle..."

"Anytime Butters." Kyle smiled back at him.

He had been tutoring the tiny blonde for a while and his grades had made a huge improvement. This was good for the feminine teen because higher grades meant less grounding.

"Where's Tweek?" Craig asked randomly.

"Dude, if he's not here he's probably still in class." Stan answered.

"Awww, Craig's worrying about his boyfriend~!" Kenny teased and waggled his brows at the stoic raven.

He smiled lopsidedly and flipped the blonde off as a response.

Craig and Tweek had been going out since last summer. They were sort of going steady and there was no couple, not even straight, that was more in love than they were. They knew nothing of relationships and knew nothing of being a boyfriend, which was probably what made them so perfect for each other. Craig was big and intimidating, Tweek was small and scared; they loved each other and it was as simple as that.

"Agh! Hey guys!" Tweek suddenly appeared at the table and was instantly pulled down onto the bench next to Craig.

"I missed you Tweekers." Craig said in the most emotionless voice ever used to say such a sentence.

Tweek muttered a soft thank you and snuggled up against his boyfriend.

"It's so cool how you guys can do that..." Kyle spoke. "Like you can act that way but still preserve your friendship; it's impressive."

"Well yeah, we're just THAT awesome." Craig flattered himself and patted Tweek on the back.

Kenny chuckled. "Hey Butters," He purred. "You think you and me could be THAT awesome?"

Kenny hitting on Butters was nothing new, but it never got old. At first, Butters would blush and mumble nervously. Kenny's hungry stares would make him uncomfortable and occasionally he would shake more than Tweek. But as he got used to it, he started to flirt back.

"I don't know Kenny, could we?" Butter teased. The blonde flipped his neat hair to the side, squished his lips into a seductive pout and batted his eyelashes.

The whole table laughed at the flirty exchange of the two blondes, except for Cartman who still found it a little gross.

"Hey Ky, are we still going on that trip together?" Stan asked, changing the subject.

"Um, to Denver? Yeah I think so." Kyle answered his super best friend.

The two old friends were supposed to go to Denver for the weekend. Both their siblings went to the same music school and had a recital at the Hilton hotel. Shelly was in a higher grade and played the cello, while as Ike played the violin. Both of them thought that was beyond faggy.

"Hey, where's Clyde?" Token asked, noticing his best friend's absence.

"Oh, ngh, he had f-football practice."

The Cows football team had gotten much better since they made the new rule of only letting 12th year students join. Clyde, however was an exception. He was 4 times bigger than his friends and 2 times bigger than the 12th graders themselves. The coach had no choice but to let him in after seeing him take down all of his star players during tryouts. But everyone knew Token was the better player. He was smaller than his friend but is skill, agility and speed were much more advanced. Clyde felt bad so since the day he got into the team, every Friday, they would go to the park where he would teach Token some new tips he had learned. It was only fair.

Well that's about it. This is what the boys were up to and their situations. Their lives had gotten easier and simpler since the 6th grade, when everything began to calm down and all the weird stuff stopped happening. Life in South Park, was now, officially, plain and simple.

When school ended, the boys went their separate ways. It was a Friday so Token and Clyde went off to the park for their weekly training session, Craig and Tweek went to one of their houses to do God knows what, and Cartman, Butters and Kenny went to the diner.

"You coming fellas?" Butters asked Stan and Kyle who had stayed behind.

"Nah, we need to get home and pack." Kyle explained and walked away, Stan following.

The journey to Stan's house was a short one, but then again, practically all the journeys in South Park were short. It was the cold weather that made it seem longer than it really was and the cold never left the small town.

"Did your mom tell you that were sharing a room?" Kyle asked. He pulled down on the flaps of his hat that covered his ears making his eyebrows disappear under the fabric along with his auburn waves.

"You should try not wearing your hat sometimes." Stan said, ignoring his friend's question. He stared at Kyle with an arched eyebrow and a soft smile. It had started a while ago, but he hadn't paid much attention to it until that second. Stan had not realised how much Kyle's hat bothered him. Not that it was ugly, no, but lately it had been annoying him that he had known the Jewish boy since kindergarten and yet he had barely ever laid eyes on his hair.

"What, why?"

"I like your hair, it's nice."

Kyle blushed and pulled down even harder on the hat. He had always felt uncomfortable about his hair, even since he was a kid, his hair had always been a mess. It was nothing but a huge ball of fluff on his head and it was embarrassing to show. But when he got further into his teenage years, it was like all the frizz disappeared, taking all the 'orange' with it. In the end, it left silky, dark orange waves that fell over his forehead and framed his face; he had nothing to be ashamed of anymore, but he couldn't get rid of the habit of hiding it.

