[1] This is my first FoR fanfic.  Any wrong or misspelled terms are not of deliberate intent.  Let's just say I'm renewing my love for Flame of Recca that's why I'm no longer that familiar to the terms.

[2] OOC warning!  Some characters in this fic (like Kurei and Tokiya) may not act like they usual do in the anime series.  Just humor me, okay?

[3] I am not familiar with the age gap of Kaoru and Ganko.  But in this fic, Kaoru is two years older than Ganko.  Kaoru is a Junior while Ganko is a Freshman in High School.

[4] In this fic, Ganko's madougu attained more power and that Kondo has another madougu attached to him giving him other abilities.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own FoR or any of its characters.  This plot is a product of my imagination.  Any similarities to other fan fictions are unintentional.


By bishounen lovah

Chapter One

"So how do you like school so far?"

"Okay, I guess."  Ganko smiled at her new friend Megumi.  Her first day back in school wasn't that bad although she couldn't help but feel relieved that their classes were finished for the day and that the guys that had been hitting on her could no longer be seen.

It's nice to be back in Tokyo, Ganko thought jubilantly.  They (she and the Kirisawa family) left the place five years ago because Fuuko's dad got promoted.  So they packed their bags and moved to Hong Kong.

It broke her heart at first because it would mean leaving behind the rest of the Hokage gang but she couldn't do anything about it.  The Kirisawas are her new family now since they adopted her.  So wherever they go, she followed.  But it wasn't that bad because Fuuko-neechan was with her and the others often called and wrote.

All of them except for one.

Instantly, her face started to redden from anger with steam coming out of her ears.  An animated vein pumped madly on her forehead.  Ganko didn't notice that Megumi was sweatdropping beside her wondering if the blond girl was mental.

"Anou…are you okay?  Did I say something bad?"

Ganko sighed as she had somehow managed to control her anger.  She remembered that Yanagi-chan and Recca-kun were throwing a welcome home party for them this afternoon.  It meant that everybody will be there including that baka.  I'll give Kaoru a big piece of my mind, she thought with an evil grin making Megumi sweatdrop some more.

As they walked towards the school's gate, something caught Ganko's eyes and ears.  On their far right was a mob of screaming girls.

"What's going on over there," she asked Megumi while straining her neck to see what was causing the commotion.  When the other girl didn't answer, Ganko looked back at her and saw that Megumi's eyes were full of stars and her face was flushed with excitement.

She waved a hand in front of Megumi's face but it didn't bring her back to reality.  She sighed as she remembered 'neechan's advise on how to get someone's attention.  She didn't want to do this but Megumi left her no choice.

She took a deep breath and shouted in her friend's ear, "OI!  MEGUMI-CHAN!!!"

That got her attention all right because the girl actually fell to the ground at the impact of Ganko's shout.  "Itai!  What did you do that for?"  Megumi said.

Ganko grinned as she helped Megumi up.  "Well, I asked you a question and you just stood there with goo-goo eyes.  So are you going to tell me what's the commotion all about?"

"Kaoru Koganei!  That's what's going on.  He's the most popular and cutest guy in school.  Every girl is lusting over him."

As soon as Ganko heard his name, she started to see stars though not from admiration but from anger.  Ganko suddenly took Megumi's hand and dragged her towards the crowd.

Some of the girls saw them coming and moved aside to let them pass because Ganko's face was contorted from anger.  The other girls who didn't see them, or maybe did but didn't care, were pushed aside as Ganko made way towards the center of the crowd.

And sure enough, Kaoru stood there with his fanged grin flirting with the girls nearest him.  Ganko tapped him on the shoulder to make him turn around.  As soon as he did, his face met Ganko's fist.  It was quite difficult for her to throw the punch because he was at least a foot taller than her.  But that didn't stop her.  The other girls gasped as they saw their idol fall down from the impact.

