Dark Obsession

Chapter One

Not Going Anywhere (Emmett P O V)

When I first saw Isabella Swan she captured my interest. I had Rosalie by my side, she noticed and I could tell she hated Bella from the start.

I on the other hand couldn'y get her off my mind. Edward was aggrivated that he couldn't hear her thoughts.

I found it amusing, I caught her glancing at us during lunch and soon Edward had to leave for a week due to Isabella's scent.

I found it delicious, though she was not my singer I wanted to bite into her throat and taste her precious life line. Soon her and Edward spent time together.

Fell "in love" and she stayed around us. I would watch her, not make it obvious and hide my thoughts from Edward. Then the whole James situation happened.

Of course, we saved her. But then later on had to leave Forks because Edward thought it would be safer for Bella. I didn't leave technically, I stayed behind and

watched over her. Which was easy to do considering she was being protected by the mutts.

Rosalie found me one day and had yelled at me to let my, as she called it, obsession with Bella Swan go. I told her no and made my point clear that I didn't want her

as much as Isabella Marie Swan. She felt betrayed, I felt careless. Rosalie and me didn't really stay as close as we usually did after I had seen Isabella. I would touch Rosalie and think of Bella, I'd even slip and call Rosalie by Bella's name.

But I never regretted it, I wanted Bella and I would have her by any means necassary. As of now, I was in my jeep ready to go to Bella.

I could smell th emutt inside with her, I had ran into Alice and she told me Rosalie had told Edward that Bella was dead. I hid the grin to myself when I knew Rosalie

had done as I said. She said she was going to Bella to see if it was true, I told her I would instead. I got out of my jeep and knocked on the door, hearing an irritated sigh. Once the door opened I saw Isabella, her eyes widened and she stared at me. "E-Emmett..."

"Hey Bells." Her eyes stayed wide and I heard the phone ring, the mutt answering saying Charlie was doing something with a funeral. I felt Bella hit me with a big hug.

I hugged her back, picking her up and swinging her in a full circle. My cell phone went off and I sat her down answering it. "Hello?"

"Emmett! Edward's going to ask the volturi to kill him! You need to get Bella to the airport NOW!"

"...I'll do my best. You go and try to help I'll get there soon." I hung up and sighed. Bella clung to me and refused to let go. "Who was that?"

"Boss, I'm working as a mechanic at a place and they wanted be to come in.."

"No! Please don't go I've missed you all so much please don't leave me!" She clung to me harder and I wrapped my arms around her tight in human standards. I saw the mutt walk to the door and freeze, he glared at me and I gave a shrug of my shoulders to him. "Alright Isbella..I'm not going anywhere."

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