"So what were you saying about the rooms?" Stan asked, sensing his friend's discomfort.

"Oh, right, um, well the Hilton only allow three people per room." Kyle explained and stopped to sneak a glance at Stan who was staring at him-no, scratch that; he was staring at his hat.

"Go on, I'm listening..." The noirette said, his voice distant.

"So, my mom and dad want Ike to stay with them and- HEY!"

His explanation was interrupted when the familiar warmth that covered his head disappeared and he felt cold air wrap around his locks. It was an odd feeling; not having his hat on outside had probably happened only 4 times in his life.

"Stan, give me my hat back!" Kyle shouted.

His blue eyes shone with amusement, when Kyle's frown deepened. Stan held the ushanka behind his back and grinned.

"No, not until we get to my house." He said calmly.


"Because I want you to see how nice your hair looks now."

Kyle's face literally went crimson and contrasted with his widening bright green eyes. Stan had always been nice to him, but never to the extent where he actually complemented him. For the rest of the way, he felt exposed. His scalp felt colder than the rest of his body and he was fighting to urge to wrap his arms around his head as a last resort. As much as at the second, he wanted to hide his hair from the world, it was some sort of relief that Stan thought it looked nice.

When they reached the front steps of the house, Kyle felt eager to get inside. When Stan unlocked the door he ran in and flopped himself onto the couch.

"Can I have my hat back now?" He asked and stuck out his hand.

"No, come on, we're going to my room."

Kyle followed Stan upstairs and shut the door behind them. The room had barely ever changed since their childhood. Stan stood in front of the mirror that hang on his wall and motioned Kyle to join him.

"See? You look fine." He said and patted him on the back.

Kyle had to admit he looked okay. In the reflection, he saw himself, with fire like hair and Stan behind him, looking like his raven self. The longer he stared, the more he thought his hair was acceptable to been shown to the public eye. He sighed and smiled.

"I guess I do."

Stan smiled back to his friend's reflection. He really did look good. His hair was beautiful and the noirette suddenly felt like touching it. Finally seeing it just wasn't enough anymore, but he knew he had to hold back, for the sake of Kyle's confidence.

"By the way, feel free to tell me about the rooms now."

Stan smiled sheepishly and used the opportunity to pull on one of the red curls only to see bounce back. Kyle slapped his hand away and made a friendly sneer.

"We're going to have to share a room together." He said, not tearing his gaze away from the mirror.

"Really? Cool, why?"

"Well, you would have known if you hadn't ripped my hat off my head." Kyle finally looked to Stan and then lay down on bed. It still felt weird, you know, actually being able to feel things on his head that weren't his hat.

"C'mon, it was hard work! This thing was practically stuck to you head." He teased.

The red head childishly stuck out his tongue and continued his explanation. "Well anyway, the hotel only allows three people in each room."


Kyle sighed and rolled his eyes. "Well my parents want Ike to stay with them and well, I can't share a room with Shelly..." He hoped if he stopped there, Stan would finally grasp the idea.

"Oh! So your sleeping in our room!"

Apparently not.

"No, Stan, you and me get our own room. We get a third, separate, room."

"Dude! Are you serious! That's totally awesome! Now we can do stuff in privacy." Stan said jumping around the room, throwing Kyle's hat in the airs.

Kyle shut his eyes and smile. The bed was totally too comfortable.

"Yeah, we're alone so-" He stopped mid-sentence when he felt extra weight appear on the bed and something soft brushing up against his face. He opened his eyes and saw his best friend's face, inches from his, with his legs framing his torso.

"So, Kyle, what kind of stuff do want to do when we're...alone." He purred into his ear but then burst out laughing. He had planned to stay in character for a little longer, but he hadn't expected Kyle's reaction to be that funny. He rolled on the other side of the bed and lay next to him laughing.

"Stan..." Kyle said in a shaky voice.

"Yes, darling?" He continued to tease.

"Fuck you!"

Stanley laughed even louder. His friend laying next to him blushed and threw a gentle punch to his arm. He then his himself under the covers to hide all the red on his cheeks.

"I'm just kidding dude." His tired blue eyes then settled on the green hat he was still clutching. Its soft fabric felt nice on his skin and he wondered how it would feel if he actually wore it. Kyle wore it all his life, so it couldn't be uncomfortable right?

