A/N: This is my first Batman comic fanfic. Also, I've never actually read the Nightwing or Batman comics so I got a sense of all the characters almost solely from other fics. Forgive me if there are any mistakes in characterization or something. So, without further ado…

Of Wedding Bells and Archers

By Gaeriel Mallory

"Hello, gorgeous!"

Sergeant Amy Rohrback looked up a handsome man with shocking red hair grinning down at her.

"Roy! Down!" Her rookie, Richard Grayson, looked up from his desk and laughed. "Sarge, meet Roy Harper. Roy, Amy Rohrback."

She gaped. "Roy Harper? The Titan?"

He grinned and swept a bow. "The one and only Arsenal, at your service." The gallant moment was spoiled by a wadded up piece of paper bouncing off his forehead. He gave his friend a pained look. "Aw, come on, Robbie. Don't spoil my fun."

Dick grinned and crumpled another sheet of paper. "Sorry, Sarge," he told Amy. "All right, Roy. Wanna tell me why you're bothering me at work?" He held up the ball of paper threateningly.

"Well, seeing as how my favorite stick in the mud friend is getting married in two weeks, and seeing as how said friend's best man is an even more stick in the mud than he is…"

"Get to the point." Dick threw the ball of paper at Roy who ducked.

Roy sighed. "Fine. Well, Wally 'I'm a married man' West, was a bit daunted by having to throw a bachelor party, so I volunteered." He grinned widely.

Dick stared. "Please tell me you're joking. Please please please tell me you're joking."

Roy snickered. "So, Dickie, we already know you have a thing for redheads, but there needs to be more than just one stripper, so how do you feel about blonds? Brunettes?" He winked.

Dick groaned. "Do I have to remind you of that time you dragged me out for a 'night on the town'? Woke up with a hangover and a tattoo, remember? Do you know how much getting a tattoo removed costs? Roy, when Barbara hears your planning my bachelor party, she's going to kill me and then hunt you down."

Roy looked over at Amy. "Is it my fault the man can't hold his liquor?" He turned towards his friend again. "And for your information, buddy, Dinah is planning the bachelorette party."

"Dinah?!?" Dick held his head in his hands. "Dinah, as in, leotard and fishnets Dinah? That Dinah?"

Roy smiled unsympathetically. "Yup. And you forgot about her teasing Batman for kicks. It's going to be a wild party. Donna's already looking forward to it."

Dick groaned.

"Hey, who else were you going to get to plan your party? And if you say Alfred, I'm smacking you."

Dick shut his mouth and just glared. He looked over at Amy. "Help me out here, partner."

She laughed and shook her head. "Rookie, I'm not touching this with a ten foot pole."

Roy glanced over at her. "Oh, that reminds me." He produced a small envelope. "This is your invitation to the bachelorette party, courtesy of one Dinah Lance."

Dick sat up in his seat. "Roy!"

Amy accepted the envelope and began chuckling. "Oh, the stories I will hear about you, Grayson. I'll have enough blackmail material on you to last me a lifetime."

Dick glared. "You are so dead, Harper."

He smirked. "Do I have to tell Lian why 'Unca Dick' is threatening to kill her daddy?"

"Who says I'm going to give you time to warn your daughter?" Dick started chuckling. "Okay, Roy. You win. Go ahead and do your worst."

Roy's eyes shone. "You mean that? Because I have some great ideas that would throw the video of the party well into the NC-17 category."

"Just so long as Bruce approves everything."

Roy's face fell. "Tall, dark, and gloomy? You're kidding me, Rob. Next thing you know, the party will be in a cave somewhere."

Dick grinned. "He's paying for the party. He gives final approval."

Roy muttered something under his breath.

Dick's grin grew wider. "What was that, Roy? I couldn't hear you."

There was a glint in the other man's eye. "I said that I had already talked to Bruce, and he told me, in not so many words, to go crazy." He snickered. "Oh, you should see your face! What I wouldn't do for a camera right now." Roy waved at Amy. "Nice meeting you. See you at the wedding!" He then grinned at his friend. "Oh, cheer up, Dick. I'm going to make sure you have fun if it kills you."

After Roy had walked away, Amy shot an amused glance at her rookie. "So, Grayson ... where was the tattoo?"

Dick growled. Roy Harper, you are a dead man.

A/N: Want the story behind the tattoo? Check out the wonderfully hilarious story "Gotchoo" by SKH (finally archived at fanfiction.net. Go read it. Now!). Used entirely without permission but with total awe of SKH's writing abilities. Hopefully, she'll forgive me. If not, I'll take it out in a heartbeat.