By: Manna


Florina was rather terrified of the holidays, and with things like mistletoe afoot, she had every reason to be. It wasn't the thought of kissing in general that scared her, but she really had no desire to kiss most of those that lived within the stone walls.

Most meaning that there was at least one person she wouldn't mind letting kiss her. A little. Just once. It was finding him that was the hard part, because he was always in a different place, doing whatever it is he wanted to do. She had tried asking Kent where he was, but Kent was still seething about a trick that very same person had played on him and couldn't be bothered to track the other man down.

So she had set off to find him, herself, avoiding everyone else as best she could. It worked rather well. She wasn't the smallest woman around, but she could flatten herself against walls and columns with relative ease, which did help her case.

At last she found him, whistling an obnoxious tune as loudly as humanly possible and grinning from ear to ear. She popped out of her current hiding spot to greet him. His whistling stopped, the only indication that she might have had mild success in startling him. For once.

"Florina!" he said, his grin widening. "I have not seen you for hours, nay, all day! How go the preparations for the party on the morrow? And you, how fare you? You look—"

She cut his rambling off by lifting a sprig of mistletoe over both of their heads. Nothing had ever shut him up quite so effectively (and she filed that little tidbit away for future reference).

"A-Are you certain?" he asked.

She was pleased she had caught him off-guard. She nodded, feeling a little shy. "J-Just on the cheek, though," she managed to say, her face reddening.

He smiled at her and leaned in, placing a gentle kiss against the burning skin of her cheek. "That you've placed your trust in me, it truly honors me!" he said when he pulled away.

"T-That you do not betray that trust…honors me," she answered, giving him a small smile. Before she lost her nerve, she wrapped her arms around him in a quick hug, squeezing him tight before promptly fleeing down the hall, leaving Sain to blink after her.


Author Notes:

This is for RawkHawk2.0 who randomly requested a Sain/Florina piece. This came to me, and since I haven't written much for the pairing, I couldn't resist a little drabble.