"Oh God, Kyle!" Stan shouted.

Kyle was under the covers in embarrassment and refused to come out.

"Stan, please stop touching yourself. I know it's your bed and all but-"

"I'm not! It's just your hat!" The boy sounded like he was going through an orgasm, which scared Kyle enough to take a peek from under the sheets.

"Dude! Don't wear my hat!"

The noirette hopped off the bed and ran to the center of his room.

"Oh, God, it's so comfortable!" He moaned.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just don't smell it."

The second he said that, he regretted it. Of course now that he had told his friend not to, he would surely do it. Stan stared at Kyle with a blank expression; like an animal just waiting to strike. Kyle stepped out of the bed and put his hands in front of him in a defensive manner.

"Stan...drop the hat please." He said slowly and then tackled his best friend to the floor.

"No! I must!" Stan yelled and rolled around the floor, Kyle on top of him.

"But it has been a while I haven't washed it!"

In the end it was Stan who won. He lay on his stomach with his head stuffed in the hat. He knew Kyle was yelling in the background but all he heard were muffled noises. He finally took in the scent of the hat with caution, expecting a greasy, unpleasant smell. He inhaled and got nothing of the sort.

Kyle's hat smelled like the lavender shampoo that he would deny using. It smelled like the Abercrombie perfume that his ex-girlfriend had gotten for him. The hat smelled like the vanilla Tide detergent that he had begged his mom to stop cleaning his clothes with. And it smelled like the pomegranate face and body wash that made his skin so soft.

Kyle's hat just smelled like Kyle.

"So Butters, want to go to my place?" Kenny asked the other blonde and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Butters rolled his eyes and pushed off the arm.

"Sure whatever." He answered.

"What's on your mind cutie?" Kenny asked him.

"Dude! I can't believe he managed to pick up that girl! I mean, I know he has lost a lot of weight and stuff, but like still! He's still Cartman!" Butters rambled on about how odd it was that a girl agreed to leave the place with Cartman. His face became red because of his irritated state as he flipped his hair to the side and aggressively removed the blue hairclip from it.

"Chill cutie, he probably set up the whole thing. I'm sure she's getting paid to do it."

The dirty blonde put his arm back possessively around Butters as they turned the curb.

"Kenny wait!" Butters came to a halt and pulled Kenny back with him.

He pointed at the side of the street where two thugs had branded a knife to a woman's throat. She was crying and removing items from her purse, handing them to the culprits.

"Butters stay here." He said and pulled himself out of the blonde's grasp.

"No Ken-" Kenny hushed him and continued to walk across the street.

"Hey you! Let her go!" he yelled.

The two criminals laughed and pushed the woman aside. Kenny caught her before she hit the ground and put her back on her feet. He then punched the one guy holding her money, who fell to the floor with a high chance of a broken nose. Kenny picked up the money and handed it back to the woman.

"Run." He whispered into her ear and she obeyed.

"Asshole!" The second mugger yelled and didn't hesitate to stab Kenny straight through the chest. He picked up his friend and ran off, dragging him along.

Kenny's mouth filled with blood. He fell on his knees clutching his at his bloody shirt. He heard Butters run to him and he made the effort to look up to him.

"Butters... tell everyone, I'll be back tomorrow afternoon." He choked out.

"All right Ken," Butters said casually. "See you tomorrow." He added with a sigh and walked away.

On his way back home, Butters plunged himself into some thoughts. How could Kenny be able to handle the pain so easily? It was impressive. If any other person had witnessed the scene, they would have thought Butters as a crazy, insensitive, bastard, but everyone on South Park knew that Kenny's death were nothing but reoccurring tragedies. It still traumatised him a little, when the deaths were much less merciful, but this time wasn't so bad. He remembered when Kenny became 12 years old, he asked his parents to stop organizing funerals every time and to stop bothering to reserve a hospital bed. It as a waste of money and he would just end up coming back healthy and as good as new.

When he entered his home he was greeting by a loud shriek.


The blonde looked questioningly at his mother and only then noticed how bloody his hands and shirt were.

"Oh sorry, mom. I'll go wash up." He said.

"WHAT? B-but, what happened?" She said in distress.

"Oh, Kenny just died. Don't worry, he said he'll be back tomorrow afternoon."

There they were again. Those two familiar clouds shaped like wings, covering the golden gates to the happiest place in the, not Disneyland, but close enough.

"Hey Peter, how's it going?"

