Spanish Train, epilogue (final)

By, Unlucky-charm

A/N: This is a Style fic, meaning Stan and Kyle (with some Craig and Tweek) . If you don't like that pairing then don't read it. Also it's called Spanish Train for a reason. I sort of got the idea of this story because of the song called "Spanish Train" by Chris De Burgh. It's about God and the devil playing poker together and betting on people's souls. It's a really cool song so listen to it if u want. Don't worry, if you don't you can still get the story. Only it's not as fun... :P

Enjoy XD

This is the story of a boy who made a bet with God.

This is the story of a boy who made a bet with God and won.

Kenny P.O.V

Since the day I found out about my future, I had sworn to myself that I would not base my life around it. I would still work hard, still plan out my life, pretending as if I didn't know. I thought it would only fair be to the rest of the world, since THEY didn't know about the future. Ha-ha, sucks for them. And though I already knew it was going to happen, when that day came, I was still surprised.

"Kenny, come to the kitchen!" My mother yelled.

Her voice was pleasant and caring, like a mother's should be, signalling me of her good and sober mood.

"What's up?" I asked, peaking my head around the door frame. My mother was sitting at the kitchen table, along with my father. In the center of the broken down table was our broken down phone with the red light on, meaning it was on speaker.

"Sit down, phone's for you honey."

By the looks on their faces, I knew something was up. They looked like they were excited but trying to hide it, as if Santa was on the other line.

"Hello?" I said hesitantly into the phone.

"Hello? Is this Kenny McCormick I'm speaking to?"

I was answered by a male voice, sounding very formal and professional, as if he was about to do some 'business' with me.

"Um yeah? Who is this?"

The man cleared his throat. "I am Mrs. Murray's lawyer, I'm supposing you are acquainted with her since you're in her will?"

Mrs. Murray...The name seemed to ring a bell but I just couldn't remember who the fuck she was. The guy was talking about a will, so I was guessing she died, which meant she was old, so then-

"She was that sweet old lady who lived two blocks away Kenny. You used to go to her house and help her out with chores when you were little, don't you remember?" My mom cut into my thoughts, saving me a lot of time.

"Oh yeah! Mrs. Murray! Oh no, she died, really?"

Even though it had been a while I had ever thought of her, or seen her for that matter, I was still a bit saddened by the fact that she had passed away.

"Yes." I was startled by the sudden voice coming out of the phone again, answering, with great emphasis, my, what was supposed to be, rhetorical question. I had completely forgotten about the lawyer on the phone.

"Wait, I'm in her will?"

Yeah, I did some chores for her when I was like 9, but is that really a good enough reason to be on her will.

"Mrs. Murray didn't have children or any family that lives in Colorado. She didn't want her house to be sold or left to waste so she's giving it to you."

For the sake of my parents remaining unsuspicious of me, I pretended to be shocked and excited about the news (which I already knew about since like, 2 years ago).

"Wow, Kenny ain't that nice?"My mother exclaimed, throwing her arms around me.

"Yeah, yeah it is." So this was it. This is how everything was going to unravel and take me to that one moment in the house, the one I already know is going to happen.

I decided against letting my friends know about it yet and just chill for a while, now that I owned a house all to myself. And if I did end up telling my friends, I definitely will NOT be telling Butters; it must be a surprise.

I went up to my room and relaxed on my bed, imagining different designs for the rooms in the house. I WIL be painting at least one room orange, that was for sure, even though Butters would be totally against it. He would always tell me how 'Blah' the color was, though I disagreed completely.

I wasn't really tired, but comfortable enough for my eyes to start shutting. And just when I was about to fall asleep, fate (my cell phone) decided to pull me back out and back to reality.

"Hello?" I answered and found my self in a conference call between Stan (Kyle too since they were at each other's house), Craig, Clyde (with Token by his side) and Cartman.

"Kenny? I have news." It was Craig who spoke and everyone else was surprisingly silent.

"What's up?" I asked, even though I knew EXACTLY what was up. It was all finally falling into place. Craig's news was either about Tweek telling him he loved him or him proposing to the twit.

"Well, Tweek told me he loved me."

"Aw, that's cute. So did you-"

"And then he proposed."

Okay, so I didn't see that coming, AT ALL.

"What!"A couple of people on the other lines said in unison. Good, so I wasn't the only one surprised here.

"Yeah dude, wasn't that like against destiny or something?" Craig pointed out and right he was! What the hell dude? That's not what was supposed to happen!

They all began to argue on the phone, stating their own opinions on the matter, probably confusing Craig all the more, as I drifted off into my own ideas. In a way, I was happy about the outcome, it made the situation all the more exciting, since now, neither of us could be sure of what was waiting for us.

And once I thought about it, and replayed the events of heaven in my head (though slightly blurred with time), I recalled God telling me the mirror showed MY future. I should have known He wouldn't have let me off that easy, he never did. He always had a few tricks up his sleeve (not all of them necessarily bad). I was kind of disappointed in myself for not having figured his scheme out sooner, I usually did since I was so used to it.

"Hey guys." I said a little louder to get all their attention. "I got the house." I stated as casually as possible.

There was a moment of silence where I was sure they were processing what fucking house I was talking about.

"The mansion?" Kyle broke through, followed by 'oh's and 'ah's from my other, more retarded, best friends.

"So it's all kind of happening now, right Kinny?"

"I suppose so."I chuckled.

I imagined how awkward it was going to be when the time came. When they would be standing in my empty mansion, trying to remember what they were supposed to say based on what I saw. Knowing my friends, they'd probably be scared and think they'll break the very fabric of the universe or some shit if they didn't.

However, I could tell them they can do whatever they want since it was only MY future that was shown, but that would mean I couldn't see them struggle through their 'lines', aw, now what fun is that?

I smiled to myself; maybe I should keep this one secret to myself.

Two years later, Kenny and Butters lived happily in their big ass house, with their neighbours, Stan and I living across the street (and Gregory and Christophe whom lived right next to them but were barely ever home for some reason, so Butters would water their plants sometimes).

Everything was going smoothly. Occasionally, Craig and Tweek would visit along with the rest of the group and Butters would even be a good neighbour and invite the odd couple next door, who arrived with at least one bandage and several bruises (which made Tweek suspect they were working for the government).

We would sit at the table and talk about nonsense. How I wanted to adopt a kid and how Stan didn't, how Cartman scored with his secretary and how no one gave a shit, how Clyde and Token were living together and how, oddly enough, no signs of being gay yet.

Craig and Tweek were going to go on vacation in France, catching the attention of a certain Frenchman, who, instead of suggesting places to go, was suggesting places to avoid...huh.

Kenny's deaths became less and less frequent and then just stopped. Everyone had noticed but no one ever said anything in fear of jinxing it.

For the first time ever, we all felt like 'normal' would finally be a word we could use in our lives. And we all lived happily ever after!

...except for me because I didn't have a baby.

"Nice try Ky."

"Stan get out of my monologue/conclusion!"

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