Thank you to Richelle Mead for making this great series! All of these characters belong to her! Except Dimka. Well, no, not really. I wish. He belongs to her, too. Also thanks to the friend who gave me the idea to write this by giving me his dark view on how the story should've ended. Anyways, enjoy my story! It's my first shot at a fanfic. Read and Review, please?

"What did she say?" I asked.

"She doesn't like that you're still here. She wants me to awaken you or kill you."

"Oh. Um, what are you going to do?"

He stayed silent for a few seconds. "I'll wait a little longer and then...I will make the choice for you."

I stopped suddenly. I don't know why, but his words had an impact on me. I finally realized…

I was going to become a Strigoi.

There was no escape, there was only Dimitri. Our love, our eternal life together…there was no other choice. I had no other choice.

My world had stopped with me. "What's wrong? Are you tired?" He moved to pick me up.

"No, no…It's…" I sighed and looked straight into the beautiful, dark, yet red-ringed eyes.

"You don't have to make the choice for me, Dimitri. I…will awaken."

A few seconds passed. He was slightly incredulous at first, but it quickly was replaced by the cruel smile that was trying to convey joy. "I knew you'd finally see things the right way, Roza."

He picked me up swiftly and looked into my eyes. "Thank you." He was grinning ear to ear, and even though it was dark I couldn't help but smile with him.

The next thing I knew, I was thrown onto the bed with harsh force. He was losing control in his more emotional state. He was on top of me, but not very close. The eyes I loved so much were locked on the nightstand, searching. In one fluid movement, he held up the ring Mark had given me. I noticed there were no rings among all of the glorious jewelry he had given me. Although it was plain silver, Dimitri smiled with a radiance that I had never seen before. His eyes and body returned to me, and his hand rose mine to his lips.

"Roza…," he began, brushing his lips across my hand. "I love you more than anything or anyone else in the world. Will you marry me?"

Love. That world finalized everything. All of the resistance left shattered into a million pieces.

"Yes, Dimitri. I love you too." I could barely get those words out.

"And never shall we part." He laughed, and unlike all the others this laugh wrapped me in its warm, sweet embrace as it used to. The ring slid onto my finger slowly, to savor the moment.

We kissed with passion, with love, without the hard fury all the other kisses had been full of. I wrapped my fingers in his soft hair as his hands played through my body. He pushed my skirt up to the hip and higher, higher. I pulled him closed to me with the hand tangled in his hair and began to unbutton his shirt with the other. Eventually I grew so hungry that I took my hand out of his hair and used both to unbutton the shirt and caress his bare chest. He was a glacier, a god made of ice. Still kissing, he undid the straps of my dress and pulled it off with one swift movement. His shirt was off in an instant, and as he stroked my body I began to undo the rest of his clothing. He was bulging, and I was more than happy to free the manhood that's size proved his Russian heritage.

We made sweet love, as good as it was in the cabin that frosty night long ago. He managed to control his strength so that I wasn't hurt in the least. Pleasure swelled until it burst, orgasm enveloping both of our bodies as we yelled each others' names. But it was nothing compared what happened next. He retreated and moved his mouth to my neck, hovering over it. I shivered at his breath.

"Do it," I whispered.

His fangs sank deep into my skin, and pleasure enveloped me. Ten - no - a hundred times better than the orgasm. I was euphoric. I felt the life draining from my body and into my lover, and I didn't care. He could have my soul. Without him, it wouldn't be worth anything anyways.

My eyes were closed, I was in a darkness that was colorful and bright like a rainbow. I don't know how I managed to remain conscious this long. I felt his fangs retract from my neck, though I don't know how. I felt beyond weak, his touch was like a small breeze upon my skin. I heard a soft squelching noise, felt his lips upon mine.

"Drink, Roza."

I did. I opened my mouth and felt his blood trickling into me. It tasted sweeter than honey, and I sucked for I don't know how long. Finally, I heard his voice, velvet to my ears that had become much more sensitive somehow.


And as the honey stopped dripping into my mouth, as he licked my wound clean, I descended into darkness.