Chapter 61: Divine Blessing

Characters & Titles & Descriptions: Hair, Skin, Eyes, Build

Henry Tudor-King Of England_Dark Brown/Auburn, Tan Pale, Dark Hazel, Light/Med Build

Jane Seymour-Queen Of England_Blonde, Pale, Blue, Slim

Edward Tudor-Prince Of Wales_Blone, Tan Pale, Light Hazel, Infant

Alejandro Of Aragon-Prince Consort Of Spain & Holy Roman Emporer Consort_Black, Olive, Hazel/Honey, Med-Large Build

Catalina Of Aragon-Queen Of Spain and Holy Roman Empress_Black, Pale, Pale Blue, Slim-Curvy

Maria Trastamara Barquette of Aragon-Grand Duchess, Her Divine Grace & Heiress Of Brookfield_Brown, Pale, Hazel, Slim Curvey

Clarence Barquette Jr.-Grand Duke, His Divine Grace & Heir Of Brookfield_Blonde, Tan Pale, Light Gray, Lite-Med Build

Clarence Marion Barquette-Grand Duke, His Divine Grace Of Brookfield_Brown, Tan Pale, Hazel, Small

Lady Elizabeth Tudor-Brookfield Resident_Red, Pale, Brown, Small

Thomas Cromwell-Lord Secretary and Earl Of Essex_Black, Tan Pale, Dark, Light Build

Thomas More-Lord Chancellor_Dark Brown, Tan Pale, Dark, Lighg/Med Build

Isabella (Tudor) Trastamara Of Aragon-Princess Of Spain & Holy Roman Princess_Auburn, Olive, Blue, Small

Nicolàs (Tudor) Trastamara Of Aragon-Prince Of Spain & Holy Roman Prince_Black, Tan Pale, Blue, Small

Alejandro Trastamara Of Aragon-Prince Of Austria & Holy Roman Prince_Black, Olive, Hazel/Honey, Infant

Angelina Trastamara Of Aragon-Princess Of Spain & Holy Roman Princess_Black, Olive, Honey, Infant

Persèus Troy-Princess Of Monaco_Black, Olive, Green, Slim-Curvy Amelia Troy-Princess Of Monaco_Black, Olive, Green, Infant

Thomas Wosley Cardinal_Black(Graying), Tan Pale, Blue, Light Build

Charles Brandon-Duke Of Suffolk_Dark Brown, Tan Pale, Dark Brown, Med Build

John Seymour-Father of Queen Jane _Brown/Graying, Pale, Dark Brown, Husky

Edward Seymour-Earl of Hertford, Viscount Beauchamp of Hache_Brown, Pale, Brown, Light Build

Thomas Seymour-Lord High Admiral_Black, Tan, Blue, Light Build

John Ker-Duke of Roxburghe_Black, Pale, Pale Green, Light Build

John Ker- Heir of Roxburghe_Black, Pale, Pale Green, Infant

Anne Ker nee Boleyn-Duchess of Roxburghe_ Black, Pale, Brown, Slim Curvey

Clarence Barquette Sr.-Dux Divine (Latin: Divine Ruler) Of Brookfield, Divine Duke, His Diviness, Protector Of The Land_Brown, Tan Pale, Light Gray, Large Build

Richard Barquette (Second Son Of the Dux Divine)- Grand Duke, His Divine Grace_Blonde, Tan Pale, Light Gray, Small

Daniel Cobbs-Trastamara Embroideries Administrator of Business_Brown, Pale, Brown, Light Build

Queen Jane Seymour

White Hall Palace

Her Majesty's Chambers

Maria faints in my arms as I watch in horror, her body becomes limp and eyes are half closed. I held her close to me hugging her. Fear rages inside of me as my body begins to tremble.

"Ladies!" I said in a panic. They came running in and gasps at the sight of Maria lying limp in my arms. Lady Rochford kneels and helps me carry her to my bed. Another Lady of mine rushed out to get the royal physician. The rest of my Ladies ran around, gathering cloths and bumping into each other. We took Maria's dress off leaving her in her chemise. Ten minutes later Linacre came and examined her. While we waited in my outer chamber, Henry burst through the door scaring everyone into yelping and jumping out our chairs.