"Oh Kenny, it's been a while." The saint said.

"Do I really have to fill out the form to get in? I know the answers by heart." Kenny asked.

"Nah, I think you're pretty much covered." Said Saint-Peter and opened the giant gates to Heaven.

"Thanks. Oh and, is God in his office?"

"Yeah. He's eager to see you."

Kenny smiled and nodded. He entered Heaven, his hands in his pockets, and looked around the familiar area. It was over the billionth time that he had been here and he was still dazzled by the beauty. Heaven was similar to Earth, only everything had a certain glow to it and nothing bad ever happened.

"Kenny! What's up?"

The blonde turned to see one of his good friends waving at him.

"Paul, my man! How are you?" Kenny fist pounded Saint-Paul and pulled him into a tight hug.

"I'm great, man! Dude, I've been watching you from above since like a few days and dude, you should totally hook up with that Butters kid! He's totally into you!" The angel said and sent him a friendly punch to the chest.

"I'm trying, bro. Trust me, he's a hard one. Well, I got to go, God wants to see me."

"That's cool. See ya'!"

Kenny ran up to the golden building and pushed through the revolving glass doors. The lobby was mostly empty, except for few angels here and there. Saint-Teresa sat at the secretary's desk. She had the computer on and seemed to be playing Farmville on Facebook as she filed her long red nails.

"Hey Teresa, is God in?"

She squealed at the sight of him and pulled him into a tight hug over the desk.

"Kenny baby! How have you been? We've been missing you here!"

"Aw, well I missed you guys too."

"Go right up, He's waiting."

The golden elevator doors opened and Kenny stepped in with a quick wave goodbye to Teresa.

"Hey Ken."

"Hey Cupid, Gabriel." He gave a nod to the magnificent angel with big white wings standing left to him and to the little flying baby on his right.

"Where to?" Gabriel asked.

"Highest floor to God's office." He answered. "You seem down Gab, what's going on?"

"Ugh, just came back from hell. Satan's pissed just like every year."

"How come?" Kenny asked, but he knew why.

"Well his Christmas party coincides with J.C's birthday party and he gets angry about it."

"Why would Hell want to have a Christmas party?" Kenny asked, not actually knowing the answer this time.

The elevator bell rang and the doors opened.

"The gifts man." Gabriel said and left the elevator as the doors shut behind him.

"Wow...So Cupid, where are you going?"

"Eh, you know, going to meet up with Saint-Pat for some coffee." He said and popped a cigarette in his mouth.

"You know, smoking's bad for someone your age." Kenny joked.

"Shut up McCormick." Cupid said and blew the smoke straight into his face.

The elevator dinged again and opened its door. Cupid left, leaving Kenny alone in the elevator going up for a few more floors. He wondered why God wanted to see him.

The doors finally opened again, and led to a white room. In the corner of the room sat a man in a white robe. His face looked aged and his skin was wrinkled. His body and eyes, however, seemed full of life.

"Hey God."

"Mmm, mph, Craig not here! Agh, what if m-my mom comes in a-and sees us?" Tweek fidgeted and shook under his boyfriend's touch. They had sat on his bed and watched a movie on his laptop until Craig swiftly shut it at the best part and tackled Tweek into a messy, wet kiss.

"No she won't, just relax. " He sweet talked him and began kissing a trail down his neck as his hand move up his shirt to caress his stomach.

"Ngh, Craig, don't, I..." Craig cut him off with another kiss, but quickly pulled away.

"Sorry, Tweek. It's just hard to hold back." He said and pulled the blonde onto his lap.

"Well yeah, ngh I guess- AGH!" He interrupted himself and jumped off of Craig at the feel of a vibration coming from his pants.

"Chill, it's just my phone."

"O-oh, I thought it was a v-"

"Yeah, yeah I know what you thought." Craig cut in. "You have a little perverted mind don't you?"

"Agh! I do?" Tweek said and clutched at his hair with both hands. Craig chuckled and pulled him back onto his lap.

"I got a text from Butters." He explained.

"Let me see."

'Kenny died. He'll be back tomorrow afternoon.'

"Wow, it had been a while he hadn't died."

"Y-yeah, I guess your right."

It wasn't out of disrespect that he tossed his phone aside and resumed the make out session. It as just that, this happened so often, what was so special this time?

Token and Clyde lay in the snow at the park, breathless due to their previous work out. The ball had fallen a few feet away from them and neither had the energy to get up and get it. It was cold out and the snow was slowly creeping into their hair and clothes. Both had noticed that wet feeling a long time ago, but were either too lazy or too comfortable to do anything about it.

