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Remus Lupin was a known werewolf to few. Sirius Black escaped convict, godfather, animagus, and marauder. Harry Potter the boy-who-lived now known as the boy-who-killed-Voldemort. The war was over and the three could be happy again. Harry getting his wish of having a family again. His godfather had fallen into the veil and was now back alive and well. (Well maybe a little skinnier.) Now that the man was back everything was in place.

Now that everything was in place and now the couple could try for what they had been working on before Sirius went to Azkaban. Having a family together. True they had Harry and were happy, but Harry was nearly grown now. The two wanted a child of their own. More so the satisfaction of little feet and raising the child. Something they hadn't gotten to do with Harry.

Remus being a werewolf meant that he couldn't carry the child himself so it was up to Sirius. But after twelve years in Azkaban, and six months behind the veil it left the man very thin. Not sickly but it did make you want to force feed the man. Which Harry and Remus tried to do, seemed that their hard work would go in vain.

Mean while head master Albus Dumbledore was seeking a home for an abandoned, abused child. She was only five and was hated for what she had become as if it were her doing. Who could take care of the child and give her the proper upbringing she would need. One filled with love and understanding. Her parents left her to die in the basement. She was under fed and had small for her age. She hadn't had much human contact. She cried and tried to run away from her rescuers so much that a sleeping charm was needed. Now the child was fast asleep on the couch in Dumbledore's office.

"What do you intend to do Albus?" Professor McGonagall asked. The man in question looked at the child and knew just who to take her to.

Remus and Sirius had been in the kitchen when they heard someone enter by floo in the living room. They both went in to see their old headmaster standing there. "Professor Dumbledore to what do we own the visit?" Sirius asked. "I have something to ask of you two." The older man looked upon the two. "Yes what it is?" Remus settled his amber eyes upon the man. "I understand that you've been trying to start a family. But so far have been unsuccessful in doing so. I have a child who is in need of a family." The old wizard explained.

"Wouldn't it be better if you left the child with someone else. Remus being a werewolf the ministry wouldn't approve of it." Sirius stated. "That's just it the child is a werewolf and needs someone to take care of her. She has been a werewolf to my knowledge for the last year. Her family put her in the basement like an animal. She's only five and hasn't had human contact since she was bitten. She has no clue why this happened to her. She's scared and frightened of people. I think that if she is placed with you two she may still be able to find happiness." Dumbledore finished. "I'll leave you two to think this over." He turned to leave. The two looked at each other. The look couple's share when they have been together for a long time.

"We'll do it."

"Good. But I must warn you the state she is in may shock you." The three stepped into the fireplace. A moment later they were in the old head master's office. The girl was no longer on the couch but in the corner cowering from Minerva McGonagall. "Remus and Sirius. These are whom you intend to leave her with. With Sirius around she'll start yet another generation of pranksters!" She wouldn't get on Remus because well he would be the only brain worth caring for the girl. "That's just why I choose them. Remus will be the parent of the two and take care of her, while Sirius brings her out of her shell." The man explained. McGonagall thought it over. He had a great point. After what had happened the two could set her life straight.

Remus looked at the girl who had pulled herself into a tight ball. She was wearing a long shirt far to big that was covered in holes and dirt; her hair was brown, tangled and dirty. "Hello pup." She peeked at the two from under her messy locks. She lifted her head further to inspect the two men before her. Both tall and thin one with dark hair the other a sandy blonde with bright eyes. "Won't you say something for me. You won't get in any trouble." Remus coaxed the girl.

He couldn't be mean; he looks too nice to be mean, thought the child. She uncurled herself and moved forward. The two marauders got down to her eye level. All looking each other in the eye waiting for something. Dumbledore wasn't kidding at the state she was in. She was cute Sirius could see no reason why someone would mistreat the child werewolf or not. She had scars of her own. Her arms and legs were littered with them. "Do you have a name pup?" Sirius asked. "You can tell him. Don't be shy we won't hurt you." Remus reassured her. "My 'ame is Tain." She said in a low voice. "Her name is Kain." McGonagall said.