"Yare yare.  What did you do that for?"  Kaoru looked up from the ground while rubbing his aching nose.  He saw that the punch came from a beautiful girl with long blond hair.  Probably a new student, he thought as he admired her starting from the foot up.  When his eyes met her eyes, a light bulb was switched on in his brain.

"Oi!  Ganko!  Long time no see!"  Kaoru said as he stood up.  As soon as he did she grabbed his cheeks and stretched them away from his skull.

"Don't you 'Oi Ganko' me!  You've got a lot of explaining to do," she said pulling his cheeks farther and farther to stress her words.  "I've been gone for five years and that's all you can say to me?"

Ganko was so angry that she didn't notice that the crowd was closing in them.  But Kaoru did.  The other girls were starting to get angry because the new girl not only punched the resident bishounen but she was also hogging all of his attention.  They were angry and jealous.  And no one, especially Kaoru, wanted to get stuck in such a mob.

Kaoru moved quickly and pulled Ganko's hands away from his face.  He cursed inwardly because it felt like pulling away a crab's pincher.  He grabbed Ganko by the waist and threw her over his shoulder and ran as though he was a football player going for a touchdown.


"Shut up!  Can't you see I'm saving your life?"  Kaoru said as he dashed towards the gate.  He looked back and saw that the girls were still chasing them.  Not only that, they were also starting to throw books and binders at Ganko.  One almost got her but fortunately Kaoru saw it coming and was able to jump away from it.

But that action hitched Ganko's already short uniform skirt up, showing part of her underwear.  Kaoru saw it and blushed furiously almost losing his balance.

"Hey, watch where you're going," Ganko said as she pushed against his back to take a good look at him.  She caught him taking an inconspicuous look at her buttocks and realized that her skirt must have hitched up.

"BAKA!  HENTAI!  PUT ME DOWN!"  She struggled waving her arms and kicking her feet, unaware that her actions were only making her skirt go up further.  Kaoru clamped his nose to stop it from bleeding.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he detoured in an alley, jumped on a large metal trash bin, and onto a balcony two stories up.  He placed Ganko down and pressed her against the wall, covering her body with his.  When she moved her mouth to shout at him, he placed his fingers over her lips to prevent her from doing so.  He looked down at the alley street waiting for the mob to run by, missing Ganko's blush.

As expected, the girls were still running after them and went through the alley.  Thank goodness none of them looked up or else we'd be stuck up here with an angry mob below us, he sighed.  When he was sure that his groupies were gone, he took a somewhat reluctant step away from Ganko and removed his more reluctant fingers from her lips.

When Ganko saw him give her his cheeky grin, the fog that had blocked her mind for the last two minutes cleared.  She felt her cheeks burn although she didn't know if it was from anger or something else.  When she couldn't stand his grin anymore, she raised her hand and slapped him really hard leaving behind a red handprint on his left cheek.

"Is that the thanks I get from saving you from that mob?"  Kaoru rubbed his stinging cheek, still not losing his fanged grin.

"Baaa-ka," Ganko muttered as she turned her back to him.  She grabbed the iron balustrade of the balcony and jumped over it.  She fell to the ground and landed on her feet gracefully.  She shot an icy glare up to Kaoru and started to walk away.

Kaoru forced his hanging jaw to close and laughed at himself.  She didn't need me to save her after all, he said to himself.  Obviously, Fuuko taught her how to fight.

He shrugged off the awkward feeling when he thought those words.  He had always protected Ganko ever since Kurei brought her to his mansion.  He should be glad that she could take care of herself now.  She must have worked hard since Fuuko was a slave driver when it came to training.

He jumped off the balcony and followed her, careful to stay a few steps behind her.  He knew that she was mad at him because he didn't make any attempt to contact her while she was away.  He didn't blame her because that was a rotten thing to do.  But he didn't regret what he did.

He remembered those days.  Ganko was getting too dependent on him.  He didn't mind at first but then realized that he couldn't protect her all the time.  And danger would always come to them because both of them own psychic devices.  It wouldn't do her any good if she continued to rely on him and the others for protection.

