Amy Rohrback opened the front door and saw a deliveryman standing in front of her.

"Sign here, please." He held out a pen and a clipboard to her. She sighed and scrawled her name on the line and accepted the box.

"G'day," he said as he walked away.

She bade in farewell absentmindedly as she studied the box in front of her. Who would be sending her a package? There was a symbol of a green face in upper left hand corner where a return label would normally be. She finally shrugged and reached for a sharp pen to cut trough the packaging tape.

Inside the box, she saw a photo album. She took it out, brushing off the Styrofoam peanuts, and opened the cover. She smiled when the beaming faces of her rookie and his new bride looked up at her. Inscribed below the picture were the words, "For those who were there, for fond memories and laughter, a memento."

When she turned the page and saw the next picture, she burst out laughing.

*          *          *

Lois Lane called out to her husband as he shut the door. "Who was it?"

Clark Kent looked down at the familiar green mask. "A package from Oracle." Funny, why would she be sending him something?

Lois came into the room. "Well, aren't you going to open it?"

Clark tore open the box and extracted a plain brown photo album. "I wonder what this is," he murmured to himself as he flipped open to a random page. His eyes widened.


*          *          *

"…my word!" Alfred Pennyworth breathed. He gazed in shocked horror at a photograph of a reluctant Bruce Wayne receiving a lap dance from a scantily clad brunette. From the look on his face, the billionaire was not enjoying the experience.

The butler chuckled quietly to himself as he turned the page.

*          *          *

Dinah spewed coffee across her kitchen table and started coughing. Her coughs gradually turned into laughs as she reached for a napkin to wipe up the mess. "Oh, Barbara, this is a keeper," she said as she looked back at the picture of Roy clutching Nightwing's legs in desperation. The look on the archer's face was priceless.

She briefly wondered who else had received a copy of the photo album.

*          *          *

Wally West, known as the Flash, and his wife Linda were doubled up with laughter on the couch. "Oh, god," he wheezed as he tried to catch his breath. "Dick is never going to live this down."

He tapped the picture of Dick trapped by a trio of exotic dancers and mimed out the expression on his best friend's face, causing Linda to dissolve into giggles again.

"At least Barbara has a sense of humor about this," Linda choked out.

*          *          *

Jim Gordon sat down at the table and opened the book that had been delivered to him earlier that day. This was the first chance he had to look at it. He chuckled briefly to himself as he turned the pages. When he reached the one of a disgruntled Joker snarling at the camera as the door to the police wagon was about to be slammed shut, he wondered if he could get it blown up and delivered to Arkham Asylum where the clown was currently residing.

Ah, hell. He'd get it blown up and hung on the wall of police headquarters. Along with the one of Tempest braining the Joker with a chair.

*          *          *

Lois glared at her husband. "And just what is this?" she demanded as she pointed to the picture of Clark with a voluptuous redhead on his lap.

Clark Kent, the strongest man alive, stammered something and blushed as he tried to wrest the book back from his spouse. He briefly thanked whatever higher power was listening that Oracle had not thought to do something like this for his bachelor party.

*          *          *

Batman looked up from the Batcomputer. "What is it, Alfred?"

The stoic butler handed him a box. "A package came for you sir, from Miss Barbara."

"Thank you." Bruce accepted the package and opened it. When he had opened the photo album, Alfred had already entered the elevator. The Englishman hid a grin when he heard his master's muffled curses. He did smile, however, when he decided not to tell Bruce that Barbara had also sent him a copy of the album as well.

*          *          *

Diana Prince stared in horror at the picture in front of her. "I couldn't have been that drunk, could I?" she wondered to herself. She had not even known she could get drunk!

She shuddered a bit before turning the page, avoiding looking at the picture of her stuffing a bill into the Batman stripper's leggings.

*          *          *

"What are you doing in that picture, Daddy?"

Roy looked over his shoulder at his daughter Lian. "Nothing!" He quickly slammed the book shut and grabbed her hand. "How about I make you a bowl of ice cream?" he asked her, hoping that she would forget about the humiliating picture of him up on stage.

*          *          *

Donna Troy snickered as she walked out of the film developing place, carrying a poster size print of the same picture that Lian Harper had been so curious of. She already knew the perfect place to hang it.

*          *          *

Tim Drake hit the speed dial on his phone. The line picked up. "Oracle here," a mechanical voice answered.

"Aw, Babs," the third Robin whined. "Why didn't I get a copy of the bachelor party photos like everyone else?"

"Tim, how old are you again?" Barbara's voice asked him.


"Exactly. Maybe in a few more years, squirt." She hung up on him.

Tim stared at the phone in his hand in dismay. "Aw, crap." He hung the receiver back on the base. Maybe Roy will let him borrow his copy…

*          *          *

Alfred cleared his throat. "Master Bruce? Was the package from Miss Barbara of some import, sir?"

Bruce cleared his throat. "Um…it was nothing too vital, Alfred."

"Of course, sir." Alfred turned to leave the room. "Oh, one more thing…"

"Yes?" Bruce looked up at his oldest friend.

"I believe that…Amber was her name, was it not? I believe that she may have taken a fancy to you. Perhaps you should give her a ring." He exited the room and the door swung shut behind him.

Bruce stared after him for a long moment.

*          *          *

Dick Grayson looked at Barbara a bit apprehensively. "Honey, just how many copies did you have printed up?"

She looked up from her computer and gave him a smile. "Why, not that many."

He sighed with relief and began to sag against the doorframe.

Her smile turned wicked as she turned back to the terminal. "Just one for everyone who was at the parties."