Dark Obsession


Dead (Em Pov)

I had pulled out of Bella and we were dressed in less than five minutes. Taking her hand I took us downstairs and I pulled the door open. "Carlisle.."

He stared at us and Bella stayed behind me a little. His eyes were black and I didn't see anyone else with him. "You two..." He trailed off and I saw him stand straight. "Are together?"

I nodded, I was dead sure that he heard me and Bella when he got close enough.

He walked in and walked to the living room, me and Bella following him. "I thought you were staying gone Carlisle.."

"I would have..." He paced looking devastated. "Carlisle.." Bella walked around me and went and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and I narrowed my eyes. Jealousy and rage swept through me but I forced myself to stay calm.

This was my adoptive father I was getting pissed at.

"There's uh...Bella..Emmett...Edward's...dead." Bella yanked away from Carlisle as if he burned and I went over pulling her to me. I forced a shocked reaction and stared at him.

Bella stared at him also, I was guessing she was too shocked to believe it. "What...how?"

(Bella Pov)

"The Volturi." I heard Emmett growl behind me. He had his arms tight around me and I felt my eye water.

I may have been over Edward, but it still upset me that he was...dead.

"Why...would they..."

"Aro told me he showed himself...tried showing himself in the light. He said he was sorry and Alice left them." I couldn't help it, I started crying. I turned to Emmett and cried into his shoulders.

"Have you...got in contact with Alice?" Emmett asked holding me closer to him.

"No her cell phone heads straight to voice mail, Jasper has tried looking for her but cannot find her." I shut my eyes trying to not hear anymore and cried.

(Em Pov)

I knew Alice wasn't gone from The Volturi.

She was just "too important" to them.

They'd never let her call the family and if they did I was going to be dead.

But then again, how would anyone know I knew anything?

Edward was dead, no person to read my mind.

Unless Rosalie tried something...dammit.

"Where is Jasper? And Rosalie?" I picked Bella up sitting down with her. She was still lightly crying and I rubbed her back. "Jasper is in Alaska looking for Alice, Rosalie is with Esme not too far away.."

I nodded and kissed Bella's head. Her eyes were shut and I frowned at how upset she was. "Emmett...I need to speak with you."

I stood up taking Bella upstairs and laid her down on our bed. "I'll be back in a minute...you just lay here and rest okay?" She gave me a nod and I was back downstairs in less than a minute.


"You and Bella...when did this happen?"

"Alice called telling Rosalie that she couldn't see Bella after she jumped from a cliff. Rosalie called telling Edward and I came back here."

"Why would she call Edward? She knew he would think Bella was dead." I sighed starting to pace myself.

"I know.." I hung my head and Carlisle put his hand on my shoulder and I looked at him. "Its good you are with her now...that way she's not going to fall apart as badly over Edward.."

I nodded and sighed. "I'm sorry Carlisle..I know Edward was the closest to you besides Esme."

"You all are close to me.."

"He was your first turned." The devastated look came across his face again and I glanced away. "I'm...going to go hunt and speak to Esme. She's so upset.."

"Bring her by...I want to see mom..."

"That will help.." He sighed.

"I hope it does." Without any other word he left, running into the woods. I paced back and forth thinking what the fuck was I going to do now?

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