He was pretty sure that Ganko was really mad at him for not writing or calling.  He hoped that she used that anger and frustration in training hard.  Now she won't need him anymore.

Kaoru frowned at that thought.  The awkward feeling nagged his heart again.

Admit it, a voice in his head said, you don't really want her to be strong.  You loved being her superhero and you still do.

Shut up, he shouted to that inner voice.  Of course I want her to be strong.  She shouldn't rely on me or anyone else to protect her.

Aw, come on!  You want to protect her.  Admit it, the voice teased.

No.  I don't want to protect her when it's not necessary.  She should learn to fight for herself, he insisted back.

Then how come you're trailing her like you're some kind of bodyguard?

I'm not following her.  We're just going the same way.  Besides, 'niichan told me to pick her up.

Yeah, right!

Kaoru could actually hear the voice's sarcasm and smirk.  That and what the voice said made him stop.  He shook his head vigorously to get rid of that annoying voice and to get a hold of himself.  When he looked up again, he saw that Ganko had disappeared.  Now where did she go?  He thought as he looked left and right to find her.  When he realized what he was doing, he stopped himself.  Ganko could take care of herself.  She doesn't need me any more.

He walked on to Recca's house knowing that he'll see her there.  But even though he was able to get rid of that annoying voice in his head, he wasn't able to get rid of that nagging feeling tugging at his heart.

He took the shortcut towards the house Recca and Kurei shared.  He smiled as he remembered those flame casters.  They haven't tried to kill each other since the Ura Butou Satsoujin although their petty family squabbles often led to a quick visit of the fire department to their house.

He jumped over a wooden fence and landed in a squat position.  He looked around the backyard and saw Fuuko and Tokiya making out on the bench.  They'd been going steady even before Fuuko and Ganko left the country five years ago.  They kept the relationship going even though Tokiya stayed here in Tokyo while Fuuko was in Hong Kong.  Sometimes Tokiya would go there to visit his girlfriend but most of the time they stay in touch through the phone or the Internet.

Kaoru grinned, tiptoed to the nearest tree between them and hid behind it.  He looked back at the couple and saw that they were no longer kissing.  Tokiya had an arm around Fuuko's shoulder.  He could barely see Fuuko's head because she had it buried against Tokiya's chest.

Kaoru got on all fours and crawled towards the back of the bench.  When he had reached them, he straightened in a kneeling position and took a deep breath so he could startle them.

"Don't even think about it," Tokiya said in a bored tone.

"PBBBLLTH," Kaoru stuck out his tongue at him.

"Oi, Kaoru!"  Fuuko turned around and reached out to pat his head like an obedient dog.  "How's it going?"

"Where's Ganko?"  Tokiya stood up and pulled Fuuko with him.  "Didn't I tell you to wait for her in school?"

"I did.  We left together," Kaoru's grin turned sheepish as he scratched his left cheek with his left forefinger.  "Demo…I kind of lost her."

"Yosha!  Pay up, Tokiya!"  Fuuko grabbed the money out of Tokiya's hand and counted it.  "I told you I'm a better teacher than you."

"What's going on?  You're betting on us now?"  Kaoru exclaimed indignantly.  Tokiya took him in after the tournament and acted as both brother and sensei to him.

"Some ninja you are," Tokiya huffed.  "You can't even keep track of a girl."

"Stop being a sore loser.  Come on," Fuuko grabbed Tokiya and Kaoru by their arms and dragged them inside.  "Let's take advantage of her absence."

Kaoru stared at her in question but before he could ask her what she meant they were already in the kitchen at the back of the house.  Yanagi and Kagerou were preparing snacks while Recca and Kurei were shouting at Domon to get up.

Sounds like Domon is wrestling with someone…and losing to that someone, Kaoru thought with a snicker.  He looked over the kitchen counter and down the tiled floor.  What he saw sent him burst in laughter.

