It was July now and everyone was coming together for the picnic. It wasn't a full moon that night. The pups were too young for one with everyone. But they were indeed adorable. The babes had learned to crawl and were trying to make their way around. Aniu had been the first to start. She was very active the female.

Her eyes were and amber color like her mother and her hair was brown like Kain's. Her werewolf form was a white wolf with dark colored paws. She loved when Severus was around no doubt another potions expert. As much as Severus disliked children it was clear Aniu had won him over.

She crawled to him and she was swept up into his arms. "Hello to you to." He said. "Sir if I didn't know any better I'd say you've gone soft. But I don't want to be hexed. I still have a kids to raise." Aniu although the last and the one almost lost seemed to want to be the first at everything. When they began to cut teeth she was the first.

Her brothers were rather lazy. Aniu was the first one to stand up. But Fakir was the first to take his first steps. Jasper and Aniu were the first to have magical outburst at eleven months when Muiris had hit them. Conri spoke first saying 'Pa' When Kain deemed them old enough to go for their first run they were a little over a year old. The August before Kain was due back at Hogwarts to teach again.

While she was gone teaching during the week Arrum was helped out by his mother, father Sirius and grandparents. Remus would be there whenever the school he taught at was closed for the day for whatever reason.

Kain sent letters very often during the week. The children couldn't wait to see their mother. They were three now and had been promised that if they were good they would get to go to Hogwarts during the moon to see the place.

After missing moon rise the two wolves changed inside and were then left to run ahead of their mother to start playing. Kain sat high of the hill watching till an unfamiliar werewolf scent caught her nose. She saw him coming for her cubs and jumped into action. The cubs ran off for Severus as he had been asked to stay behind that holiday.

While Kain had managed to beat the wolf making him bleed very much before chasing him off through Hogsmeade ordering him as his pack leader to never return. Kain had received many injuries that night and the fight had been to close. When she limped her way back the cubs were with Severus. He had taken them to Sirius and Remus.

When Kain awoke four days later and her cubs were there. Aniu wanting to be just like her mother said that she would grow up big and strong and fight like a real wolf would defending her own. Of course one of her brothers said other wise and she hit him. If anyone was the real boss of the kids it was Conri being first out the gate.


"Mum! Dad! We got our letters look." the kids had come running into the bedroom. "Wha all da noise?" a sleepy voice asked by the door. A little girl stood by the door holding a teddy bear and rubbing her eyes. When the five had turned five Arrum and Kain were pregnant again this time with twins. A boy and a girl. Sini and Eoin. They looked more like their father only the girls processed Kain's eyes. Aniu had her hair but Sini everything else was her father. Eoin was not a wolf.

But he did however enjoy running with his siblings. Sini was another wolf. But had a wolf's temper. Aniu looked out for her sister a lot and beat up anyone who picked on her.

Conri looked out for all of them. When their mother or father wasn't around he was the ringleader. Unless you had been there watching them grow and learn you could never tell the boys apart they look much like Arrum but with their mothers nose and ears.

"So doesn't this mean we get to have potions with Uncle Sev?" Aniu asked. Kain nodded. Aniu was a potions lover. She loved helping brew potions with Severus and Kain when they brewed to restock the hospital wing. In a few more years Poppy would retire like Dumbledor and leave it to Dawn. She and Bill have a son that was two years younger then the five.

Dumbledor was no longer Headmaster it was now Headmistress McGonagall. Kain was head of the lions. "Alright you guys go down stairs and start breakfast we have work to do." Kain told them. "Well this is it. This is where the house starts to get empty? You ready?" Arrum asked.

"Question is, are you?" Kain asked.

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