"She's behind on her speech a little not having human contact for the last year." the professor informed them. "Would you like a piece of chocolate?" Remus took out a piece and held it out to the girl. To all those who know him Remus never went anywhere without chocolate, in his case chocolate solved everything. (Chocolate addict) (Chocolate Eaters Anonymous) when she didn't take it he broke off a piece and ate it to show her it was safe. She took the other half.

Sirius went to pick her up and set her on his knee. Kain didn't cry or scream to get away. For the first time in a long time she felt warmth. She buried her face into Sirius Chest. A heartbeat that with each beat it seemed to renew the warmth. She felt safe and began to fall asleep in his lap. "I believe she likes the two of you." the head master said. He had watched from the other side of the room. "When can we take her with us." Sirius adjusted Kain in his arms. "Now if you want. Madam Pomfrey has already checked her over. She says she just needs to be taken care like a child a child should be taken care of."

"We'll do just that." Remus smiled at Sirius and the two looked at the sleeping child. They left their former teacher's office to return home.

The child was still fast asleep. Harry who had only been home for about ten minutes had been looking for the two men. "Where have-" Remus put a finger to his lips to silence the boy. Harry then saw the child his god farther held wrapped in a blanket. "I'll put her to bed in the spare room and then we'll explain." Sirius told him godson. Harry nodded. Sirius returned a few minutes later. "Alright Prongslet you know we've been trying for a child. And well we've gotten no results so far. But the reason we weren't here was because Dumbledore came to us." Sirius explained.

"She's a werewolf Harry and her name is Kain. She's been mistreated and abused. Dumbledore feels that with me being a werewolf I could help her. And that Sirius will help bring her out of her shell. She's shy but willing to give people a chance." Remus told the boy. "So She's part of the family now?" Harry asked. "Not just yet. We still have to wait for the papers to go thought. Hopefully they do and we won't have trouble."

A family. Harry was now an older brother. The older brother to a five-year-old werewolf. Wait werewolf! "She's a werewolf?" Harry asked. "That's the reason she's here. I question Dumbledore sometimes but then again he seems to know what he's doing in the end. Come on it's late. Time for bed we have long day ahead." Remus said. "I hope this works out." They were lying in bed. "It will. Go to sleep." he wrapped an arm around his lover before closing his eyes. The child in the other his last thoughts.


Kain was warm. It was the cold cellar she had been kept in. This was soft all around and warm. She still had the slight taste of chocolate on her tongue. She remembered a tall man with white hair and a long white beard to match. Then the two men. One with storm gray eyes and dark hair the other amber eyed man with blonde hair who gave her chocolate. Kain wiggled around trying to get free of the blankets.

The room was huge like the other two rooms of the house. The four-poster bed she sat upon was queen size. Far to big for her but having brought her there on short notice they had no where else to put her. This place wasn't familiar, neither the old man nor the woman were there.

She climbed down from the bed and tip toed her way to the door. She didn't hear anyone. Opening the door she stuck her head out no one was in the hallway Kain ventured further. A door was cracked open across the hall. Kain toed her way across and nudged the door open to stick her head in. There sleeping in the bed were both the amber eyed and gray eyed man fast asleep. The room was huge like hers the bed faced the door.

Kain ventured in a little further and stepped on a creaky board looking up in horror she saw the gray eyes open and fall on her. Kain run back to her room and dove under the bed. Back in the other room Sirius shook Remus awake. "Wake up we forgot about Kain." Sirius fell out of the bed his feet tangled in sheets. Remus shot up in bed and threw the covers off. Sirius stood and they went out the door.

Opening the door to the room they stepped in. From under the bed Kain could see their bare feet. Sirius dropped to his stomach and saw her under the bed. "Come on from under there pup." Kain shook her head "Oou mad." She sneezed.

"No pup I'm not mad please come from under there." he coaxed. Remus walked to the other side of the bed where her feet stuck out from under the bed. Remus grabbed them a slid her out. He set her on the bed. "I sowwy I sowwy." She said tears already running down her face.

"It's okay we're not mad."

Someone's stomach growled. The two werewolves looked at the animagus. "It 'ime to eat?" Kain looked at them. "Yup."

"I'll get Harry you get her washed up. We'll meet you down stairs in the kitchen." Sirius went out the door. Remus carried the new pup to the bathroom.