"Dude, you have gotten good." Token huffed, his warm breath turning into a cloud of mist over his mouth.

"Thanks, but I'm still not as good as you. I mean, plus, I'm the one who goes to practices and stuff."

After that, they were quiet again. The sun was setting and it was getting darker and even colder. A few stars had already appeared against the darkening blue of the sky, signalling that night was about to fall.

"Dude, if we merged you and me together, we'd be like the best football player in the world." Clyde said and nudged his friend.

"Yeah, that's true, but what color skin would we have?" Token asked.

"Yeah, never mind, it's a bad idea. I mean, I don't want to look like a Mexican." Clyde said.

"Exactly and- Oh, wait a sec, my phone's ringing."

Token flipped his phone open and winced at the white light. His face hardened but then went back to normal.

"Dude, Kenny died again. He told Butters he'd be back tomorrow afternoon." Token said and made the first move of getting up and dusting himself off.

"Hey, you know how Kenny dies and like, comes back?" Clyde asked the very stupid question.

"Um duh."

"No I mean, I was just wondering like, since we're his friends , do you think we'd be allowed to come back if we died?"

Token smiled down at his friend and stuck out his hand to help him up. The brunette took it and pulled himself to a standing position.

"I don't know buddy, but let's not try okay?" Token said.

Clyde chuckled and nodded in agreement. Even if it was a guarantee that Token was coming back, he still would never let him die. Even for a few hours...

"Cartman what the fuck are you doing?"

During a very hot make out session with some random slut, Cartman just happened to receive a text message. Being the fat asshole that he was, he decided to answer it.

"Shut up ho', my friend just died."

The girl's eyes began to well up with tears. "Oh, I'm so sorry I..."

"Quit your whining, he'll be back tomorrow." He grabbed the girl by the back of her head and brought her face to his. "Now shut up, get on your knees and I think you'll know what to do next..."

"Kyle? Should I pack my swim shorts? You know, just in case there's a pool?"

"Yeah, well I packed my mine. But I think there actually is one."

When Kyle had finally gotten his hat back from Stan, the two boys began to pack.

"Did you pack any underwear?" Kyle asked.

"Um, no. They're in the top drawer."

The red head rolled his eyes and began digging the mess of socks, underwear and PJs. He finally pulled out a few pairs and held them up in front of him to make sure they were clean.

"You look like a housewife, dude." Stan pointed out.

"Thanks. And by the way, I love these." He held a pair of white boxers with 'That's what she said' written on the very center of the crotch.

Stan threw his head back and laughed.

"The tag's still on..." Kyle noticed.

Stan laughed even louder, got up and hugged his best friend around the waist.

"Those, my friend, are for you."

"W-what? But why?"

Stan chuckled. "I was at American Eagle and well, I saw these but they didn't have my size, but they had yours. I really couldn't help it. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't buy them."

Kyle held the boxers in front of his eyes one more time and then wrapped his arms around Stan's neck.

"Best gift EVER!" He said.

"No problem. I actually planned it all through. I asked you to come over on purpose and I forgot to pack my underwear on purpose so that you could find them on your own." He explained and hugged Kyle back.

They stayed in that position for a while, in silence. Stan hadn't realised it before, but he felt really comfortable with Kyle's arms around is neck. He felt sweat begin to form in the palm of his hands and on his forehead. It wasn't the first time Stan hugged Kyle, so why was this happening now? Heat took over his whole body and then it became stronger in the area of his...

"Okay, he, your welcome Ky." He said nervously. "I'm going to finish packing, um we're waking up early tomorrow, so I think it's best you leave."

"Um, sure Stan.' Kyle said and left.

The second Stanley heard the front door shut, he rushed to the bathroom and turned on the cold water. He splashed his face with it and then considered dripping it down his pants but then decided against it. What the fuck had happened back there? Why all of a sudden? As he thought about it more and more, he did sound a little gay...

Reason one: He told him he looked nice without his hat on. Reason two: he flirted with him on a bed. Reason three: he liked the way he smelled. Reason four: He bought him boxers. Reason 5: HE HAD A BONER FOR HIM!

It still couldn't be... Not for his best friend. It was probably nothing. He was probably just overreacting. He was just probably tired and his brain was playing tricks on him. He was probably excited for the rip. He was probably gay. NO! No he wasn't!

It was just a random act of God... Yeah... that's it. That's all it was.