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"Smile" For a glee challenge!

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"Smile no More."

It has been a month exactly since Fred had died, George was nowhere near being happy. In George's mind, it's the end of the world. Nothing will change him or what had happened a month ago. Fred was gone and that was it, it was over and done with. George was alone and nothing, just someone to fill up empty space. Fred was him, he was Fred. There was only those two. They did everything together. There was no separation. When one goes the other is left just to sit and wait to die in later life.

He had nothing to live for, nothing to do anymore. Sure, he had family but that was not Fred. Fred was his brother and the most important person in his life, loved him more than him parents, sister, and other useless brothers. Why couldn't it be Percy? The Weasley none cares for. George thought in hate. It was his new thing, hate.

His feelings were pure negative. Not an ounce of positive. Smiling would just bring back horrible memories of that moment were Fred's soul had left him, when the building had fallen.

In Georges mind, he would never smile because he had realized it hurt more.