"What has happened?!" he barked in a panic. I quickly walk to him and put my hands on his chest.

"Henry she has fainted in my arms, it happened so fast. Linacre is in with her now." I said to him as I got him to sit down.

"How long has it been?" he asks as he leans over.

"It has been a half hour since she fainted." I said. As we wait, Margaret More comes into my chambers and curtsy to us.

"Lady More, where have you been?" I ask now remembering I saw no sign of her doing the commotion.

"Your Majesties, I spoke with Lady Pole and she have left for Brookfield to Lord Clarence to inform him about Lady Maria's illness." she explains, beside me I felt Henry stiffened at the name of Maria's husband.

"Of course, he should be informed." I said to her. Suddenly, Linacre emerges from my bedchambers. We all stood awaiting his news.

"Majesties." he said bowing respectfully.

"What ails her Linacre, is she well?" Henry ask almost desperately. I look to the doctor wanting to know if she is well or not.

Linacre nods and smiles litely. This is good, I say to myself. "Her Grace is very much fine. I have examined her and found that she is with child." Linacre spoke as Henry quickly stood from my side, his hands rests on his waist. He turns to hide his frustration but faced Linacre.

"Are you sure?" Henry asked in a whisper. Dr. Linacre nods his head in conformation. Henry eyes darts to the floor in silence as anger swallow him.

"Her Divine Grace is not very far along. It is very early." he says as he clasp his black leather utensil bag.

"That is good news." I say as I stood as well. All in the room murmurs and smiles for Maria. By the look of it, news that Maria is with child shall be the talk of the palace. I look to Henry, he appears to have no expression. I go to him and put my hand on his chest.

"Henry, are you well?" I ask out of earshot away from the others. Slightly Henry nods and clears his throat.

"All is well sweetheart, I am to be a grandfather again." Henry said loud enough for the others to hear. He bore a kingly smile. A smile I have come to be all too familiar with. I watch him smile to his less favorable courtiers when they visit. I know he is not happy, Maria once again conceives a child. I take a quiet breath as Henry leaves to speak to Cromwell. Just by watching Henry suppress his anger, I know I shall not hear the end of it.

Infanta's Palace, Brookfield

His Divine Grace Clarence Barquette

Maria's office is more fit for a woman. There are cushioned seats, a soft golden striped cushioned divan that sits under the window to enjoy the view from her office. She even has sweets wrapped in wax paper in a crystal bowl on her desk. Painting of us and other women in her hand made gowns. Fabrics of all colors, jewels, different sizes of corsets and other feminine items are neatly lain about. The air is perfumed with a sweet rose scent. She has a bowl of white rose pedals to further freshen the office. As I sit in Maria's arm chair completing the last bit of paperwork I have, Margaret Pole comes in with Cans squirming in her arms.

"Clarence , Maria has fainted at White Hall!" she said out of breath. I shot up from my seat and grabbed my jacket and left for the stables.

"Julia!" I heard Margaret call leaving the office following me. Julia came quickly and she curtsies. "When it is time, get Lady Elizabeth from school and prepare her for when Mr. More comes." Lady Margaret said. We made it to the stables and had them ready a grand carriage for our departure. We were on our way within ten minutes. The ride to White Hall is quiet. Cans lay quiet in Margaret's arms while playing with her pearl rosary that hung against her breast. Worry grips my heart as the thought of my Maria victimized by a mysterious ailment. I endlessly pray to God as we rode to White Hall. Tears well in my eye as Margaret's hand grips my shoulder.

"It shall be alright." she says as worry shadows her as it does me. I nod and continuing to pray silently.

We arrived at White Hall in the middle of the afternoon around 4. The King's guard received us and Lady Margaret More greets us as I help Lady Margaret Pole from the carriage. Lady More smiles and curtsy to us.

"I have just spoken with Her Majesty, she says Maria has just awaken from her faint." she said completely worry free. A breath of relief escapes me as a smile creeps to my face.

"That is wonderful news." I said in mirth. Margaret Pole clasp her hands and smile as I kiss Cans head.