"Kondo!"  Ganko's stuffed animal was pulverizing Domon.  He had Domon's foot in his hands and was twisting it counterclockwise.

"Come on!  Say it, you big wuss.  Say that you give up!"  Kondo shouted as he twisted the foot some more.

"In your dreams, stuffed bear!"  Domon shouted back although his fists were already pounding on the floor from pain.

"I'M NOT A BEAR!  Don't you know the difference between a bear and a fox?"  Kondo dropped his foot but ran over Domon's back to grab his Mohawk.  He was about to slam the baka's head to the floor but was lifted up by Fuuko.

"That's enough, Kondo.  We have things to do."

"Consider yourself lucky, gorilla," Kondo shouted at Domon as he was carried away towards the living room.

Kurei and Tokiya followed behind.  Recca helped Domon up and went to the other room too.  Yanagi and Kagerou drafted Kaoru's help to carry the tray of food.

"So what is this all about?"  Recca asked Fuuko when everyone was seated.

"Its Ganko," Fuuko sighed, "something's wrong with her."

Kaoru felt his heart stop beating for a nanosecond.  What was Fuuko talking about?  Ganko looked fine to him when he saw her.  Although she did look tired but he thought it was because it was her first day in school.

"She's been having this nightmare for a month now.  Every single night, the same nightmare.  And when she wakes up, we find bruises on her body as though someone's holding her down and beating her up.  I'm worried about her.  She's starting to grow quiet and moody.  She's losing weight because she refuses to eat and sleep," Fuuko explained in a frustrated tone.

"What is her dream about?"  Kagerou asked.

"It fades once she wakes up.  All that she remembers is a man's voice.  She said that he keeps demanding her to give his psychic device back."

Everybody looked at Kurei after Fuuko spoke.  They knew that it was him who gave Ganko her madougu.

"That psychic device once belonged to a man named Tsukiho.  You've met him once," Kurei said, enjoying the suspense.

"I don't recall meeting someone called Tsukiho, 'niichan," Recca said after a while as the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Ah, perhaps you don't recall because he was under another psychic device then.  He entered the Ura Butou Satsoujin as Noroi.  At least his body did."

"Noroi?  You mean the guy with that helmet who tried to make a mush out of Domon's pea brain?"  Kaoru exclaimed.  He ducked when Domon threw a throw pillow at him (B/N: no pun intended).

"Hai!  The body that the Spellbound was using then was Tsukiho's.  That's why I got hold of the Kata Kugutsu.  He was the only one I know who used it aside from Ganko," Kurei explained as he took a sip of his tea.

"If he's dead how come he wants Ganko's madougu back?"  Fuuko asked.

"Probably because he wants to live again," Tokiya guessed.  "Ganko's psychic device can give life to any object.  He's probably thinking of placing his spirit in a mannequin brought to life by the Kata Kugutsu."

"Is that possible?"  Yanagi asked Kurei.

"Anything is possible," he shrugged back.

"Hey, what am I?  Chopped liver?  I have the device so why doesn't he possess me?  That way he won't have to hurt Ganko," Kondo exclaimed.

"Who would want to get stuck in a stuffed bear," Domon snorted.

"Why you…I told you I'm a fox not a bear!"  Kondo jumped on the coffee table and poised to jump on Domon but stopped when the Kata Kugutsu flashed bright red.

The orb on his neck started to glow brighter and brighter.  His black button eyes turned to a dazzling shade of red.  A second later, an intense light akin to a lightning flashed in the room forcing the people to close their eyes.  When they opened them, Kondo had already disappeared.

"What happened," Kaoru exclaimed.  He didn't like this.  His heart was beating hard and fast against his ribcage as though warning him that something ominous was about to happen.

"Ganko summoned him," Fuuko quickly stood up and ran to the door.  "She must be in trouble.  Kaoru…"

He didn't let her finish.  He ran out of the door and dashed towards the street where he last saw Ganko.  Wait for me, he said as though trying to send it telepathically.  I'll save you, Ganko.


