It had been exactly two days since the whole food catastrophe. There had been a giant clean up, and after things went the other way.

Sam Sparks left back for New York, to continue with her job as a reporter. Manny of course left with her and now Flint Lockwood was lonely. The only friend he had was Brent; who had become much friendlier than before. But he wasn't too much a friend. At times he was still a little mean.

But who cared.

Flint spent most of his time in his lab. His loneliness had gotten to his mind, and he just couldn't think of anything new to invent. But then why should he invent anything now, when the FLDSMDFR had turned out to being a disaster along with his previous inventions?

The only thing he wanted to do now was see Sam. She had left so quickly, that they didn't get a chance to sit down and talk. The last time he had a private conversation with her was in the Jell-O dome.

But that had been ages ago.


Before Flint could go anywhere, his computer screen flashed red. Confused, he turned to it and watched the letters on the screen: ALERT!

Quickly, the inventor slide into his swivel chair and snatched the mouse. As he clicked the red screen, more words appeared on the screen. For a second he couldn't understand whether it was it true. Maybe it was a glitch. But the words were clear as ever. Right there in front of him.

The words "FLDSMDFR Loading…" were blinking right at Flint's alarmed face.