"Come my Lord, I shall take you to her. Their Majesties are with her." Lady More say as she led us inside White Hall Palace. Everyone parted ways while they bow and curtsy. I am too worried for Maria to acknowledge them. After what seems like forever passing through corridors and other rooms we finally made it to the Queen's chambers.

"Lord Barquette, their Majesties and Her Divine Grace are waiting for you." Lady Rochford said as she led the way to the Queen's bedchamber.

Maria lays against the pillows while speaking to the Queen. His Majesty stood nearby watching.

"Your Majesties." I bowed while Margaret More and Margaret Pole curtsied. The Queen nods for us to rise.

"Maria." I said going to her side. She gently squeezed my hand.

"I am well husband." she reassures me with a small rasp in her voice. She clears her throat with a smile on her face. My smile matched hers and I kissed her hand lovingly. I look to their Majesties and stood.

"Your Majesties are very kind to take such good care of my wife." I said mainly to the Queen. The King took offense and stood.

"Of course we took care of her. She is my daughter." King Henry says before the Queen could speak. Lady Pole brought Cans to his awaiting mother's arms. Cans gurgles and laugh as she kisses him.

"Little Clarence has indeed grown." Queen Jane observes. Maria smile and turned him facing her. He waves his hands and babbles in his baby talk. Maria, due to the circumstances, is reluctant to speak to her father after what happened. Sometimes I think she couldn't care less for her father the King. The same can be said about him.

"Would your Majesty like to hold him?" I ask as Maria caress and ruffles Cans hair. Queen Jane look to Maria as she made an audible gasp. Maria nods and gently hands over our boy to the Queen. He began to cry but once the Queen bounced him around a little he quiets down and her jewels catches his eye. Queen Jane quickly grew enamoured with Cans. The Queens hair hung down and tickles Cans nose. He pulls it and puts it in his mouth. Her Majesty playfully yanks her hair away and feathers his nose with her golden lock.

"He is such a precious boy." Queen Jane says as she and Maria engage in conversation. Ladies Pole and More joins the conversation as well. I walk to the King and he stood up straighter and nods.

"My Lord if I may, I shall be content to compensate you for taking care of my wife." I say kindly taking out my purse. His Majesty's eyes widen slightly.

"I do not need to be rewarded for taking care of my own child." he snapped and walk pass me stopping at the foot of Her Majesty's bed, causing the ladies conversation to halt.

"I wish to inquire about Lady Elizabeth's education." he asked Maria. Surprisingly she answered and for a while father and daughter spoke as if it were the King and his servant. If anyone else was observing this conversation they would not be able to tell that Maria and the King are father and child. "And Sir Clanrence, how is his health?" the King asks. I silently perked up at hearing the name of my son. The King is actually interested in my son. I think to myself. Or perhaps he is just...

"His physicians say he is robust in health and strength." Maria says taking me from my thoughts, the King nods in approval.

"Very good, he is just as I was. Strong and healthy." his Majesty says.

Then Maria looks as if she just remembered something. "I have almost forgotten, I am to see the French and Imperial ambassadors." Maria says as she pushes the covers back swinging her legs around to the side of the bed.

"Let me help you, I do not want you to fall." I say going to her side. I helped her and she stood up just fine.

"See," she jumps a little "all is well husband." she says while straightening her chemise. Queen Jane held a bouncing Cans and gave him to Lady Pole who gladly took him. Little conversation to place after and their Majesties said their goodbyes and left us to ourselves along with Lady More. Margaret Pole hands me Cans and is helping Maria with her dress and corset. Once they finished preparing her dress and other things, we left Her Majesty's chambers leaving her maids to straighten up things. We went to court and waited beyond the crimson curtains. The royal herald banged his wooden rod on the hard wooden floor twice to gain the attention of the court.

"Their Divine Graces, Clarence and Maria Barquette with their son and heir His Divine Grace, Clarence, the youngest being accompanied by the Divine Governess, Lady Margaret Pole." he said as the courtiers turns, bows and curtsies low in respect. The court is quiet, so quiet that it is erie. Their Majesties stood up and receives us formally. They sat back down and smiles gracefully, the Queen did anyway.

"Welcome Your Divine Graces and Countess Salisbury." the King says as he folds his legs.

"Majesties." we said in unison.

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