Ganko sneaked a peek out the store window.  She was furious at Kaoru not only because of her initial reason.  She was furious at him because the hentai took a peek at her knickers.

But most of all, she was furious at him because he had the gall to think that she needed him to protect her.

It didn't help a bit when he started to follow her like a puppy.  She was too furious and too embarrassed.  And too confused.

She wanted to get away from him.  She got her chance when he suddenly stopped walking and vigorously shook his head.  Ganko thought this odd but nevertheless ran towards the nearest shop and hid behind the shelves.

Ganko sighed when Kaoru left after he looked around for her.  She thought he was going to track her down.  She watched his receding figure until she couldn't see him anymore.  He looks cute, she had to admit.  Not as cute as Tokiya-niichan but definitely bishounen material.  No wonder girls are after him.

She remembered when Kaoru had placed his fingers on her lips a few minutes ago.  It was such an intimate contact that she couldn't help but blush.  No one had ever kissed her lips before, least of all, touched them.  Electricity had coursed throughout her body making it difficult to breathe and move.

Baka, she reprimanded herself, what the heck are you thinking?  Kaoru is nothing to you but an annoying big brother.

She forced herself to think of something else and instantly what came to her mind were the girls at school.  They were really crazy about Kaoru.  She was really shocked when they started to throw things at her.  How am I gonna go back to school tomorrow, she sighed as she browsed at the cosmetics lined up in front of her.

It wasn't what the other girls thought about her that worried her.  After all, Fuuko was her mentor.  It was what they were going to do to her that did.

She didn't have the stamina and concentration to dodge their attacks no matter how puny or silly they will be.  She was too weak and too distracted.

Ganko came face to face with her reflection.  She knew that she was losing weight.  She was slim before but now she was bone thin.  Her skin lost its healthy glow and the hollows of her eyes and cheeks became more pronounced.  Dark bags under her eyes and her lips were starting to lose color.  All of these were hidden under a thin makeup expertly placed on by Fuuko-neechan.

The bell at the door sounded.  Thinking it was Kaoru, she peeked again at the door.  No it wasn't him.  It was worse.  About half a dozen girls from the mob had walked in the store.  This really isn't my day, she sighed as she looked around for an escape route.

Fortunately, the shop owner left the counter to greet the new customers.  Ganko took this chance and dashed towards the back door beside the counter.  This led her to the storage room that had an adjoining door leading to an alley.

She closed the door behind her and leaned against it.  She stayed like that for a few minutes to calm herself.  When she saw the group of girls leave the shop and cross the street she began walking out of the alley.

Ganko stopped when she heard someone call out her name.  She looked around and saw that the alley was empty.  She shrugged thinking it was her imagination but then she heard her name again.

"Who's there," she said reaching in her skirt pocket for her kunai.  "Show yourself."

"Don't you remember me, Ganko?" the voice called out again.

She felt the blood leave her face.  That voice was the reason why she was back in Tokyo.  That voice was the reason why she was sick.  She poised to attack, her kunai in between her fingers.  "Where are you?  What do you want from me?"

"You know what I want from you."

Ganko stiffened.  The voice was coming from somewhere to her right.  She was about to move but felt him toy with her hair.  She couldn't see him…couldn't see anyone.  But still a lock of her hair was twirling in mid air.

"Give me back my Kata Kugutsu and I'll spare you."

That brought her back to life.

"Never," she hissed before jumping back and throwing her darts to the source of the voice.

To her dismay, her kunai stopped and just floated in mid air.

"If you're not going to give it to me then I have no other choice but to kill you."

The darts turned around and pointed towards Ganko.  She was so shocked that she never got a chance to move.  Six kunai flew towards her and pierced into her flesh embedding at various parts of her body.  She fell back at the impact and was beginning to lose consciousness.

"Kondo," she whispered before totally backing out.

"She's still alive.  She must die."  Tsukiho observed.

Invisible hands started to move towards her neck poising to strangle the girl.  But before he could touch her he heard a growl coming from behind him.

A large fox with shiny red fur was gnarling at him.  Even though he was invisible, Tsukiho knew that the fox could sense him.  The angry fox took a step forward and he took a step back.  It growled some more showing numerous sharp teeth.

What's a fox doing in the city, Tsukiho thought in slight panic as he stared at its blood red eyes.  He abhorred dogs of any kind when he was still alive and he still did even if he's dead.  It was then that he noticed the Kata Kugutsu on the beast's neck.  Kondo advanced again.

This may pose a problem, Tsukiho thought.  I have to rethink my plans.  We'll meet again, Ganko.

Kondo sniffed the air.  The enemy was gone.  He quickly went to Ganko's unconscious form and licked her face to wake her up.    The new madougu clamped on his left ear like a wide earring allowed him to turn into a real fox, among other things.  Unfortunately, this psychic device that Fuuko gave him did not allow him to talk.

This was how Kaoru found them.  He thought that it was the dog that attacked Ganko and was now going to eat her up.  He picked up an empty can and threw it at the dog.

"HEY!  WATCH IT, KOGANEI," Kondo transformed back into his original cuddly form (well, rude but cuddly nonetheless).  He had a bandage on his forehead where the can had hit him.

"Kondo!  What the…" Kaoru was shocked.  He didn't know that the stuffed toy could transform.  Come to think of it, he didn't know that Ganko could summon Kondo.

"Don't just stand there, gaki.  Help me with Ganko."

Kaoru snapped back to reality and ran towards Ganko.  What he saw made his stomach churn in sudden pain.  There was now a puddle of blood around the girl flowing from her multiple wounds.

He quickly removed the darts and pressed his hands on the wounds but that left four more.  Kondo climbed over Ganko's body and used his paws to add pressure on the other wounds to stop blood flow.

"Ganko!"  Fuuko reached their side.  She softly slapped the girl's face in an attempt to wake her up.

"Recca's coming with Yanagi," Tokiya said, pocketing his hand phone.  He took out his handkerchief and wrapped it tightly around Ganko's thigh to stop the blood from flowing out.

He used his Ensui to cut his jacket to strips.  One by one, they covered the rest of her wounds on her shoulder, arms and leg.

Kuso, Kaoru cursed inwardly.  When I find that Tsukiho I'll kill him again and again even if he's a ghost.  What he did to Ganko was unforgivable.

"Put some more pressure on it," Tokiya ordered Kaoru.  The last dart had punctured exactly in the middle of Ganko's chest.  He didn't know if it had hit her heart or arteries but he was sure that they were going to lose her if Yanagi didn't arrive soon.

As soon a he thought that, a black convertible screeched to a halt at the street.  Recca and Yanagi ran towards them while Kurei and Domon stayed at the mouth of the alley, blocking the scene from outsiders.

Yanagi quickly healed Ganko although she had to cut herself to give her blood to the girl.  Minutes later, Recca was helping Yanagi to get in the back of the car.  He then held the door open for Kaoru who had Ganko in his arms.  When they got in, Recca closed the door and climbed in the front passenger seat beside Kurei.  The others agreed to walk back to the house.

Recca looked back at the other passengers.  Yanagi fell asleep out of exhaustion in using her powers.  Ganko hadn't gain consciousness yet.  But it was Kaoru who caught his eyes.

He still had Ganko in his arms and on his lap.  He had refused to let her go, saying that it would be easier to get out as such.  His arms around her were tight yet gentle as though enclosing her in a protective circle.  Recca could see Kaoru's eyes even though his face was averted towards the girl's face.  His eyes were flared from anger and were screaming bloody murder.

"Mind your own business, Recca."  Kurei quietly said to his brother even though he knew that Kaoru wouldn't hear him in a normal volume.

Recca shrugged back but couldn't help but smile.

"Looks like the brat's finally in love," he whispered back, taking one last look at the boy.

To be continued…